How To Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount

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Everyone wants clean and healthy water to drink and cook. Filtered water always keeps your family healthy and it decreases the chance of diseases from water. The easiest method to keep the water clean is to use a faucet filter. In this article, I am showing how to clean pur water filter faucet mount. The process is the same to clean any water filter. You can use this cleaning method on other faucet water filters also.

PUR is a commonly used water filter for the kitchen faucet. PUR is a trustable brand and its water filters give clean water.

Why do You Need to Clean the PUR water Filter Faucet?

If you are using a water filter for the first time then you should know that to enjoy clean water every time you need to replace the filter after certain time periods. For a faucet filter time period of changing a filter is about 3-5 months. If you don’t clean or change the filter then you get dirty water from the filter.

This time period depends on how much you use the filter every day. If your filter usage is high then maybe in 2 months you need to change the filter.

This time period also depends on the brands of the water filter faucet. Some brands work well for years so it would be better before buying a water filter you should read the instruction manual carefully after how much time you need to change the faucet water filter.

clean pur water filter faucet

It would be great if every month you clean the PUR water filter faucet mount because when you clean it regularly then the life of the water filter increases. People don’t clean water filters they think that this is a lengthy process but this is not true.

Most of the filter takes 10-15 minutes for the clean process.

If you don’t clean the water filter faucet then after a certain time period you need to change it and maybe possible due to high debris you need to change it before time.

Most faucet water filter comes with a filter change sensor. This sensor indicates how much time you need to change a water filter. The benefit of a sensor filter is that you don’t need to remember the installation date of the faucet filter.

If your water filter is not equipped with a sensor then you need to remember the date of installation of the faucet filter. On the filter box, there will be a clearly indicate that after how much time you need to change it.

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How to Clean Pur Water Filter Faucet Mount?

PUR is one of the top brands of water filters. PUR manufactured different types of water filters like faucet water filters, water pitchers, and more. Why people love PUR advanced water filter faucets because they are affordable and easy to install.

To install PUR you don’t need to do any hard work, just connect it to the faucet aerator and tighten it with a wrench or plier.

PUR water filter runs almost for 3 months and gives clean water. If you have a large number of members in the family then you need to change the filter before its time period. PUR water filter faucet mount is not expensive so instead of cleaning it, people buy a new filter. But if follow our step-by-step guide to clean the PUR water filter faucet mount then in 10-15 minutes you will clean the filter and again get clean water without changing it.

Step 1

To clean the PUR water filter faucet mount first you need to remove it from the faucet. To remove the filter you have to twist the cover of the water filter. In this article further, we have explained the removal process in detail if you are facing any problems to remove the water filter.

Step 2

Now after removing the PUR water filter faucet you have 2 choices. Either you can buy a new faucet water filter or you can clean it.

You can clean the PUR water filter faucet mount if you don’t want to buy a new one but if you haven’t opened the water filter faucet for the past 3-4 months then it would be better if you buy a new filter because 3 months is approx life of a PUR water filter faucet mount.

Step 3

Now in the next step clean the canister. To clean the canister, you can use Vinegar. Vinegar will clean it properly.


Now put the filter underwater for a few seconds. It will clean all the remaining debris from it.

Step 4

Now in the last step again install the PUR water filter on the faucet. To check water filter is working properly run water through it.

How to clean Pur water filter faucet mount

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What to do When PUR Faucet Water Filter Light Turn Into Red From Green?

Most faucet filters come with a light indicator that shows the condition of the filter. Green, yellow, and red these colors are available for the filter.

  • The green color shows that the filter is in good condition and gives pure water.
  • The yellow light indicates that the time is coming to change the filter. You don’t need to change the filter immediately but in the coming days, you need to change it.
  • The red light shows that no more pure water is coming out from the Pur water filter. You need to change the filter as soon as possible to drink clean water.

When people see the red light on the filter, they buy a new filter or cartridge. But every time when the red light shows it doesn’t mean that the filter is not filtering water. Most people when they see the red lights just go ahead and get a new filter that’s not right that doesn’t mean the filter is bad.

There could be 2 possible reasons for a red light. Before changing the filter try the method shown below so maybe without changing the filter red light turn to green.

First solution

When my Pur faucet water filter shows red light first I try this method. Inside the pur water filter, there is a clip piece. Sometimes it is stuck down and if it’s stuck in there it won’t reset itself.

For this you have to do is take your finger or butter knife or a real small screw and get down in between that. Now flick it out and pop it out.

Once it is popped out, now move it upside and turn your water on get thrown and it flashes back turning green again.

Second solution

When you see the red light that doesn’t mean you have to change the filter. Clean every part of the filter properly. Clean around the faucet and you’re going to get the green light back.

Clean it nicely to show you how because the inside filter is not bad, it is just something here that needs cleaning.

The dirt inside the filter doesn’t mean the filter is bad. This cleaning method will give some more time to filter to clean water.  Open the filter and remove the cartridge and wash it under the water.

You clean from outside also. What can change the light from green to red? It’s not that the filter is bad, maybe a dirty filter is the reason for the red light.

To clean all the dirt from the filter you can use hot water. Hot water cleans all the dirt easily and quickly.

To clean it properly you can use a paper towel or anything. You can use or cotton whatever it’s available you can use it and make sure everything is clean and dry.

Before installing the faucet again just make sure that everything looks clean and clear. If dirt was the reason for the red light so when you put the filter again in its position the green light will be turned on.

How to Remove PUR Water Filter From Faucet?

So, when there is any problem with the PUR water filter and you want to change the PUR filter on these usually about every month to three months depending on how much you use it. You will definitively know when they change the filter when the light blinks red.

Water purification treatments are pretty easy to take off but just in case someone didn’t know how this way flips it or filtered water and the light shows.

If you wanted to change the PUR faucet water filter follow these simple steps.

  • There are 2 buttons on the PUR faucet water filter.
  • You have to squeeze both and pull it right off.
  • Now when you press these buttons filter will come out from the faucet.

Final Words

In this article, we have explained how to clean the PUR water filter faucet mount. Cleaning a water filter is important. An unclean water filter will give unhygienic and dirty water. Clean PUR water filter mount at regular intervals so you get better life of the water filter.

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