About us

Welcome to FaucetShowerGuide. A blog for a genuine and unbiased review of the faucet for the kitchen and bathroom.

I am Ralph Matthews. I like cooking. So most of my time is spent in the kitchen. I always keep making new dishes for my family and friends, spending most of my time in the kitchen, so I know how to use and maintain kitchen appliances.

When I needed a new faucet for my kitchen and when I read online reviews about faucets, mostly I got fake reviews. Then I thought that when I know more about the faucet, then why not start a blog itself is to help people who want to buy a Genuine Product.

In this blog, you would review about faucets related to both the kitchen and bathroom. Before reviewing all the faucets, I check them myself and only then write my review.

When reviewing a tap, I pay special attention to some points like,

  • What material is the faucet made of?
  • How many handles are there in the faucet.
  • Whether or not there is a soap dispenser.
  • What is the rate of water flow?
  • What is the price of the faucet?

After examining all the other points, we come to the conclusion that whether the faucet is right for your kitchen or not.

The purpose of creating this blog is that I can tell my readers about the right product. Along with a review of each tap, I also write about the service and cons to make it easier for the readers to make a decision.

Hope you like this blog and you will definitely share it with others.