Do Faucets Come With Drains?

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A drain is used to clean out water from the sink. A sink drain impacts the overall look of a bathroom or kitchen makeover. Do you need to buy it separately?

Do faucets come with drains? People are confused about it. Most bathroom faucets come with a drain assembly. But only a few kitchen faucets come with a drain. Is the drain important for the sink? What is its use and how can you buy the right drain for the sink? All things are explained in the detail in this article.

What Is a Faucet Drain Assembly?

Faucet Drain Assembly

A sink drain assembly is a combination of different parts. In the kitchen sink, the drain has a strainer that fits perfectly into the strainer body.

The strainer is connected to the tailpiece. If you have a garbage disposal, you can connect it to the tailpiece.

Bath drains are a little bit different. Instead of the strainer, they have a pop-up assembly. The pop-up assembly allows water to be filled into the sink. The pop-up drain stopper fits into the faucet’s drain body.

The gasket, metal washer, and locknut or retainer are also parts of the drain assembly. They all tighten the drain to the sink.

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Do Bathroom Faucets Come With Drains?

Do Bathroom Faucets Come With Drains

Most bathroom faucets have their own drain assembly. If your bathroom faucet doesn’t have a drain system, you can buy and install a drain separately. To give a consistent look to the bathroom, try to match the finish of the faucet and drain.

Usually, the drain prevents any water overflow into the sink and keeps the countertop or floor clean. Pop-up, grid, and lift different drains are available. When you buy a new sink or faucet for the bathroom, check whether it has a drain or not.

Types of Bathroom Sink Drain

Types of Bathroom Sink Drain

A pop-up drain is the most common type of faucet drain for the bathroom. But there are other options also available. You should have known about all types of drains before deciding to buy a drain for you. A faucet with a lift rod requires a pop-up drain.

Pop-up Drain

Pop-up drains are a common and most available style for drains. Pop-up drains are easy to use and convenient.

These types of sink drains are the ideal choice for hand and face washing. They are built with overflow prevention, so you can fill the sink completely without worrying about overflow. Nowadays pop-up drains work on the open and close mechanisms with a simple touch on them.

Pull Out Plug Drain

This is one of the oldest drain styles for the drain. This drain consists of either a wide-open drain flange or a built-in strainer. For the installation of this drain, you need a plastic plug. This plastic plug is inserted into the drain hole.

Lift-and-turn Drain

This is the most versatile drain for the sink. Lift and turn drain work with most sinks. Whether you have an overflow, drop-in, vessel, or under-mount sink, it will work with all.

To remove water, you need to lift the drain. Turn the drain to hold water into the sink. It needs only a flathead screwdriver to install it.

Grid Drain


A grid drain is the best choice for the vessel sink. Vessel sinks are built in a bowl shape.

Grid drains don’t work on open and close mechanisms. It continuously lets water out from the sink and prevents any water overflow in the sink. It has a gird look so it is called a grid drain.

Push-to-close Drain

As the name suggests, you need to push the drain to use it. When you push this drain, it closes the hole and water collects into the sink. Again, push the drain and it will come out and the hole will be opened.

Common Bathroom Sink Drain Parts

Sink Drain Parts
  • Drain flange
  • Gasket
  • Washers
  • Jam Nut
  • Tailpiece
  • Slip Nuts
  • P-Trap
  • Trap Arm

How To Buy The Right Drain For Bathroom Sink?

do faucets come with drains

If your bathroom sink doesn’t have a drain and you looking for a drain, here are some guidelines which ensure you get the right drain for the bathroom.

  • The drain needs to fit into the bathroom sink drain’s opening, so take measurements of the drain hole. Measure the hole so you ensure the right drain. Also, check the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the sink.
  • Choose the right sink type for the drain. Check pop-up drain or grid drain which will fit into your sink. Pop-up drains can be closed or opened but grid drains holes are always open. So, water always drains from the grid drain.
  • If you want to install an overflow drain, check sink has an overflow hole or not. Without a hole, the overflow drain won’t work.
  • Set the budget for you. Sink drains come in various price ranges. You need to find the right sink that fits best in your budget.
  • Make sure the drain and sink finishes are matched. Both things complement each other. Matching accessories are always a good option.
  • If you have a vessel faucet sink, you need a drain with a mounting ring. The mounting ring supports the drain in the sink and prevents leakage.

Do Kitchen Faucets Come With Drains?

kitchen sink drain

No, kitchen faucets don’t have a built-in drain system like bathroom faucets. If you need a drain for the kitchen faucet, you will have to buy it separately. But with kitchen sinks, you may get a drain. Some kitchen sinks have a drain option.

Do I Need a Drain With or Without Overflow?

The drain comes with an overflow or without an overflow system. Which one you should pick?

It depends on which type of sink you are using currently. If you are buying a new sink then you may choose a drain as per your need.

But in the old sink, you should check its working method. Not all sink supports an overflow drain system.

In the overflow sink, there is a hole at the top of the sink. If you see the hole, means you have an overflowing sink. The overflow sink lets air come into the drain, so when the sink is full of water, the overflow hole will quickly make it empty.

The overflow drain comes with a neat cover for the sinkhole. It gives a visually aesthetic appeal to the sink.

Overflow drains are built with an extra hole at the side of the drain pipe that runs out of the bottom. This hole collects overflow water into the drain.

An overflow drain is better but if your sink doesn’t have an overflow hole, don’t buy an overflow drain.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the guide about do faucets come with drains or not. With bathroom faucets you may get drains but not with kitchen faucets. Drains are good to remove unnecessary water from the sink. It prevents an overflow of water from the sink.  

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