How to Get Rid of Brown Well Water?

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Everyone wants clean water to drink or cook. Water is an important part of our daily life. What will happen if you turn on the faucet and, in the glass, you see brown water?  In some houses, the brown water issue is an everyday problem. Many people want to know how to get rid of brown well water.

In this article, you will get to know all reasons for brown well water in the kitchen or bathroom faucet and also solutions to get rid of brown well water.

You come into the home after a tiring day and turn on the faucet to drink cold water but you see that brown water is coming out from the faucet. You get frustrated. Brown water is not good for your health so you should not drink it or use it for cooking.

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How Water is Filtered Into Well?

In the house, you get water from the well or municipality of your area. Well, water doesn’t need any filtration. It gets cleaned by different sediments on the earth.

The water of the well is not always brown. There are different contaminants in the earth. When well water comes into contact with containments, it changes its color into brown or any other color.

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On Earth, there are different layers of dirt, minerals, stone, etc. When water goes into the soil, it comes into contact with all layers.

Every layer works as a filter and removes impurities from the water. In the end, water reaches the aquifer. The aquifer is the main source of clean water in the well.

The water of the well is always clean but sometimes due to the high amount of any containments sometimes it becomes brown. Don’t worry in this article we have shown the best solutions to get rid of brown water.

Main Reason for Brown Well Water

For the solution to any problem, first, you need to know the reason for the problem. The same happens with a brown well water problem. If you successfully find out the reason for brown well water in the house then by using the right solution you can permanently remove brown water from your house.

how to get rid of brown well water

Reason #1: Iron

The biggest reason for brown well water is iron. Iron is one of those minerals that are found on Earth. In limited quantity, iron is good for health but when it exceeds the limit it converts the well water’s color into brown.

If your area has a good amount of iron in the earth then there are high chance that when rainwater goes into the earth then more amount of iron mixes with the water. If iron reaches the aquifer, the chances of brown well water increase.

Iron is not harmful to the human body but who would want to drink brown or black water. Also, a high amount of iron is not good for your cloth and plumbing pipelines. Iron affects the color and taste of the water.

get rid of brown well water

Reason #2: Tannins

Tannins are a natural process. Tannins are formed through leaves, plants, etc. When it rains, tannins go into the earth with water. There is less chance that in the city area, the brown color of well water is due to tannins.

If your well is open then there are chances that leave and other parts of plants directly come into the contact with well water. Tannins change the taste of water. Water tastes like you are drinking water that contains dirt.

Tannins are not good for your clothes and faucets. Tannins contain the decay of plants so it is not harmful but also not good to drink.

tannins in well water

Reason #3: Rust


The next reason for brown well water is rust. The main reason for brown water due to rust is a pipe in your house. If in your house pipes are older than 20-30 years then there are chances that some pipes are not in good condition and rust on the pipes is making water brown.

Pipes are always in the touch of water. When water, pipes, and oxygen all reacted with each other rust is created in pipes. Rust is not good for your health and it can make you ill.

rust in well water

Reason #4: Silt

Silt is formed from quartz and feldspar. Silt is a member of granular material. The size of silt particles is between clay and sand. At the bottom of the water, silt may exist as soil deposited.

Silt easily gets mixed into the water. When you put water into the glass for some time at the bottom of the glass, you can see the soil. It changes the color of the water.

The pipeline may be gets choked due to silt and also it is not good for the human body. If you drink water that contains silt, you may feel pain in the stomach and also you may do vomit.

Solutions to Getting Rid of Brown Well Water

Now you know what are the reasons for brown well water so our next step should be to find a perfect solution to get rid of brown water.

Solution #1

How would you know that iron is the reason for brown well water? The best method does tests on the water. There are various home water test kits are available. You can order it online from any online store.

These kits are easy to use. It will take 15-20 minutes to show results. Apart from iron, also you can check the number of other materials in the water.

After the test, you would know whether iron is the reason for brown water in the well or not. If iron is the reason, you should use a faucet water filter or water softener to clean brown water. A faucet water filter is a budget-friendly solution to get rid of brown well water.

Solution #2

If tannins are the reason for brown water in the well then do you know how to get rid of brown well water? This solution is easy but time-consuming.

You need to clean the outside area of your house especially near around well. Collect all leaves of plants and throw them into the garbage. There should not be any leaves in the garden or outside the area of the house.

This process you need to do every day. Within a week, you may see changes in well water. If well water is not browner in color then tannins are the reason for brown well water.

One irritating thing about this solution is that you need to do the cleaning of the outside area every day.

Solution #3

The next solution how to get rid of brown well water is to remove rust.

If rust is the reason for brown well water then you don’t see brown water in all faucets of the house.

The old rusty pipeline is the main culprit of the brown well water. When water passes through these pipelines and comes into contact with the rust the water’s color changes brown and it becomes unhealthy.

The solution to the rust problem is not difficult. First, you need to check from which faucet brown water is coming out. Once you find out the faucets then you need to change the supply line of that faucet. You may need to take the help of the plumber to change the pipeline.

Solution #4

If silt is the cause of brown water in the well then, its solution is not hard.

Sometimes silt gets collected into the aquifer. If your good pump is low then your silt and water both come into the good pump so as a result, you get brown well water into the faucet.

To get rid of brown well water from silt, move the well’s pump in an upward direction and fix it at a high level. Another solution you can try, use a water purification system in the house to clean water. It may be costly but it will clean all water and make water drinkable.

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Final Words

How to get rid of brown well water is a common question when you see brown water coming out from the faucet. Brown well water is not a big problem. All the reasons and solutions for brown well water we have mentioned in this article.

If you are not sure what is the cause of brown well water then check one by one all the mentioned reasons in the article. When you find the main reason then apply the solution according to the problem. For all brown well water problems, we have given the solution.

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