What Is The Best Touch Kitchen Faucets?

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A kitchen faucet is an essential part of the kitchen. It works as a helping hand. It is used in the kitchen more than other appliances. So, it should be durable and reliable to work longer.

A faucet’s features and design play a significant role to perform everyday tasks like washing dishes and hands. The touch feature in a faucet is liked by many people because of its convenience and germ-free use.

You should pick a stylish faucet with a great performance. A perfect touch-on kitchen faucet can be fashionable and practical at the same time. There are so many different brands and models of touch kitchen faucets on the market. It becomes difficult to determine which one is right for you.


But don’t worry, we have searched the market to find the best touch kitchen faucets which we believe are reliable and perform extremely well in the kitchen. These faucets include all the essential features you need in a touch kitchen faucet.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Runner Up


Delta Leland

delta leland touch faucet




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Top Pick

Delta Essa

delta essa touch faucet




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Budget Pick

Kraus Faucet

kraus touch faucet




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Curious about how we handpick the top-notch faucets on our list? Dive into our detailed review process, where we reveal the key factors we consider and the detailed steps we take to assess each faucet’s performance. Check our faucet review process.

How Does A Touch Faucet Work?

best touch kitchen faucets

A touch kitchen faucet works when you touch its body but what is the technology behind it? How does it sense your hand or body touch?

A touch kitchen faucet works on the capacitance principle. Capacitance collects and stores energy in the form of electric charges.

The human body has its own electric charges which are very less in the quantity. Sensors in the touch-activated faucet react when they sense any change in the electric current. This change is known as capacitance and it is measured in farads.

Sensors detect the change in the capacitance and start or stop the flow of the water. In most touch faucets for the kitchen, the whole body works as a capacitance. So, there is no restriction to touching any particular part of the faucet, you can touch it anywhere on the faucet.

Best Touch Kitchen Faucets Comparison Chart

Delta Essa Faucet5/515.75 Inches9.25 InchesArctic Stainless
Delta Leland Faucet5/514 Inches9 InchesSpotShield Stainless
Kraus Oletto Faucet5/510.5 Inches8 InchesSpot Free
Delta Lenta Faucet4.8/510.5 Inches8.38 InchesSpotShield Stainless
Grohe Zedra Faucet4.8/516.3 Inches9 InchesBrushed Nickel
Fapully Faucet4.8/59.9 Inches9 InchesBrushed Gold
MSTJRY Faucet4.8/510.5 Inches8 InchesChrome
Tinago Faucet4.8/511 Inches8.5 InchesBrushed Nickel
Bnagloux Faucet4.7/58 Inches6.5 InchesStainless Steel
HGN Faucet4.7/59.1 Inches6 InchesBrushed Nickel
YitaHome Faucet4.7/511.2 Inches8 InchesChrome

Top 11 Best Touch Kitchen Faucets

1. Delta Essa Touch Faucet

Top Pick

Delta Essa Touch Faucet


  • Color options – 4
  • Weight – 5‎ pounds
  • Size – ‎‎1.25 x 10.75 x 15.75 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

For the touch-on feature in the faucet, Delta has a wide range of options. Delta essa is a perfect choice for touch faucet lovers. It comes with the latest touch technology.

Delta faucet has its patented Touch2.0 technology for its faucets. This touch technology is quite impressive and accurate. Without touching the faucet handle, it can be worked perfectly.

Delta essa has a LED indicator that shows the temperature of the water. At first glance, it makes a good impression on the viewer. You get 4 different finish options to choose from. All finishes are highly spot-resistant. No fingerprints on the body.

To prevent any water leakage issue, it uses a patented diamond seal technology. Its high-quality brass material ensures the durability of the faucet. Delta faucet has a flexible installation process and it is compatible with both single or three-hole sinks.

Its touch function is more functional and less finicky. Its pull down spray head has soft clean rubber spray nozzles that can be wiped easily with fingers.

It works on 2 6AA batteries that give power to the faucet for 2 years. For 5 years of battery life, use a 6 C battery (It is not included in the box).


