Delta Touch Faucet Not Working

delta touch faucet not working

For the kitchen, Delta has Touch2.0 technology. With full of messy hands, people don’t want to touch the faucet handle to make it dirty. But with Delta Touch2.0, you can easily control water flow by just touching anywhere on the spout or faucet body with your wrist or forearm. Touch sensors provide hands-free control of … Read more

How To Clean Moen Kitchen Faucet Aerator?

How To Clean Moen Kitchen Faucet Aerator?

Over time, due to mineral deposits and debris, faucet aerator holes become clogged and cause water pressure in the kitchen faucet to seemingly decrease. Due to clogged holes, water flow is interrupted and the same washing tasks now take more time. Moen also uses aerators for all its faucets for better water stream and water … Read more

How To Remove Price Pfister Kitchen Faucet Spout?

How To Remove Price Pfister Kitchen Faucet Spout

At some point, every kitchen faucet needs maintenance. Regular maintenance increase faucet performance and life. In this article, we will discuss how to remove Price Pfister kitchen faucet spout to clean or replace it. Price Pfister is a popular American company that makes kitchen and bathroom faucets. Price Pfister has both home and commercial faucets … Read more

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number

Moen is a well-established faucet brand but like any other faucet brand, Moen faucets also need repairing when they don’t work properly. If you are thinking that how do I find my Moen faucet model number then probably you are repairing the Moen faucet in the kitchen or bathroom. Moen faucets are reliable but we … Read more

10 Best Outdoor Faucet And Hose Bibs

best outdoor faucet

If you have a garden or open area outside your house and want to install an outdoor faucet there then you are at the right place. For some people, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect faucet because it needs lots of time to compare different models. To save your time, after comparing lots of … Read more

Moen Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Review

best moen pull put kitchen faucet

Want to upgrade the kitchen faucet for your kitchen but due to the small size sink, thinking which faucet would be perfect then you should check this list of Moen pull out kitchen faucets. Pull out faucet is a good choice for a small sink and it doesn’t take up much space in the sink … Read more