What is Difference Between Widespread Vs Centerset Faucets

While designing a bathroom, many people do not pay much attention to selecting the faucet, but they do not know that one wrong faucet can completely spoil the look of their sink.

widespread faucet

Widespread and centerset are not much different in appearance, so people get confused that which tap should be taken? After reading this article you know the difference between widespread vs centerset faucets and which faucet is good for your bathroom?

Style is the main point when anyone chooses a faucet with style, you should also take care installation process of the faucet. Some faucets need more space for installation and if your bathroom size is small then it may be a problem for you.

What is the Centerset Faucet?

What if I tell you that the centerset faucet is the most used faucet? This type of faucet is especially popular for bathroom basins. In most bathrooms, you find a centerset faucet. People also called this faucet a 4-inch spread faucet.

widespread vs Centerset faucets

The Centerset faucet has 3 holes, out of which 2 holes are for the handle and one for the spout, and all these three parts are connected, which makes it easy to fit this faucet in the sink.

Holes are 4 inches away from each other so the centerset is called a 4-inch faucet. The size of the centerset faucet is small so they are more compact in comparison to the widespread faucet.

Centerset faucets are good for small bathrooms and the installation process takes less time so these faucets are a good choice for those houses where bathroom sizes are small.

Some centerset faucets come with 6-inch gaps between spout and handles. So, if you are going to replace your old bathroom faucets with a new stylish centerset faucet then measure the gap between handles and spout of the old faucet and order a new faucet according to length.

widespread vs Centerset faucets

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What is a Widespread Faucet?

In widespread you get 3 separate parts, two for handles and one for the spout. Because all parts are separated you can install them individually.

These separate parts give you the freedom that you can install it according to your need. You can adjust the gap between handles and spout according to your sink or countertop size.

If you have a corner sink then widespread faucets are a great choice for you. Also, sinks that require side spouts need widespread faucets. Widespread sinks are generally used in a small bathroom to save storage areas because you can increase or decrease the size of them.

which faucet is good for bathroom?

The installation of widespread faucets is flexible. You can adjust the distance between handles and spout from 8 to 16 inches. The 16-inch gap makes it wider like its name.

Widespread faucets look more stylish because all connections are hidden under the sink. The handles and spout are not connected so it creates a stylish appearance. You can set one handle for hot water and the other one for cold water.

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Difference Between Widespread vs Centerset Faucets

The main difference between widespread vs Centerset faucets is that in widespread handles and spout are not connected whereas in Centerset all parts are connected.

In widespread, you can adjust the gap between handles so you can decide the size of the faucet but generally in the widespread faucet gap is 8-inch between the handles.

If your sink or basin size is small then you can decrease the gap and if you have a big size sink then you can increase the gap as your need. Whereas in centerset you can’t adjust the gap so at the time of choosing centerset faucet you need to take care of size.

Another benefit of widespread is that if you don’t need both handles then you can remove the one handle and use it like single-handle faucets.

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Types of the Faucet For Bathroom

1 Bridge Faucet

The bridge faucet is a perfect combination of a vintage design with the latest technology. Handles and spout all parts connected. This faucet requires two holes in the sink. Mostly you see a bridge faucet on the bathroom countertop.

bridge faucet

2 Wall Mount Faucet

A wall mount faucet is installed on the wall of the countertop. This faucet has a long spout so water drops in the sink in the right position. If you are choosing a wall mount faucet then make sure that your sink should not have any holes.

wall mount faucet

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3 Single Handle Faucet

Mostly used in the small sink because this faucet needs only one hole for installation. If your sink has three holes then you can use a deck plate to cover the remaining holes of the sink.

single handle faucet

4 Double Handle Faucet

If you like vintage-style faucets then this is the right choice for you. Separate handles for hot and cold water. Widespread and cneterset both types of faucets are available in double handle faucets.

double handle widespread faucet

5 LED Bathroom Faucet

These are color-changing faucets for the bathroom. In these widespread faucets, you get LED which changes color according to temperature. Three types of color LED shows Blue, Red, and Green. Blue shows cold water and hot watercolor is represented by red, green is mid-range of both temperatures.

The benefit of the LED faucet is that it enhances the beauty of the bathroom sink by its color-changing feature. Most LED bathroom faucet comes with a waterfall spout option so when water comes out from faucet, it creates a beautiful effect of a waterfall.

lead bathroom faucet

6 Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

Waterfall faucets are modern bathroom faucets. These are the most stylish faucets for the bathroom sink. In hotels or malls, you see these types of faucets. When water flows from it and falls into the waterfall look then it looks beautiful and creates an eye-pleasing effect.

waterfall bathroom faucet

What is the Difference Between Mini Widespread and Widespread Faucets?

Both the faucets look similar in appearance and their working style is also similar but the difference between them is they have different sizes.

In widespread generally, handle and spout are 8-inch apart and in mini widespread, there is a 4-inch gap between handles and spout. Mini widespread are good for the small size of the bathroom where sink sizes are small so the 4-inch gap is good in those conditions.

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Can you Replace a Centerset Faucet With a Widespread Faucet?

Yes, you can replace a centerset faucet with a widespread faucet. If you have proper space in the bathroom sink then do three holes for the widespread faucet and now you can easily replace the faucet. At the time of replacement measure the faucet size, it is 4-inch or 8-inch. Replace it with the same so you don’t need to do any extra work for installation.


After reading this article you know what is the difference between widespread vs centerset faucets. Now at the time of choosing any faucets, you will keep in mind the size of the sink so you can choose the best faucets for your bathroom.

For less space go with centerset faucets and if you have wider space then choose widespread faucets. In centerset, you only do one hole for faucets while in widespread you need 3 different holes for handles and spout. Widespread faucets look more beautiful.

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