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Delta has some good collections of faucets in the market. Every faucet needs maintenance from time to time. Without proper care, the faucet won’t work properly. Leakage is a common issue in many faucets. To repair leakage of the faucet, you should know how to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta faucet.

For bathroom and kitchen Delta has a wide range of faucets. For pull-out or pull-down faucets, Delta uses a retractable sprayer hose. Its Magnetite docking technology keeps the sprayer hose at fix position.

Whether you are repairing a leak in the kitchen faucet or replacing a kitchen faucet, you need to disconnect the sprayer hose for these tasks.

How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet

In this article, we are going to show you how to disconnect the sprayer hose from the Delta faucet. After reading it, you can do it yourself. This disconnection process is the same for kitchen and bathroom faucets.

How Does Sprayer Hose Work In Delta Faucet?

To understand the functioning of the sprayer hose, you need to go under the sink. Under the sink, you will see hose connections to the faucet.

Nowadays, most faucets have hot and cold water supply lines. The sprayer head connects to these supply lines through a hose. Between the hose and supply lines, there is a device which is called a diverter.

The diverter allows to flow of water to the sprayer head. When you push the spray head, the diverter reacts and pushes water towards the spray head.

If you turn on the handle of the cold water supply, the diverter will open the flow of the cold water supply line. The same thing happens for hot water when you turn on the handle for the hot water supply.

If the diverter doesn’t work properly, you may get a leaking issue in the faucet. The diverter won’t get closed properly and water goes to the spray head and resulting leaking spray head. To change the diverter or repair the spray hose, you need to disconnect the spray hose.

delta faucet spray hose

Tools You Need To Disconnect Spray Hose

For every plumbing work, you need tools. Without getting the right tools, disconnecting spray hose work becomes difficult. If you need to replace the spray hose with a new one, you should get it before starting disconnecting spray hose process.

Luckily, for this work, you don’t need lots of tools. These are basic tools and are mostly available in most houses.

How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet? (5 Simple Steps)

Here we are demonstrating 5 simple steps to disconnect the sprayer hose from the Delta faucet. These steps are not difficult. You just need to follow the steps one by one. Let’s see the steps in the detail.

Step 1 – Clean Under Sink Area and Make Space For You

To disconnect the sprayer hose, you need to go under the sink. This area of the kitchen is dirty in most houses. We generally don’t this area so there must be dust. You should clean this area so you can work here.

People use this space as a storage area and keep less-used things here. Remove all the things from here and make a proper space for you. You need to sit there to open the connections of the hose. You may lay the towel on the floor so your cloth will not be spoiled by filth.

clean under sink to disconnect sparyer hose

Step 2 – Turn off Water Supply and Release all Water

Now Next turn off the water supply lines to the Delta modern kitchen sink faucet. This is a small step but it is necessary. If you forget to turn off the water supply and disconnect the hose then the floor will be flooded with water everywhere in the kitchen.

So, first, turn off the water supply. Now after turning off the waterline, there may still little bit amount of water is retained in the hose. To release all water, turn on both hot and cold handles of the water. So, all remaining water drains properly.

It becomes easy to loosen the connection when the pipe is empty. Water residue makes it difficult to open the hose connection.

turn off water supply to the faucet

Step 3 – Disconnect Old Hose

Sprayer hose of Delta faucet connects to outlet tub through a threaded adapter or quick-connect system. Nowadays most Delta faucet comes with a quick-connect system so it saves time for installation.

For pull-out and pull-down Delta faucets, a weight would be attached at the end of the spray hose. You need to remove that weight.

Some Delta faucet uses a clip for leak-free installation. Remove this clip, using a screwdriver and keep it in a safe place for later use. Take a bucket and place it below the spray hose and outlet tube connection. So, when you disconnect the hose, the remaining water falls into the bucket.

For threaded nuts, you need to use an adjustable wrench. Make grip of wrench on the nut and move it counter-clockwise. Remove all the nuts and keep them in a safe place.

If your Delta faucet has a quick connect system then it would have a collar. Move this collar upward or downward direction as faucet fitting. No need to use any tool to remove the collar.

Disconnect Old Hose

Step 4 – Remove Sprayer Head

Now it’s time to remove the Delta faucet sprayer head. There will be a screw on the hose and spray head connection. You need to remove that screw using a screwdriver.

If your area has a hard water issue then probably screw will be covered with mineral deposits. You need to use vinegar to clean mineral deposits. Vinegar is used to clean mineral deposits from the faucet. Vinegar also cleans stains from the faucet.

If you are facing a hard water issue in your area then you should hard water the faucet. Remove the nut using a screwdriver and pull-out sprayer hose.

Remove Sprayer Head

Step 5 – Repair Hose and Put It Back or New Hose

If the sprayer hose condition is good and if it can be repaired then you can use it. Also, if you can install a new hose as you want.

To put the hose back, you have to repeat the whole process in the reverse. Connect a hose to the outlet supply. Tighten all the connections properly so there would be no leakage issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove a Delta Quick Connect Sprayer Hose?

A quick-connect system makes installation easy and time-saving. You just need to push the sprayer hose to connect them. When you want to remove the sprayer hose, hold the joint of the sprayer hose and pull the hose with power and it will be removed. It is an easy process.

Can You Disconnect Sink Faucet Sprayer Hose?

People think it is hard to disconnect the sprayer hose. But we have already shown in the article that this process is simple. You can disconnect the sprayer hose easily. Use a screwdriver and wrench to open connections and pull the spray hose.

Final words

Now you know how to disconnect sprayer hose from Delta faucet. It is not as difficult as you were thinking. You just need to use the right tools and follow the above steps. A leaking sprayer head is not liked by anyone. By disconnecting the sprayer hose, either you can repair it or replace it. Instead of spending money on Plumber, you can buy a new sprayer hose for the faucet.

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