How To Remove Moen Sink Drain Stopper?

Drain stoppers are used to keep water in the sink while washing dishes but when they get choked water is stuck in the sink even after cleaning is completed. Many people experienced the clogging of water in the sink. If the drain stopper doesn’t work properly then the whole water doesn’t go away from the sink. Here in this article, we are showing how to remove Moen sink drain stopper.

Clogged sink drain causes standing water issue in the sink. It becomes a nuisance when you clean dishes. Here is a DIY process to remove the sink drain stopper, so without calling a plumber, you can remove it to clean or replace it.

Why do You need To Remove Moen Sink Drain Stopper?

When the sink drain stopper doesn’t work properly things in the sink become messy. Water is stuck in the sink and becomes the reason for rust in the sink drain.

Many times sinks look good but there is a problem in the sink drain which doesn’t seem from the outside. The problem occurs due to soap scum, hair in the sink drain stopper.

It becomes very frustrating when the Moen sink drain stopper doesn’t work properly and is stuck. A stuck sink drain stopper makes the sink unusable. If water won’t drain at all, you need to remove the sink drain stopper either to clean it or replace it.

Remove Moen Sink Drain Stopper

How does Moen Sink Drain Stopper Works?

A Moen sink stopper uses to collect water into the sink. For this, it uses a pull of rod that is placed behind the faucet. Pushing and releasing the rod will make the sink drain stopper work.

To drain water from the sink, push the rod back to its original position.

The Rod of the sink drain stopper is connected through a strip of metal under the sink. This strip of metal and rod is tightly screwed with each other.

The other end of the strip of metal is attached to a lever. This lever is connected to the drain stopper through the drain pipe. A strip of metal is called clevis. When clevis moves, Moen sink drain stopper works.

how to remove moen sink drain stopper

How To Remove Moen Sink Drain Stopper?

Over time sink drain stopper get full of soap scum, debris, mildew, and dirt. To clean all these things from the Moen sink drain stopper, you need to remove them.

Some Moen sink stoppers come with a lever that is attached under the sink. So, you would go under the sink to remove it. Disassembling of Moen sink drain stopper is not a big task. With the right tools and methods, you can do this task easily.

Step 1

Some Moen sink drain stoppers can be pulled off by hand. Without using any tool, you can do it with your bare hands.

Step 2

If you are reading this article means your Moen sink drain stopper is stuck and can’t be removed by hand.

So, now you need to go under the sink so remove all the things from there so you get enough space to do your work freely.

Step 3

Now find a strip of metals (Clevis) and a horizontal rod that is connected to it. Clevis is easy to find due to several holes in it. You may use a flashlight if there is darkness.

Step 4

Remove the clip that is holding the rod and clevis. Use pliers or wrenches to remove the clip. Keep clip at any safe place so later you don’t need to waste your time to find it.

Step 5

Now you need to remove another side of the rod that is connected to the pivot nut. Loosen the nut with hand or use a plier.

Step 6

Now the Moen sink drain stopper is free and easily can be removed from the sink. Now you can replace it with a new one or clean it.

How To Clean Moen Sink Drain Stopper?

When Moen sink drain stopper doesn’t work properly then water takes longer than usual in starting then over time water draining duration increases and at one-point water doesn’t drain at all.

Instead of replacing it, you can clean the Moen sink drain stopper. Cleaning it is not hard. To clean it, first, you need to remove the Moen bathroom sink drain stopper which is the whole process in the detail we have already explained in this article.

how to clean moen sink drain stopper
  • First, remove the stopper and pull it out.
  • There may be hair, soap scum, and debris inside the sink drain.
  • Put sink drain stopper inside the mixer of hot water and vinegar for a few hours so rust and all debris go away from it.
  • Use hair remover to remove all hair from it. By using a hair remover tool, most of the hair will come out.
  • For more cleaning of the sink drain, use drain cleaner product. This will make the whole drain pipe clean. Pour drain cleaner inside the drain pipe and leave it for half-hour.
  • When time is completed clean it with hot water so all the debris washes out from there.
  • Take out Moen sink drain stopper from vinegar and hot water and wash it with clean water.
  • Now hair, gunk, and all other debris are no longer around the sink drain stopper. Put the sink drain stopper in its place and connect it with the rod under the sink.

FAQ About How To Remove Moen Sink Drain Stopper

Why There is Standing Water Around Sink Drain Stopper?

The main reason for standing water around the sink drain stopper is the slow draining of water from the sink drain. All these happen due to dirt, hair, and soap scum around the stopper.

How Do You Disassemble a Moen Drain?

To disassemble a Moen drain, you need to remove its horizontal rod that is connected to a clevis.

What Do You Do When Sink Stopper Is Stuck?

Generally, the sink stopper can be removed with a hand but sometimes due to rust or any other reason it is stuck. In this situation, you should use pliers or a wrench to remove the stuck sink stopper.


The sink drain stopper needs to remove to clean or replace. We have explained the whole process of how to remove Moen sink drain stopper in an easy way. All steps are DIY and you don’t need to call a plumber. After removing the sink drain stopper clean it with vinegar so all debris wash away and it works like a new one.

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