Why Is Black Water Coming Out The Tub Faucet?

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You just woke up and going to take a refreshing bath in the tub. Turn the tub faucet on and what you see is a stream of black water coming out. The black water maybe is not harmful but definitely, but it is disturbing. After seeing this, your first question would be why is black water coming out the tub faucet.

There may be different reasons for the black water problem, Corroded pipes, minerals build-up, or any other situations that cause black water in the faucet issue.

Seeing black water in the tub is a disturbing situation for many people, especially if they don’t know how to solve this issue. By using the right methods, you can solve the black water problem in the faucet. When you complete reading this article, black water is no more issue in your bathtub faucet.

Why Is Black Water Coming Out of The Tub Faucet?

Black stuff coming out of the tub faucet might have different reasons. In this article, we are showing all the possible reasons and also solutions for them. Anywhere in the house when you see black water in the faucet, you should diagnose water problems using these common solutions.

Good thing is that most solutions are DIY so without calling a plumber, you can fix faucet water problems. Black water is not a big issue and without too much hassle, you can get clean water.

Minerals Issue

In water, there are many minerals that are good for our health. The municipal water supply contains different minerals like magnesium, iron, manganese, etc. These chemicals are used to clean municipal water so we get clean water to drink.

These minerals are small so with the naked eye, they aren’t visible. Magnesium is good for health but when it comes to contact with oxygen, its property changes and it creates the water’s color black.

These minerals come with water at your house. Slowly, these minerals are deposited on the inner surface of the pipeline. When the level of these minerals increases then it changes the color of the water into black.

Why Is Black Water Coming Out The Tub Faucet


These minerals are not harmful to us but who wants to take bath in black water or who wants to cook food in black water?

The solution for the excessiveness of minerals in water is simple. You need to buy a good water filter system for your home. Install these water filters at the main water supply line of the house. So, it will clean the whole water.

The water filter also solves the hard water problem in the faucet. Hard water faucets for bathrooms are available in the market but they will not clean the whole house’s water. So, a water filter is a good choice to remove black water from the faucet.

Municipal Water Supply Problem

If you see black water in the tub faucet then you should check other faucets in the house. The black water is coming from all faucets the main water supply line has an issue. Your municipal water supply line is not delivering clean water to your home.

You can ask your neighbors if they are facing the same issue then it is the fault of the municipal water supply. Municipal authorities perform repair work at regular intervals. It is possible that while doing repair work somehow, they did nothing wrong with the water pipeline.

 Black Water Coming Out The Tub Faucet


In this situation, there are 2 options. First, you should wait for a few hours. For repairing work, they close to the water for some time and when they restart the water it causes a black water issue. When all dirty water comes out from the faucet then you get clean water.

Second, after waiting for a few hours, still, black water coming out of the tub faucet, you should contact the municipal authority. They will come and repair the pipeline in your area.

Only Hot Water Is Coming from the Black

This situation occurs when the heater has an issue. Hot water is supplied to the tub faucet through the heater. Like other appliances, the heater also needed maintenance.

After installing the heater, most people forget about its maintenance and as the result, after a few years, it shows the problem.

Minerals in the water stick on the rod of the heater. With time, the quantity of mineral deposits increases. These minerals react with the heater’s rod and change the color of the water. If you see black or rusty water coming out of only the hot water line of the faucet then definitely the heater is causing issues.



Its simple solution is, to change the heater. Also, you can get the heater repaired. To repair the heater, you need to call a plumber.

water heater

Old Rusty Pipes

If your house is old and you didn’t change the pipelines of the house then the rusty pipeline is a common issue in the old house for black water.

Rusty pipes can change the color of the water. Most times it changes water color to brown due to rust but sometimes it also changes color to black. When you open the tub faucet and a burst of black water comes out then probably it is due to rusty pipes

How would you know that rusty pipes are causing a black water issue? Its answer is simple. First, if you are living in a home that is dated for ages then the rusty pipe is an issue.

Second, due to rusty pipes, black water suddenly does not come out. In starting, lilted bit color of the water will change and slowly this process keep continues. At last, you will get the black color out of the faucet.

rusty old pipes


To solve this issue, you need to replace old rusty pipes with new ones. To change the pipeline, you need to break the floor and wall where the pipeline is installed.

This process is a little bit tricky. You need to take the help of a plumber. The plumber will check which part of the pipeline of causing the issue. Sometimes, you don’t need to change the whole pipeline, just change the affected part.

Calling a plumber and changing the pipeline is not a cheap solution. It will make a good impact on your pocket.

If you are sure that black water coming out of the tub faucet is only due to rusty pipes then only you should call a plumber. Before calling a plumber, you should check other solutions in this article. If anything, work for you, great, it will save money.

Water Softener Issue

People use a water softener to clean hard water. A water softener removes the hardness of the water and improves its quality of the water.

Hard water contains minerals that deposit around the faucet and create a thick layer. Hard water is not good for washing and cooking.

Water softener continuously does their work and like other kitchen appliances, they also need repairing and maintenance at a regular time period. A water softener uses carbon to clean water. With time, carbon particles stick with the pipeline and as a result, you will see black water coming out of the tub faucet.


The solution to water softener causing black water problem is not difficult. The water softener contains a cartridge that softens the water. You should replace that cartridge. You can replace the cartridge yourself. Check the water softener model and order the cartridge according to it.

water softener

Why Is Black Rusty Water Coming Out of The Tub Faucet?

Black rusty water is the result of reactions of minerals. In most cases, rusty water is not dangerous but you shouldn’t drink it. When you don’t use the tub faucet for a while and if the pipe is rusty from the inside then rust particles react with water and make it rusty too.

EPA has 2 main standards to filter out minerals from the water – primary and secondary standards.

In the primary standard, they find the percentage of lead and arsenic in the water. These minerals are harmful to drink. So, if EPA finds out that the quantity of these minerals is more than limited, they stop the supply of water.

In the secondary standard, iron and manganese are tested. These minerals are not dangerous for the human body but their excess causes rust particles in the water. Its presence increases the hardness of the water so you will need to use hard water kitchen fixtures.

Why Is Black Water Coming Out The Tub Faucet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Hire Plumber To Solve the Black Water Issue?

In most cases, you don’t need to hire a plumber. You can solve this problem by yourself. We have discussed all the possible solutions in this article and all are DIY.
By doing little plumbing work, you can solve this issue. Like, if the hot water line is causing a black water issue then you need to change the heater. So, you can do it yourself.

Is Black Water Harmful For Human Body?

The black water looks disgusting but it is not harmful to the body. You can use it to take bath and for other washing works. But on the safe side, if you are not in hurry then you should avoid black water.

Why Is My Bath Water Dark?

Minerals in the water cause dark water. Also, old pipelines, water heaters, and softeners cause dark water problems. Don’t be afraid of dark water. It is just a common problem that is encountered by many people. Using simple solutions that are mentioned in this article is enough to solve this problem.

Final words

When people see bursts of black water from the tub faucet, they get scared. But this is not a painful situation. In this article, we have explained why is black water coming out the tub faucet and also explained solutions for each reason. No one likes black water coming out of their faucet. Although black water is not dangerous crystal clear water is the choice of everyone.

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