Can You Change Faucet In Apartment?

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People who live in a rental property often gets confused about changing faucet and other kitchen appliances. The kitchen faucet is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen.

Replacing a faucet is a DIY process. The faucet helps you to finish kitchen work quickly. Changing an old kitchen faucet is not a tough task but if you don’t own a home then can you change faucet in apartment or not?

When you rent an apartment, you get some pre-installed appliances in the kitchen. Every rental apartment has a faucet in the kitchen and bathroom.


If the faucet is leaking or not working and you want to change it, whether it is legal or not to replace or change the faucet in a rental apartment. The answer to this question depends on your rental agreement. In the rental agreement, you can check which things are changeable or not.

If there is no clear mention of kitchen appliances changing procedure in the agreement then you should take the advice of a lawyer.

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Can You Change the Faucet In the Apartment?

can yo change kitchen faucet in a rental apartment

You can change a faucet in an apartment if your landlord gives you permission. Is there any problem with the faucet and you want to change it, explain all the situations to the landlord and tell them why you want to do it.

If the landlord permits you then you can proceed further. Also, the landlord will pay money to change the faucet.

Modern bathroom faucets are expensive so maybe the landlord won’t give you permission to change them until they find a big problem with the faucet. If the current faucet is not functioning properly then the landlord has to pay for it. So, the landlord can refuse to change it.

How Do You Replace Kitchen Faucet in Apartment?

Before starting the process of the faucet installation, you need some tools so you can change the faucet easily in the apartment. Use penetration oil to loosen the stuck part of the faucet.

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Bucket
  • Rag
  • Dry cloth
  • Teflon tape
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Step 1 – Drain Faucet Pipes

Remove all things from under the sink so you get enough space to work there. Turn off the water supply to the faucet. Turn on the handle of the faucet so reaming water comes out and the faucet pipes completely drain.

Step 2 – Remove all Nuts

One by one remove all the nuts from the faucet. If you don’t see any nut on the handle then there is a high chance that the nut is hidden under the cap. Remove the cap by using a screwdriver.

You also need to go under the sink to remove the nuts. Use an adjustable wrench to remove nuts. If you don’t have a wrench, you can check how to remove the faucet without using a wrench guide.

Put old towels in the sink cabinet so your cloth will not get dirty.

Step 3 – Remove Supply Lines

Remove the supply lines that are connected to the old faucet. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the nut of the supply lines. If nuts are tight, spray penetration oil on them and leave it for a few minutes. After half an hour of trying to remove the nuts and it comes out easily.

Step 4 – Install New Faucet

Now clean the whole sink area. Remove all minerals build-up from there.

Attach supply lines to the faucet. Use Teflon tape and wrap it around the threads to prevent any leakage at the joint.

Now insert the supply lines into the sinkhole and then set the faucet at its position. After adjusting the faucet position, mount its nut and tighten it properly. Now connect the supply lines to the supply valves. Wrap Teflon tape on the threaded part of the supply valves.

Check all faucet nuts are properly tight and then turn on the water.

Should You Tell Landlord To Change Faucet?

Should You Tell Landlord To Change Faucet?

Yes, definitely you should tell your landlord to change the faucet. It is their responsibility to change the faucet.

If you change the faucet without informing them then they will not pay you the faucet replacement cost. They can deny paying because they don’t get a chance to inspect problems in the faucet. In this condition, you will have to pay the whole amount.

There is an exception where you don’t need to wait for landlord permission. If the faucet is leaking continuously and water is going into the wall and cabinet then it will damage the cabinet, if it is made of wood.

You try to contact the landlord but they are unreachable. They are out of town or their mobile phones are not in the signal range. In such a situation, you should immediately replace or repair a leaky faucet, and when you get a chance contact the landlord to explain the full situation.

Explain to them that if you do not change the tap, then due to the leak, there would have been a lot of damage in the kitchen. They will probably understand the situation and also may pay for the faucet or plumber.

Why Shouldn’t You Change the Faucet in The Apartment?

There are lots of situations where you shouldn’t have changed your rental apartment faucet. Sometimes people change faucets to just for changing the look of the kitchen but it is not a good idea. This change with the landlord’s permission may land you in trouble.

  • The replacement cost of the faucet may be high due to the high price of the faucet and if the landlord denies paying, you will have to pay for the change.
  • Read the agreement carefully that it allows you to change the faucet without informing the landlord or not.
  • If you don’t know how to replace a faucet then you need to call a plumber and its plumbing cost may affect your monthly budget.
  • If the faucet is working properly and you just want to change it to change the kitchen look then it is not a good idea for a rental property.
  • If you are going to change rental property in the next few months then don’t change the faucet.

Change the faucet in the rental property and keep the landlord’s old faucet with you. When you move to a new house then again install the landlord’s old faucet and take your faucet with you. This is not a good idea but it will save you from legal trouble if the landlord won’t find it.

Final Words

Now as you know that changing a faucet in a rental apartment is not a good idea if the landlord doesn’t know about it. You should ask the landlord if can you change the faucet in apartment or not. He will change it or with his permission, you can change it.

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