  • Patented Touch20 Technology
  • LED light indicator to show water temperature
  • Powerful MagnaTite docking
  • Leak-free operations
  • Soft rubber touch-clean spray holes
  • Easy to clean body


  • The design could have been better

2. Delta Leland Touch-on Faucet

Runner Up

Delta Leland Touch-on Faucet


  • Color options – 4
  • Weight – 59 pounds
  • Size – ‎‎11.47 x 10.44 x 14.84 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Here is a stylish touch faucet for the kitchen sink. It gives a modern fresh look to the kitchen and enhances its beauty. Delta Leland faucet has an enduring design.

To get this faucet, you need to spend a little bit extra but it is totally worth it. It has durability that gives a longer life to the faucet in the kitchen. Once you installed Delta Leland in the kitchen, you don’t need to think about new kitchen faucets for the next 20 years.

Delta Leland adds charm to the kitchen sink with its 4 different finishes. It has an eye-catching design that impresses anyone.

There is no cleaning issue with the Delta Leland faucet. It has a rust-free and spot-resistant finish that is easy to clean. Moreover, it has lead-free brass material for durability.

Delta has its own docking system which is called the MagnaTite docking system. It is one of the finest docking mechanisms to prevent any hanging issue in the pull down sprayer. Delta Leland users never complain about the loose spray head. Its powerful magnet keeps the pull down sprayer in a safe position when the spray head is not in the use.

Delta Leland touch-on kitchen faucet has ShiledSpray technology that removes all stubborn messes from the dishes. Its powerful stream creates a protective sphere to prevent splashes. It uses less water than a traditional kitchen faucet.


  • Leak-free diamond seal technology
  • LED indicator shows battery status
  • Exclusive MagnaTite docking
  • Quick connect Duramount installation system
  • Diamond-embedded ceramic discs
  • ShieldSpray technology for smooth water flow


  • Little bit expensive

3. Kraus Touch-Activated Kitchen Faucet

Budget Pick

Kraus Touch-Activated Kitchen Faucet


  • Color options – 4
  • Weight – 9.04‎ pounds
  • Size – 10.25 x 4.25 x 19.88 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Kraus has a budget-friendly touch kitchen faucet. It won’t make your pocket empty to make the kitchen sink smart. Its soft contours body gives a slender look to the affordable faucet. A high arc spout creates a dramatic focal point in the sink.

It easily senses the difference between touch and grab and reduces the false activation of the water.

It has a simple installation without any hardwiring. If batteries are low use its manual mode. It has lower battery life than other faucets.

Reduce the germ transfer from the faucet handle to the hand by activating it with the wrist, arm, or elbow.

It has an all-metal body that is lead-free. Its spray head has an easy retract system and it is capable of the full range of motion all around the sink. Its spray head provides maximum maneuverability in the sink. The high-arc design offers more room for tall pots.

With this faucet, you get a limited lifetime warranty from the Kraus.

It has dual functions spray mode. Either you may use its aerated stream or use its powerful spray. LED indicator shows the water temperature and battery status. When the battery is about to die, it shows red color.


  • 360-degree spout rotation
  • 24 inches long flexible pull-down spray head
  • High-quality ceramic cartridge valve
  • Multi-layer sealing technology
  • 3 functions spray mode
  • Good after-sales service


  • Battery life is not great. Need to change after one year.

4. Delta Lenta Kitchen Faucet Touch on

Delta Lenta Kitchen Faucet Touch on


  • Color options – 4
  • Weight – 8 pounds
  • Size – ‎‎14.09 x 10.94 x 4.29 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Another Delta touch faucet is on the list. Delta Lenta kitchen faucet touch-on has a timeless design that mixes with any kitchen interior. This is definitely the best touch kitchen faucet for a luxurious kitchen.

Delta ensures that all its touch faucets for the kitchen are tested several times to make sure they can perform well in any condition. You get the best possible quality of the touch sensor kitchen faucet.

Delta Lenta has cutting-edge technology in its touch sensor kitchen faucets. Proper use and maintenance make the faucet life longer. Delta Lenta follows all ADA rules so it is accessible to disabled people.

