What Is Aerator In Faucet? Are They Useful?

what is aerator in faucet

While selecting a faucet people don’t think about the faucet aerator. Sometimes little things create a big difference and the same happens with the aerator in the faucet. Faucet aerator saves water and decreases water bill and also it converts water flow into a smooth water stream. For those people who don’t know what is … Read more

Ceramic vs Porcelain Sink – Which is Better?

ceramic vs porcelain sink

Ceramic and porcelain sinks are mostly used in bathrooms. Sinks are available in different materials like steel, porcelain, ceramic, stone, and more. Do you know that what is difference between ceramic vs porcelain sink? When people remodel their bathroom, they get confused that which material is good for the bathroom sink. Ceramic and porcelain both … Read more

How To Replace Kitchen Faucet?

how to replace kitchen faucet

Want to replace the old faucet of your kitchen with the new one, but do not know how to do it from start, what tools are needed, what is the process of replacing the kitchen faucet? No problem, in how to replace kitchen faucet article we are answering all your questions about replacing a kitchen … Read more