No Hot Water In Kitchen Faucet [Reasons and Solutions]

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No hot water coming out of the faucet when turned on? It is not a good sign and it can disturb your daily routine. When you have a functioning kitchen faucet, the last thing you want is for it to stop working. Maybe your kitchen faucets are great, but they aren’t perfect.

There are many reasons no hot water comes out when you turn the faucet on. It could be due to build-up, faulty water heater, leakage in the pipeline, and more.

Luckily, there are ways to fix no hot water in kitchen faucets without hiring a specialist.

It just requires the right knowledge and the right tools. If you don’t know where to start or what you can do about getting your hot water issue in the faucet running again, keep reading!

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Why Does My Kitchen Faucet Not Have Hot Water?

No Hot Water In Kitchen Faucet

Faucets are responsible for controlling hot and cold water flow in the kitchen. Because they experience, lots of wear and tear every day, your faucet may stop flowing hot water due to many reasons.

Fortunately, fixing no hot water in the kitchen faucet is easier than you think. Here are some reasons for no hot water in kitchen faucets.

Faulty Heater

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First thing you should check when no hot water in the kitchen faucet is the water heater. A water heater is needed to get hot water from the faucet.

If you are experiencing only hot water issues in the faucet, then the problem is definitely with the water heater than anywhere else.

Sediment build-ups inside the water heater. It is very common in the water heater. If you have hard water in your area, mineral buildups occur frequently. It is advised to flush the water heater once every 6 months. Also, use hard water taps to reduce mineral buildup.

Also, faulty heating elements of the water heater don’t heat the water and you don’t get hot water from the faucet.

To check the heating element’s condition, you need to open the water heater. Follow instructions (which you will find on the product’s website or contact customer care service) and remove elements. Check their condition, if they are not in good condition, replace them.

Clogged Cartridge

If the water heater is in fine condition, the next place to check is the cartridge of the faucet. The cartridge is located at the base of the faucet handle.

The cartridge allows water to flow when you turn the handle. It opens valves so hot or cold water comes out. The cartridge also helps to prevent leakage in the faucet.

With time, the cartridge starts functioning wrong. In the starting, it will cause a low water issue and in end, water stops flowing from the faucet.

Blocked Supply Lines

Sometimes no water in the kitchen faucet is caused by blocked supply lines. To determine if this is the issue, you should check other faucets in the house.

Debris can easily clog the hot water pipeline. Minerals in the hard water get collected inside the pipelines and block them. Water can’t flow from the blocked pipe and you won’t get any water flow from the hot faucet.

Leakage In The Pipe

Leakage In The Pipe

Leaks in the water supply line also cause no water to come out from the hot faucet. At the leak, water goes down into the wall or under the floor of the house.

If the leakage is small, you will see a low water supply but for big leakage, water stops suddenly from the faucet.

Leakage in the pipe won’t occur normally. In the new house, it won’t occur. If your plumber has made any mistake and has not sealed connections properly, it may occur in the new house but this condition is rare.

How Do I Fix No Hot Water In Kitchen Faucet?

So, here are solutions to fix the no hot water coming out from the kitchen faucet problem. The good news is that solutions are DIY. So, let’s see solutions.

How To Fix a Faulty Water Heater?

Good prevention and care of water heaters are important. It not only ensures that water flow remains good in the hot water faucet but also extends the life of the faucet.

Flushing a water heater is a recommended step to prevent sediment. Everyone should do it once in 6 months.

If the water heater is clogged with sediment, it will affect the hot water flow and after some time hot water will be discontinued from the faucet.

If heating elements in the water heater are damaged, change them. Get new heating elements which you can easily get from any plumbing store. Open the heater and change the elements.

How To Replace a Clogged Cartridge?

To replace the tap cartridge, you need to open the handle of the faucet. Here is our detailed article about how to open a faucet handle.

First, you need to stop the water supply to the kitchen faucet. Then you need to remove the faucet handle.

After removing the handle, you can remove the cartridge cover. To get the cartridge out, remove its cover. To remove the cartridge, you may use a screwdriver, plier, or any other tool according to the type of faucet.

Now use vinegar to clean buildups from the cartridge. If the cartridge is not in the good condition, change it to a new one. Before installing a new cartridge, apply grease to it for longer life.

How To Repair Blocked Water Lines?

To repair blocked lines, you need to stop the water supply to the faucet. Turn off the shut-off valve under the sink. Turn both hot and cold water valves for safety. Place a bucket under the sink to catch any potential residual spills.

Use a wrench or Allen wrench to turn on all nuts of the supply line. Point the lines at the bucket. Try to clean supply lines with a thin wire. If you don’t have a wrench, use this method to remove the nut.

What To Do With Leakage In The Pipeline?

A pipe leak is not a good sign. It can harm your wall or flooring, depending on where they’ve happened.

The pipe leakage is not good. It damages the house floor and walls. If the pipe is outside the floor or wall, you can fix it water leaks. But to repair a faucet pipeline inside the floor or wall, you need to call the plumber.

Why Is My Hot Water Suddenly Not Working?

If your hot water supply is suddenly not working then the main reason is your water heater. Either the water heater is off (somebody did it mistakenly) or the water heater is not functioning well.

In the water heater, if the circuit breaker is tripped, it won’t produce hot water. Turn on the breaker.

Check high-temperature limit of the water heater. Turn off the breaker and remove the access panel. Remove the safety guard and insulation of the water heater. Don’t touch any wire of the heater. Press the red button to reset the high-temperature limit.

Do Water Heaters Have Reset Buttons?

Every water heater has its reset button. You will find the button on the electric heater. This button will be in red color. Near the thermostat, it is placed but according to the model, the position may be changed.

In some models, it may find behind a removable metal panel. To reset the water heater, you need to push and release this button.

How Long Do You Hold The Reset Button on a Hot Water Heater?

It’s so uncomfortable to wash dishes with cold water in the winter. If you don’t get hot water from the faucet, you should reset hot water heater.

Resetting is very easy. You need to press a reset button on the heater. You need to press it for 2-3 seconds. No need to hold it for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have Hot Water In The Bathroom But Not In The Kitchen?

If this is the condition, it means you have an issue with the kitchen faucet. Either its supply line is blocked so hot water is not reaching the faucet or a damaged cartridge causing an issue.

How Much Does a Hot Water Heater Element Cost?

Water heater elements are not costly. They start with a $10 price tag and go high according to the model but not more than $60.


Dealing with no hot water in kitchen faucets may be annoying but with the right tools, it is usually easy to fix. If there is a cause with the water heater, either you need to repair or replace it. No hot water can have a disastrous effect on your daily cooking and washing tasks. If you find out the problem in the starting, it may be easier to fix.

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