How To Install a Bathroom Faucet With Pop Up Drain?

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Upgrading bathroom faucets with a pop-up drain assembly would be a good decision because this upgradation will save water and also make washing easy. If you have purchased a new bathroom faucet and want to install it into the bathroom sink but don’t know how to install a bathroom faucet with pop up drain.

Bathroom faucets without pop-up drains are easy to install. Many people want to use a faucet with a pop-up drain in their bathroom sink but due to its tricky installation, they hesitate to buy this faucet.

how to install a bathroom faucet with pop up drain

Good thing is that in this article, all the steps of installing a bathroom faucet with a pop-up drain are explained in a simple way. So, now installation of a bathroom faucet is not a difficult task for you anymore.

bathroom faucet with pop up drain

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Overflow vs Non-Overflow Pop Up Drain – Which is Good For Bathroom Faucets?

The pop-up drain has 2 different variants overflow pop-up drain and no overflow pop-up drain. In the overflow pop-up drain at the top threaded part of the drain has a hole.

overflow vs non overflow pop up drain

Overflow pop-up drain works with only those sink that has an overflow hole. If you ever forget to turn off the faucet and when water comes to the overflow point of the sink, water goes into the overflow hole of the pop-up drain through the sinkhole and water doesn’t overflow from the sink to the countertop or floor.

In a non-overflow pop-up drain, there is no hole at the threaded part of the drain and it works with those sinks that have no overflow option.

To make the sink empty, you need to pull the no overflow drain. In this type of drain system when you forgot to turn off the handle then water will come out from the sink and the water will spread all over the floor. So, a pop-up drain with an overflow feature is a good option for any size bathroom sink.

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How To Install a Bathroom Faucet With Pop Up Drain Assembly?

Let’s see a proper way to install a bathroom faucet with a pop up drain assembly. To begin the process, you need some tools.

  • Faucet with pop-up drain
  • Plumbers putty
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • A plastic container (bucket)
  • A cloth

When you do repair work in the kitchen or bathroom especially related to the faucet, there are chances that a lot of icky stuff you have to face so always wear a pair of disposable clothes. The disposable cloth will keep your body safe from any cut.

First, you should install a pop-up drain…..

The waste pipe and drain of the bathroom sink are connected by the drain collar.

When metal comes into contact with water then a layer of rust is formed on the metal of the collar. In a few years, collar becomes rusted and becomes useless and starts clogging. So, it’s time to replace the pop-up drain assembly of the faucet.

First, you should place a plastic container or bucket under the sink all water comes into the bucket so after installing a bathroom faucet with a pop-up drain, you won’t need to clean water on the floor and it will save you time.


Now drain the p trap. There may be a nut on the back of the p trap so use a channel lock plier to open it. Open all the nuts and remove the p trap.

Some pop-up drain doesn’t have a p trap so you don’t need to follow the above step. For this type of pop-up drain loosen the nut and pivot the trap out of the way. Bottom of the drain there would be a nut, you can use channel lock pliers to unscrew it.

In pop-up drain there is a rubber gasket, remove it and pull out the drain. A pop-up drain is installed with plumber putty, so after removing the drain check whether there is any excess plumber’s putty or not into the sinkhole.

To install the new pop-up drain, first, you need to place the putty around the drain. To place putty, you need to roll it into snake form. For this process, a small amount of putty is needed. Now drain the collar down into the hole.

When you push the drain collar then any excess amount of the putty will be pushed out so you can easily remove it. Now put the rubber gasket onto the shaft.

The next step is to put the washer on hand and tighten all nuts.

The bottom nut should be tightened properly. Rotate the bottom nut until pop-up drain goes back to the back of the sink. when the pop-up drain comes to its right position, tighten the nut properly so the pop-up drain will lock at its right position.

There may be excess putty so clean it. Put the pop-up stopper in the drain and keep care that the face of the notch of the pop-up should be towards the front of the sink. The pivot rod would go into the notch. After inserting the pivot rod, tighten the nut of the rod so it will stick in right place.

Now into the extension rod hole insert the pivot rod and tighten the clip to hold the pivot rod.

It’s time to test the drain pop-up. To test it, lift the rod and check if it is working smoothly or not, if not then insert the pivot rod into a different hole.

At last, reconnect the p trap to the drain and tighten all the nuts off it.

Now install the bathroom faucet…..

If you have any old faucets in the bathroom then first you need to remove them.

Before starting the process of removing the old faucet, turn off the water supply to the faucet from under the sink, and if there is no option to turn off the water supply to the faucet then turn off the main water supply of the house.

Disconnect the water supply from the old faucet and remove it. Open all the screws and supply the connection of the faucet.

Now put a new faucet in the hole and attach the supply line to it. Tighten it properly with the help of the basin wrench. Turn on the water and test the faucet and pop-up drain are working properly or not.

There should be no leak from the faucet and drain pop-up, if there is a leakage then tighten that connection. Check how to fix leakage of shower faucet.

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How To Clean a Pop Up Drain Of a Bathroom Faucet?

Over time, the pop-up drain starts draining slowly because of debris in the drain. You need to clean the pop-up drain so it will work as a new one and water will flow fast. Pop-up drain was clogged due to hair and other things.

In the faucet, there is a little lever to control the movement of the drain. To close the drain, move the lever, and to open the drain move the lever down.

To clean the pop-up drain, you need to remove the stopper from it, and for this unscrew the nut of the drain. You can unscrew it with a bare hand without using any tool.

Now remove the rod from the drain. This rod controls the stopper motion of the drain.

Now the stopper will slide up out of the bathroom sink. In the drain, generally, the stopper is the main reason for the slow water. Hair and other debris are collected around the stopper so the flow of the water becomes slow. Clean debris and reinsert it into the drain.

Before reinserting the stopper, it would be great if you pour down hot water into the drain. Hot water cleans the drain and rinses away all things from the drain and makes it fully open for perfect water flow.

Pour hot water until you won’t see the water flowing freely from the drain.

Now to reinsert the stopper, you need to remove the ball on the pin from the back of the sink. insert the rod from underneath the sink and the faucet should face the back of the sink so the position of the hole and pin both match.

Move the rod up and down by hand and check stopper is moving freely. When you put the rod back and tighten its nut make sure that don’t overtight it otherwise rod will not move freely and the drain will not work properly.

If the nut is loose then water will come out from the bottom and spread on the floor so tight it is properly and check the rod is moving freely. When you feel the rod is moving perfectly and there is no leakage of the water then leave the nut in that position.

how to clean up bathroom faucet drain

How to Select a Bathroom Faucet With Pop Up Drain?

If you are shopping for a bathroom faucet with pop up drain then there is a couple of things, you should know before purchasing.

First, check what is the opening size of the hole in the bottom of your bathroom sink and then select pop-up drain.

bathroom faucet pop up drain

Second, if you have an overflow hole in the sink then you need to choose an overflow pop-up drain, so it would allow water to drain from the overflow hole of the sink.

Third, if your sink doesn’t have any overflow hole then buy a pop-up drain without a hole in it.

In the pop-up, the drain rod goes into the faucet through a hole and it will open or close the stopper. For the non-overflow sink, a pop-up drain that comes with a spring load is a good option.

Spring load works when you push it. When you push the drain, pop up open and water flows through it.

Final Words

A pop-up drains clean water from the sink perfectly. The modern bathroom faucet that has a pop-up drain needs special care while installation. Our step-by-step DIY process of how to install a bathroom faucet with a pop up drain is easy and you can install a faucet without the help of a plumber.

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