Why Hot Water Coming Out of Outside Faucet?

Outside faucets are easily found in many houses. Whether you have a garden, garage, or open outside area, you need an outside faucet to get water easily for outside work. They quickly supply water to the outside area.

Most outside faucets have only a single handle. They supply only cold water. But what if hot water coming out of outside faucet from the cold tap? You haven’t connected it to the hot water supply, yet hot water is coming from the outdoor faucet.

How it is possible and how can you fix it? All things are explained in the article.

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Why Is Hot Water Coming Out of Outside Faucet?

1. Parallel Hot and Cold Water Pipes

Parallel Hot and Cold Water Pipes

If hot water comes out of the outside faucet, its primary reason may be close proximity to hot and cold water pipelines.

Most houses have hot and cold water lines. These lines are installed near each other. The temperature of one pipeline may affect the temperature of other lines.

If the temperature of the hot water pipeline is higher than its normal condition, the cold water pipeline will be affected. Water in the cold water pipeline will be heated up and you get hot water from the outside faucet instead of cold.

This situation is not permanent. After some time, you will get normal water from the outside faucet.

2. Water Heater Not Working Properly

Water Heater Not Working Properly

The next possible reason for hot water coming out of the outdoor tap is a faulty water heater.

People use a water heater to get hot water from the faucet. Connect it to the hot water supply lines so when you turn on the handle to the hot side, you get hot water from the faucet.

But if the water heater won’t work properly, you may get hot water from a cold tap. The temperature of the water goes too high due to a faulty water heater and it impacts the cold water supply of the house.

You need to repair the faucet water heater. Either you can do it by reading its instruction manual or call a plumber to repair it. If heating elements are faulty, they are cheap. You can easily get them from any plumbing store.

3. Copper Pipes

Copper Pipes

If you are using copper pipes to supply water in the house, you may get hot water instead of cold from the outside faucet.

Copper is a heat-conductive material. Its temperature goes high quickly. If hot water is passing through the copper pipe, the heat of the hot water will make the copper pipe hot. So, if the cold water line is close to hot water, the cold water line also becomes hot and as result, you will get hot water from the faucet.

Can I Run Hot Water Through Garden Hose?

Why Hot Water Coming Out of Outside Faucet?

There is confusion among people that the garden hose can run hot water or not. Generally, garden hoses are designed to handle hot water up to 60 degree Celsius.

The temperature range that a garden hose can handle may vary according to the product. Some premium garden hoses can handle temperatures of more than 60 degrees. Their build quality and material are good. Some fixture brands mention temperature on the product box.

Why Is Cold Water Not Working?

First, check the valve of the cold water supply. Maybe accidentally anyone has turned it off. Turn it into the on position.


If the valve is in the on position then the problem is with the cartridge or supply lines. Damaged cartridge blocks outcoming water. If there is debris or any buildup in the supply line, it will block the water flow and you don’t get any water. Hard water taps help to prevent this buildup.

Why Is My Tap Water So Hot?

So hot water is not only an annoying problem but also it is dangerous. Anyone may burn their hands with sudden hot water.

Hot water can cause serious scald burns on your body. This situation is not good for children and old people.

Sudden temperature change in the tap water occurs due to a problem with the water heater. The water heater is causing overheating. Its faulty heating element will cause the issue.

If heating elements will stay on all the time, it will drastically overheat the temperature of the water. With time, this problem will increase. So, you need to change the heating elements of the water heater.

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