Delta Lenta touch sensor faucet is made of a spotshield stainless steel finish that keeps it rust-free and durable. It has a 1.8 GPM water flow rate that is optimum for most conditions.

Don’t think about leaks in the faucet. It uses diamond seal technology to keep all its joints leak-free. Delta Lenta is ahead of its competitor in terms of features. It has a low-maintenance body that requires less cleaning.

InnoFlex supply lines are integrated with the faucet for hassle-free installation. The pull down spray head remains preciously at its position so it stays docked when not in the use.


  • The height and reach of the head on the swivel covered most of the area of the sink
  • Handle moves forward so can be located near the backsplash
  • The magnetic head holds the spray wand well
  • Good water pressure for the stream and spray


  • It is a little noisy while mixing

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5. Grohe Zedra Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Grohe Zedra Touch Faucet


  • Color options – 2
  • Weight – 8‎ pounds
  • Size – ‎‎9.68 x 6.37 x 16.03 inches
  • Material – lead-free Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Grohe is yet another reputable brand for the touch kitchen sink faucet. Grohe Zedra comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Grohe Zedra faucet is known for its well-built quality and amazing features. This commercial touch kitchen faucet blends well with any type of kitchen interior. You can trust its durability because it can stay twice as long as compared to other touch kitchen sink faucets.

Grohe faucet has a leak-free design. This design reduces the leak points of the faucet. It helps to make the product durable. Grohe zedra meets all the requirements of the ADA standards.

It is a high arc touch kitchen sink faucet that is built for the single hole sink but with a deck plate, it can be installed into a 3 hole sink. This touch faucet for the kitchen sink is the perfect choice who needs a minimalistic faucet and don’t mind using it without the handle.

Its spray head features 3 different modes. Easily toggle between spray modes through the button on the spray head. Hold the button to activate the blade spray. The forward rotating handle doesn’t require any backsplash for the installation.


  • Triple function spray mode
  • 22 inches long pull-down spray hose
  • It can be used more freely and conveniently
  • All installation parts are included in the faucet
  • Hoses are made of food-grade material


  • Very expensive

6. Fapully One Touch Kitchen Faucet

Fapully One Touch Kitchen Faucet


  • Color options – Single
  • Weight – 6.34 pounds
  • Size – ‎‎24.6 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Fapully is a reputed brand that doesn’t make any bad faucets. Fapully believes that quality should always be high but price shouldn’t be high. By making its price lower, they make it available for all budget people.

This is a lightweight touch control kitchen faucet for the sink that is great for everyday cleaning tasks. Its gold finish gives a premium look to it but sadly there are no other finish options. So, be sure, whether it goes with your kitchen interior or not.

Its brass body has a rust-free feature. The multi-layer finish gives extra protection to the faucet from scratches.

The Fapullay one touch control kitchen faucet has a gooseneck design. It has quick-reacting sensors that control water flow. Its sensors don’t sense any touch within the next 3 minutes, it shuts down the water flow.

The one touch kitchen faucet has pre-attached water supplies to save installation time.

Touch-clean technology makes it easy to clean the spray holes. Soft rubber holes on the spray head are not hard to clean. It has a 360-degree rotating swivel for better coverage in the sink.


  • The water pressure is great
  • Compact design and durable body
  • Assistive touch control technology
  • Multifunctional pull-down sprayer head
  • Gold and matte black colors are available
  • Ceramic disc cartridge for drip-free performance


  • Improper user manual

7. MSTJRY Kitchen Faucet With Touch Sensor

MSTJRY Kitchen Faucet With Touch Sensor


  • Color options – 3
  • Weight – 5‎.34 pounds
  • Size – ‎‎25 x 10.5 x 2.63 inches
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

MSTJRY kitchen faucet with touch sensors offers great features at an affordable price tag.

It has an appealing design. YOu can choose among brushed stainless steel, matte black, and gold finishes. It blends seamlessly with any type of kitchen sink. It eliminates the need of touching the handle to control water flow.

MSTJRY has used stainless steel material to construct its body. This material prevents any corrosion on the body.

