Can’t Remove Stem From Outdoor Faucet

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Outdoor faucets are exposed to all weather conditions. From cold to hot, it faces all types of weather. So, over time its parts are prone to damage. When an outdoor faucet stops working or starts leaking, you need to repair it.

Repairing outdoor faucets is not tough but when any part of it is stuck due to bad conditions, it becomes an irritating situation. To properly work our outside fixture, you need to remove its stem. If you can’t remove stem from outdoor faucet, read this guide to get help.

What Is a Faucet Stem?

A faucet stem is a moving part that is made of plastic and placed inside the faucet. Stem decides the flow of the water. Stem decides how much amount of water will flow and comes out from the faucet.

The stem moves with the turning of the handle. The stem will move as much only as you move to handle it. When you install the faucet, apply lubricant on the stem so it works longer.

How Do You Remove a Valve Stem From The Outdoor Faucet?

Can’t Remove Stem From Outdoor Faucet
  • If your outdoor garden faucet is not being turned off or leaking from the spout then you need to replace it valve stem that is found at the end of the faucet.
  • Check the opposite side of the wall, there will be a shut-off valve. This valve control water flows to the outdoor faucet. Maybe there is no shut-off valve behind the wall in your house, don’t worry, shut off the main water supply of the house.
  • To remove the outside faucet, take a wrench or pair of pliers whatever is available. Secure the body of the faucet with a wrench.
  • There is a nut under the handle. Use a wrench and turn the nut in the counterclockwise direction. It will help to remove the valve stem of the outdoor faucet.
  • The valve stems in the outdoor tap are secured by a second set of threads.
  • Turn the faucet handle counterclockwise. Make sure to secure the body of the spigot.
  • There may be any fitting or copper pipe attached to the outdoor tap. So, twist the handle carefully, so you don’t damage any connection on the other side of the wall. Too hard a twist will damage connections.
  • In the outdoor fixture, a screw holds the washer. This screw is found at the end of the valve stem. Over time, this screw gets damaged so when you turn it with a screwdriver it may break away.
  • If the stem is stuck and not coming out, remove the packing around the stem. This packing makes the stem leak-free. Remove this packing and the stem will come out.
  • Turn the bid screw counterclockwise so the old washer comes out easily. Carefully pry the old washer so it doesn’t get damaged and you can reuse it.
  • Now go to your nearest hardware store to get an exact matching washer and a matching screw.
  • Now attach the washer and tighten the screw. The screw shouldn’t deform the washer.
  • Install the faucet valve stem into the body. Screw the nut and attach the handle. When you get resistance, stop turning the nut. Now turn on the water and check faucet is working properly or not.

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How Do I Identify a Faucet Stem?

outside fixture stem

It becomes complicated to find out which stem you have if you don’t know the faucet brand or type you have. But here are a few tricks that you can use to identify a faucet stem.

First, identify the manufacturer of the faucet. If you determine the current brand of the faucet, you complete half the path of identification of the stem. You can find the brand name by seeing the logo on the faucet.

Apart from the logo, you can also check the model number of the faucet. The model number of the faucet is placed on the faucet body.

Once you get the model number, you can find out which stem is inside your outdoor tap. You can order exact same stem and replace the old one.

Where Is The Packing Nut on an Outside Faucet?

A packing nut is small in the size and is made of metal. A packing nut has a threaded hole in the center that is used to fix the nut on the faucet.

On the outside faucet, a packing nut is found beneath the handle of the faucet. It secures the packing of the faucet so that when the faucet is open a packing nut prevents the leaking of water around the stem.

Final Words

The stem in the outside fixture maintains the water flow. But over time, this stem becomes useless and starts leaking. So, you need to remove it. If you can’t remove the stem from the outside faucet, use the method which we have shown in this article.

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