How To Stabilize Kitchen Faucet?

how to stabilize kitchen faucet

Sometimes plumbing problems seem big but their solutions are often quite easy. The unstable kitchen faucet is one of those problems. Loose faucets hamper your daily cleaning tasks. It becomes annoying to use a loose kitchen faucet. You can’t set the handle at the required water pressure and it becomes difficult to pull the spray … Read more

Why Spray WD40 Up Your Faucet?

why spray wd40 up your faucet

WD-40 is a common household item. Due to its versatile use, in many houses, you will find it. People use it as a lubricant, stain-remover, rust-remover, and degreaser. You would probably have a can of WD-40 in your house. Maybe you are thinking, about whether you can use WD-40 spray on the faucet or not. … Read more

How To Clean Moen Rain Shower Head?

How To Clean Moen Rain Shower Head

If your Moen rain shower head is not providing enough water pressure, it’s time to clean the showerhead. But do you know how to clean Moen rain shower head? Over time mineral deposits are plugged into the tiny holes of the rain shower head so the spray of the Moen rain shower head becomes uneven. … Read more

What Is a Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet?

what is a pre rinse kitchen faucet

If you don’t know what is a pre-rinse kitchen faucet and whether you should use it or not, don’t worry here we are to clear all your doubts about pre-rinse faucets. Pre-rinse kitchen faucets provide excellent performance. Along with performance, their spiral hose gives a professional touch to the kitchen. Pre-rinse faucets are for those … Read more

How To Remove Aerator From Pull Down Faucet?

how to remove aerator from pull down faucet

If there is a steady drop in the water pressure of the pull-down faucet, the reason is most probably a clogged aerator. Over time aerators accumulate mineral deposits so their holes are no longer open. Most modern kitchen sink faucets come with an aerator to reduce the use of water. An aerator is a small … Read more