The good thing about the MSTJRY faucet is that it maintains the constant flow of water for many years without any interruption. It meets most United States plumbing rules.

With the deck plate that is provided with the faucet, you can mount it on the single or three-hole sink. It has flexible and powerful magnetic docking to prevent the spray head from hanging down. Its lightweight design makes installation hassle-free.

With stream and spray modes, you get a pause feature in the MSTJRY touch kitchen faucet. To fill pots and big-size containers use its stream mode.


  • Heavy-duty brass and zinc body
  • Control of the water flow is smooth
  • 1-hole installation but deck plate is included for 3-hole sink
  • 360° swivel spout allows full rotation
  • Premium coated kitchen faucet finish


  • Some complaints about the water supply hoses size

8. Tinago Touch Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Tinago Touch Pull Down Kitchen Faucet


  • Color options – 1
  • Weight – 6.98 pounds
  • Size – ‎‎25.5 x 10.5 x 3 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Tinago touch sink faucets pass high-quality standard checks to compete with big faucet brands. Its design perfectly blends in any kitchen. Tinago touch pull down kitchen faucet perfectly disperses the exact amount of hot and cold water. It allows precise flow adjustment with minimum effort.

Tinago faucets are economically affordable for many people. With its awesome features, this faucet will live up to your expectations.

Like other best pull down touch kitchen faucets, Tinago uses brass for the faucet body. Brass is a durable material that gives long life to the faucet. It protects faucet from the corrosion. Moreover, the chrome finish is easy to clean.

Due to its single-hole design, installation is not hard. If you have a deck plate, you can install a Tinago touch pull down kitchen faucet on the three-hole sink.


  • Smart touch control technology
  • Water-saving spray
  • Eye-catching look
  • The ceramic valve features no deformation
  • Easily change from aerated stream to powerful spray by turning the switch off the bubble


  • The hoses provided with the faucet are too short

9. Bangloux Touch Sensitive Faucet

Bangloux Touch Sensitive Faucet


  • Color options – 3
  • Weight – 7.19 pounds
  • Size – ‎‎23 x 8.26 x 1.9 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Bnagolux is a less-known faucet brand but by combining craftmanship and cutting-edge technology they are providing well-designed and durable faucets.

Bnagloux has a gooseneck spout that has a modern and stylish design. It is a single hole touch sink faucet that fits perfectly well with the single hole sink. Complete installation accessories are included with it.

This touch sensitive faucet has a rust-resistant finish that is superior corrosion-free. Its finish prevents dirt from sticking to the faucet surface. No fingerprints are visible on its body.

It has an integrated touch control that works when you touch any part of the faucet.

Bnagolux has used good quality brass. Its material delivers high-quality protection against corrosion. Brass adds a few more years to the life of this stylish touch faucet.


  • Easy installation
  • Lead-free construction
  • Mixing valve
  • Automatic shut-off


  • Sometimes sensor is too sensitive

10. HGN Touch Anywhere Kitchen Faucet

HGN Touch Anywhere Kitchen Faucet


  • Color options – 2
  • Weight – 5‎.37 pounds
  • Size – ‎‎14.17 x 10.35 x 4.8 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

The simple body and brushed nickel finish of the faucet add a superior style to the kitchen sink. Before launching any faucet HGN perform different quality checks on its faucet and this faucet has also passed all quality checks.

If you are low on the budget but want a touch faucet with some awesome features look no further. Due to its simple design, this touch-anywhere kitchen faucet fits with most sinks. If you want something different for your kitchen, go with its matte black finish.

HGN touch kitchen faucets have a 360-degree rotation spout to reach out to the whole area of the sink.

HGN uses brass material to keep away rust and corrosion. Its touch feature provides contactless cleaning. A multifunctional water outlet provides 3 different streams.

Its brushed nickel finish prevents oils and water spots on the faucet and saves your rising dishes time. It comes with a high-quality ceramic valve to prevent any leakage.


