How To Install a Shower Drain? [Easy DIY Steps]

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The shower drain keeps bathrooms clean and sends water toward the drainage system. In the market various shower drain models are available. Not all people are aware of the process of how to install a shower drain. Whether you are replacing the shower drain or installing a new one, this article will show you the DIY process of installation of the shower drain.

A shower drain is responsible to keep the bathroom area clean. It is the starting point of the sewerage system in the bathroom. For proper water cleaning, the shower drain should be installed in the right way.

People don’t think about shower drains until they face any issue regarding drain. You can choose a plumber to install a shower drain but by using our DIY process, you can do it quickly without the help of anyone. Let’s see the process of shower drain installation.

How To Install a Shower Drain? [Steps By Steps Guide]

how to install a shower drain

Follow all the below steps to install a bathroom faucet shower drain easily.

  • First, choose the location to install the shower drain.
  • The top of the drainpipe should not be higher than the surface of the bathroom floor.
  • Inside the drain body, apply adhesive.
  • Now put the drain body into the shower base before the base fits into the floor.
  • Take a rubber washer and slip the washer and put it around the body of the drain.
  • Insert the nut into the drain body and tighten it through the wrench.
  • You should wipe away the extra adhesive because it is still wet. After becoming harder, it becomes tough to remove the adhesive.
  • Adjust the shower base in its place so the drain body easily inserts into the drain pipe.
  • You can slide the drain body to set the position of the pipe in the center, so the compression gasket easily fits into it.
  • Now take the compression gasket and slide it into the drain pipe. Push it towards the downside of the pipe. The top part of the gasket and drain pipe should be at an equal height.
  • Sometimes gasket won’t easily fit into the drainpipe so use alcohol. Put the gasket into alcohol for some time and then put it into the drain pipe.
  • Now put the compression nut into the drain body. Use a compression wrench to tighten it.
  • Push metal strainer into drain body. The top surface of the metal strainer should be lower than the bathroom shower floor.

This is the whole process of installing a shower drain. Installation of the shower drain is not a tough task. You need fewer tools for installation. Good thing is that it is a DIY process so you don’t need to take help from anyone. Check plumbing recommendations in your area for better results.

Our Recommendation For Shower Drain

Follow These Precautions Before Installing Shower Drain

Check Pipe Size

Drainpipe and drain size should be matched. Most of the drain pipes are 2 inches in the size. so, pick a drain that easily fits into 2 inches pipe. Mismatch size always makes trouble while installing a drain.

shower drain pipe size

Drain Material

Before picking a new high-water-pressure shower drain, check the existing drain material. The shower drain has 2 types of material – plastic, and metal. A plastic drain system is a cheap option but it won’t work for a long time of period. Metal is a good option for the shower drain. For a new drain go with a metal material.

Avoid extra cuts in the Ceiling

To install a shower drain, you need to cut the ceiling of the bathroom. While cutting the ceiling make sure that you cut it properly so, you don’t need to do much-repairing work. The right amount of ceiling cutting creates less damage and also chances of leakage are reduced.

shower drain diy installation process

Check the Height of the Drain Pipe

Before installing the drain, check the height of the drain pipe so it gets fit properly while installation. If you don’t check it before then at the time of installation, you need to do lots of setting to adjust the height of the drain pipe.

drain pipe height

Don’t Tight It Too Much

While installing the shower drain don’t tighten it too much otherwise its part will be broken. Sometimes people tighten it too much, they think when they tighten it too much then there is no leakage problem would occur. If the quality of the shower drain is not good then tight it as much as is needed.

How To Install a Shower Drain On a Concrete Floor?

The concrete floor is hard in nature so sometimes it becomes difficult to install a shower drain in it. Follow the below steps to make the whole process easy.

How To Install a Shower Drain In Concrete Floor

1) Cut Concrete and Set Drain Height

First, you need to cut the concrete floor to install the drain. Take a measurement of the drain and mark the area on the floor so you don’t need to do extra work to cut the floor. Drain height should be below the floor level so when you put a drain cover on it then both the floor and cover should be at the same level.

2) Put Drain Set

Take the drain set in your hand and put it on the floor. Before giving the final touch to it, adjust the height of the drain set.

shower drain set

3) Connect the Drain Pipe To the Drain set

In the next step, connect the drainpipe with the drain set. For this step, you can take the help of a wrench. Tight all the connections properly so no leakage issue in the feature.

4) Put Drain Cover

At last, put a drain cover on the drain set. The drain cover will stop hair and other debris from falling into the drain.

shower drain cover

How To Install a Linear Shower Drain?

  • First, pick a location to install a linear shower drain. You can install it in the center or corner of the bathroom. The best location to install it is near the wall of the bathroom.
  • Clean the floor of the bathroom so any spare material won’t go inside the drain pipe.
  • Dig the bathroom floor according to the height of the shower drain. The shower drain and floor top should be at the same level.
  • Put the drain set into the drain pipe and fit all the screws properly.
  • Use adhesive to close all the holes around the shower drain. Give some time for the adhesive to let it dry. Adhesive will work as a water sealant product and close all the leakage points.
how to install liner shower drain

How To Install a Shower Drain Video?

Video Credit – starrTile

How To Remove Shower Drain With No Screws?

Some shower drain doesn’t have screws so how do remove them. This is not a tough process. Let me explain.

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To remove a shower drain that has no screws, you need a lubricant. Sometimes due to rust and corrosion shower drain is stuck so you need to do a lot of effort to remove it. A lubricant is a good option for unstuck those showerheads.

Pour lubricant on the showerhead. Now you need needle nose pliers to open it. Insert pliers into the gap between the drain and the floor. With little pressure, the drain will come out.

remove square shape shower drain with no screw

Why Does My Shower Drain Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Sometimes shower drain is clogged due to debris. A clogged drain produces different smells. The reason for the rotten eggs smell is bio debris in the drain. Remove the drain cover and clean all debris from it so the rotten eggs smell will not come.

FAQ About How To Install a Shower Drain

Does Shower Drain Need a Trap?

Yes, all types of shower drains require traps. Trapped waste water doesn’t come back into the shower drain and also it prevents the drain from sewer gases.

How Do You Tighten a Shower Drain?

You can use a wrench to tighten the shower drain. Also, you can take the help of a screwdriver.

How High Should Shower Drain Be?

The height of the shower drain should be below the floor so water easily goes inside the drain.

Do You Glue Shower Drains?

For safety purposes, you can use glue on the shower drain. Glue makes all the drain connections tight so no leakage issue.

Can Hair In Shower Drain Cause Leaks?

Yes, definitely a clogged shower drain may leak. Hair or any other particle blocks holes in the shower drain and becomes the reason for leakage.

Final Words

In this article, we have shown different ways how to install a shower drain. All processes are DIY so without any help, you can do it yourself and save money. Don’t need to call a plumber to install a drain for the shower. The good thing is that it doesn’t take much time to install it as people think. If you have any queries regarding shower drain installation, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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