How To Clean Moen Kitchen Faucet Aerator?

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Over time, due to mineral deposits and debris, faucet aerator holes become clogged and cause water pressure in the kitchen faucet to seemingly decrease. Due to clogged holes, water flow is interrupted and the same washing tasks now take more time. Moen also uses aerators for all its faucets for better water streams and water saving.

Every aerator needs cleaning after a few months. In this guide, you will get to know how to clean Moen kitchen faucet aerator. Cleaning the aerator is one of the simplest plumbing tasks. Let’s see the process in the detail.

What Is a Faucet Aerator?

What Is a Faucet Aerator?

If you have ever noticed, you will see a device with little holes at the end of the faucet spout. This device is called a faucet aerator.

The main purpose of a faucet aerator is to control water usage. All people like to use high-pressure faucets but these types of faucets use a high amount of water. So, faucet manufacturers use aerators.

The aerator mixes air into the water so water flow becomes smooth and with less water, you can perform your daily washing tasks.

But with time, aerator holes become clogged. Whether you are using a Moen faucet or any other faucet, you will face a clogged aerator issue definitely. But with this guide, you can clean the Moen Anabelle kitchen faucet aerator properly.

How To Clean Moen Kitchen Faucet Aerator?

The cleaning of the Moen kitchen faucet aerator is surprisingly simple. By using vinegar and hot water, you can clean it. The cleaning of an aerator for every Moen faucet model is similar. Let’s see the whole cleaning process in the detail.

How To Clean Moen Kitchen Faucet Aerator?

What Tools You Will Need To Clean Moen Faucet Aerator?

  • Screwdriver
  • White Vinegar
  • Sewing needle
  • Toothbrush
  • Channel Lock Plier
  • Bowl
  • Masking Tape

Step 1 – Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet Aerator

remove aerator

Some aerator easily comes out, you just need to make the grip of your hand on the aerator. Now rotate it clockwise to remove the faucet aerator. If an aerator is threaded and not stuck, it will be removed easily.

Some aerators are not threaded and to remove them, use channel lock pliers. Before using any tool, cover the faucet spout with masking tape to prevent it from scratching. Now make a grip of the channel lock plier on the aerator and pull it outside.

Don’t put extra pressure on the aerator otherwise, it will damage holes or the whole aerator and you will need to buy a new aerator.

Step 2 – Clean Aerator By Needle

After disassembling the aerator, check the conditions of its holes. You can easily see that most of the holes are blocked by debris.

Use a sewing needle to clean holes. Insert the needles one by one into every hole and clean them. Instead of a needle, you may use a toothpick or paperclip. Rinse off any large piece of sediment.

Step 3 – Soak Aerator Into White Vinegar

white vinegar

To clean the Moen faucet aerator properly, soak it in vinegar. Take white vinegar into the bowl and leave the aerator in it for hours. If holes are heavily blocked, keep the aerator in vinegar for the whole night.

Take the aerator out and clean it with a toothbrush. If all blocks are removed and holes are visibly clean, the aerator is good to use. If still, you see block holes, soak the aerator for more hours in the vinegar.

Step 4 – Clean Aerator and Faucet Spout

Now take out the aerator and clean it with water. before attaching the aerator to the Moen faucet, check the inner part of the faucet spout, there may be some debris, so remove it.

Use a finger or screwdriver to clean the spout from the inside. If the screwdriver is stuck inside means there is debris. Pry out all debris with the help of a screwdriver. Also, spray vinegar to clean it properly.

Step 5 – Reattach Aerator

reattach aerator

It’s time to reattach the aerator to the Moen faucet spout. If you have a threaded aerator, rotate it counterclockwise. To tighten it properly, rotate it as much as possible but don’t overtighten it.

For without a threaded aerator, push it from the downside so it gets fixed in its place. Now turn on the water and check if there is any leakage near the aerator or not. If leakage, tighten the aerator a bit more.


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Why Are Build-Ups Formed on Moen Faucet Aerator?

A Moen faucet over time accumulates mineral deposits and dirt that impede the flow of the water. When you touch a dirty hand on the faucet, dirt sticks to it.

Municipal water contains calcium and other minerals that accumulate into holes in the aerator over time and as end result, a clogged aerator. This build-up is not good for both the faucet and the aerator. It damages the finish of the faucet.

Once holes become fully clogged, water flow restricts. It also causes leak issues in the faucet. Due to the poor water flow rate, the use of water increases, and it affects water bills.

Aerator that comes into contact with hard water, gets clogged quickly as compared to normal water. Use a hard water fixture to reduce the impact of minerals.

Benefits of an Aerator

Benefits of an Aerator
  • The aerator minimizes the amount of water that comes out of the faucet.
  • Mix air into water so water flow becomes smooth and gentle.
  • It controls the water flow but doesn’t reduce the water pressure.
  • Its smooth water stream prevents water from splashing in the sink and countertop.
  • It catches debris into holes and gives you clean water.
  • The main benefit of an aerator is that it saves water which makes a huge impact on the environment.

How Often Should You Clean Moen Faucet Aerator?

After every 3 months, you should clean the aerator. If you clean it every month, it would be great. With proper cleaning, you get high water pressure from the faucet and the aerator will not be clogged.

Final Words

An aerator plays an important role to reduce the use of water but when it is clogged, you suffer to get regular water flow. An aerator is small in the size but it may make a huge impact when it doesn’t work properly. This guide shows the whole cleaning process of the faucet aerator in the detail.

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