What Is Aerator In Faucet? Are They Useful?

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While selecting a faucet people don’t think about the faucet aerator. Sometimes little things create a big difference and the same happens with the aerator in the faucet. A faucet aerator saves water and decreases water bills and also it converts water flow into a smooth water stream. For those people who don’t know what is aerator in faucet is, we have created this detailed guide.

Anyone can use an aerator in their faucet. According to need, they can choose an aerator for the faucet. The best part is that the cost of the aerator is not high. The faucet aerator and tap aerator both are the same.

Tap aerator save water without reducing the flow of water. Water is a precious thing and we should save it. Our small effort may make a good impact on the environment. People ignore the importance of the faucet aerator and sometimes they buy faucets without an aerator

What Is Aerator In Faucet?

faucet aerator for bathroom sink

If you have ever checked your faucet’s head then you would have seen a small screen disk at the start of the faucet head, it is called an aerator in the faucet. On the tip of any faucet, you can see an aerator.

The shape of the faucet aerator is like a disk. The main work of a faucet aerator is to mix water with air so that for daily washing work, you need less water. It doesn’t slow down the pressure of water.

A tap aerator changes the flow of water so you can call it a flow regulator. It slows down the splash of the water. Its gentle water flow reduces the splash on the countertop so less cleaning is needed after using the faucet.

To generate a smooth water stream, it mixes water with air. The aerator narrows down the width of the water flow. According to aerator type, water flow width may be fixed or changeable.

How does Faucet Aerator work?

Reducing the volume of the water flow is the main work of the faucet aerator. An aerator is placed at the end of the faucet tip. To work faucet aerator creates different multiple small streams into the main water stream of the faucet.

If you need the original water pressure of the faucet, you can remove the aerator from the faucet. Aerator reduces the water flow by mixing water with air. Low water flows with a gentle stream are always good for daily washing works.

Without an aerator when water hits the kitchen or bathroom sink, there are more chances of splashes on the countertop. The tap aerator reduces the quality of splash water on the countertop.

The tap aerator generates a pressurized straight water stream. It gives a perfect shape to the stream. It helps to reduce your water bill and also energy bill by limiting the use of hot water.

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How To Clean Faucet Aerator?

Now here’s a problem you may have lived with for years and never realized how easy it would be to fix. A faucet that spits and splatters water in the sink instead of giving you a nice even stream of water.

Well, the problem is with the aerator. It gets dirty actually gets clogged up with sand but it’s really easy to clean the faucet aerator.

Now the first thing you do is to unscrew the tap aerator. If you look inside the aerator one of the first things, you’ll notice is a black ring which is actually a rubber gasket.

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You can usually take that out easily with the point of a knife then lift out the aerator itself with the aerator out and then want to take the housing and separate or push out the screen from the inside.

You would see a lot of dirt collected in there. Well rinse it first from the inside and flip it over and rinse it from the outside that usually removes most of the dirt and cleans the faucet aerator.

Now the aerator may have small pieces of sand or dirt stuck in small holes of the aerator which won’t rinse out. So, try taking a needle and passing it through all holes. It will take time but the aerator will be cleaned properly.

Any place you see anything embedded or stuck then rinse the aerator out. Now it’s time to reassemble. Put the screen in first then the aerator and finally the gasket screw the assembly back onto the faucet.

Benefits of Aerator in Faucet?

  • The aerator saves water.
  • Creates gentle wide steam of water.
  • It filters debris from the water.
  • Less amount of water splashing in the sink.
  • Reduce water bills and make a good impact on the environment.

How To Replace Faucet Aerator?

The aerator in the faucet comes with small holes. Sometimes debris gets stuck into the holes of the aerator so water flow becomes slow. After turning the faucet handle in the fully open position, the water pressure doesn’t increase. It happens due to closed holes in the aerator in a tap.

You need to clean or replace the faucet aerator periodically. How often you do so really depends on the quality of the water. In some areas, hard water comes into the municipality pipeline so in a few months, the aerator gets choked. You should use hard water faucets for better results.

If you can’t use your faucet properly and want to replace the faucet aerator then we are showing step by step process of replacing the faucet aerator.

  • If your aerator has a cover and you can’t get the cover off then you should use a rubber jar opener to open the faucet aerator. Many people face this situation and without the proper tool, they can’t open the aerator easily.
  • If the rubber jar opener doesn’t work for you, you need to take the help of pliers.
  • You can’t use any random plier for this work because the wrong plier will tear up the finish of the faucet. To replace the faucet aerator, you need a plier that has a rubber or plastic-tipped handle.
  • Now you need to sandwich the tip between handles.
  • Squeeze it gently and now just loosen it up.
  • Now don’t squeeze too hard especially if you have long-handled because you do have enough leverage there that you may actually bend the metal and then you may never get it out.
  • Some come with a cash aerator and you need a cash key to remove it. You can use 4 in 1 cash key. The price of this cash key is not high and also it is easily available in any store near you or online.
  • Insert the cash key into the cash aerator and move it to lock in the grooves. Once you get it far enough out, you then just use your fingers and now you can either clean or replace the aerator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Aerator On My Faucet?

The aerator in the faucet is a useful thing. It will save water and also reduce your water bill so you should use an aerator in the faucet. An aerator is a must-have tool for faucets. At less price, it saves more water. The aerator creates fewer splashes in the sink. According to government organizations, the use of a faucet aerator is the single most effective change you can do to the faucet to save water.

How Often Should You Change Faucet Aerators?

Change of faucet aerator depends on the quality of water in your area. If the water is clean then an aerator would run for more than one year without any problem.
Hard water or water that contains sediments makes aerators useless. Due to this type of water after 5 to 6 months, you need to change the faucet aerator.

What is GPM in Faucet Aerator?

GPM is used to show the water pressure. GPM is a short form of Gallons per minute. More GPM means more use of water. The aerator slows down the water flow so GPM rates also go down and it indicates that less water is being used by the aerator.

What Is The Purpose of an Aerator in a Faucet?

The main purpose of the aerator is to control the flow of water. In an aerator, there are many small holes and when water comes through those holes it creates a smooth water flow.

Final Words

Aerator plays an important role to save water. Now you know what is aerator in the faucet. An aerator is a small part of the faucet which is placed at the tip of the faucet. An aerator is not expensive so you can change it in a few months so you get a better flow of water.

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