  • Anti-fingerprint processing
  • Solid construction
  • A lead-free and healthy body
  • Easy cleaning nuzzles


  • Some users reported a little squeak on the first day after the install

11. Yitahome Capacitive Touch Faucet

Yitahome Capacitive Touch Faucet


  • Color options – 2
  • Weight – 5‎ pounds
  • Size – ‎‎26.2 x 11.2 x 3.1 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow Rate – 1.8 GPM

Yitahome capacitive touch faucet makes your kitchen sink a smarter place. It helps to make the kitchen sink healthy. With a single touch, you can turn it on or off the water.

Yitahome faucet has an ordinary design. There is nothing special about its design. you get finishes to choose from. Its matte black finish enhances the light interior of the faucet. For a modern look, go with its chrome finish.

The construction of the Yitahome touch water faucet is solid and durable. It maintains good water flow with any water pressure. Touch sensors prevent water from getting wasted and make faucet use convenient.

Yitahome faucet has 0.3 seconds response time for the touch sensor. It automatically shut down the water after 3 minutes of inactivity.


  • Easily change the angle and direction of the faucet spout to clean dishes
  • Multifunctional outlet water effect
  • Stains and fingerprints resist body
  • Safe and durable material


  • It is not easy to change the battery

What Is The Best Touch-on Kitchen Faucet?

What Is The Best Touch-on Kitchen Faucets?

Delta Essa is the best touch kitchen faucet. This is available in a range of finishes. Its touch sensors are highly rated for their on and off features. It helps you to complete washing tasks in the kitchen even when your hands are messy.

Concentrating on aspects such as flow rate, sensors’ react time, material, warranty, and spray modes, Delta Essa is our top recommendation to our readers. Its price is not high and hassle-free DIY installation takes less than 30 minutes.

How To Choose The Right Size of The Touch Kitchen Faucet?

Right Size of The Touch Kitchen Faucet

Picking the right size for the modern touch kitchen faucet is essential. How would you decide that the faucet you are buying has the right height and spray length and will go well with your kitchen sink? You need a faucet that fills pots and washes dishes quickly.

Most kitchen sinks have three main parts: the bowl, the strainer, and the base cabinet. Normally 12 inches diameter is common for a single hole sink. You will get 8 inches of depth for it. But for a double bowl sink, the diameter increases and depth reduces.

A faucet’s size depends on the sink bowl diameter. For a single-hole sink, a 22-26 inches long faucet is a good choice because this sink has more depth. But for a double bowl sink, the faucet size is considered 18-22 inches.

Are Touch-Activated Faucets Worth It?

Should you buy a touch-activated kitchen faucet or not? This question comes to mind when you think about buying a touch-activated kitchen faucet.

Touch-activated kitchen faucets are a full value-for-money product. More than money it keeps the faucet body germ free. Keep your dirty hand away from the handle and use your arm or wrist to turn on or off the water flow.

You will definitely get a better washing experience in the kitchen. With improvements in technology smart touch kitchen faucets are becoming better. It saves lots of water.

At first, we were also in the doubt about the touch-activated faucet’s performance but once we used it, we are a fan of it.

Smart Touch Faucet Cleaning Tips

As you clean a normal faucet, you can apply the same methods to clean your new smart touch faucets for the kitchen. Use light cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice to clean the touch sink faucet.

Avoid using any harsh abrasive cleaner on the faucet. It will damage the faucet finish. Don’t scrub the sponges on the faucet. It will scratch the faucet.

First, clean the faucet with warm soapy water, and try to remove all stains. If stains are still visible, spray some vinegar on the faucet and leave it for one hour and then again clean it with the water. Regular cleaning with warm soapy water keeps the faucet finish as new.

Our Verdict

We hope that by now you don’t have any confusion about the best touch kitchen faucets for your needs. Reviews with pros and cons will be helpful for you to pick the right one.

Our top choice for the best quality touch kitchen faucets is Delta Essa. It is a great performer and offers various attractive features. If you have a tight budget go with the Kraus Oletto faucet. It has a higher neck spout than usual. Our list contains the best functioning and visually stunning touch faucets for the kitchen. Every reviewed faucet in the list perform best in any kitchen for years.

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