No Water Coming Out of Faucet – How To Fix It?

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You turn on the faucet but no water coming out of faucet, what will you do? No water in the faucet is a frustrating situation. Especially, when you are in hurry to get ready to go to the office but no water in the bathroom tap makes you angry. But don’t worry, it is not hard to solve the issue.

From taking shower to washing dishes most work in the kitchen and bathroom depends on the water. This is not a common issue and it happens rarely. It is possible that you have never experienced this situation.

To start the water into the faucet, first, you need to find out, what are possible reasons for this problem. How you will fix it? In this post, we have mentioned all possible reasons for no water from the faucet. Check one by one and when you get the actual reason, apply its solution.

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Why Is No Water Coming Out of Faucet?

No Water Coming Out of Faucet

Check Other Faucets In The House

When you turn on the faucet but no water comes out, the first thing you should do is check other faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.

By checking other faucets, you get sure that no water problem is only with a single faucet or in the entire house. If the entire house is having no water issue then check the other below solutions.

If a single faucet has no water issue then it is time to repair or replace the sink faucet. If more than one pipe has this issue, maybe you need to call a plumber to quickly solve the problem.

Check Main Water Supply Line

If no water is coming out from all faucets in the house, it means the main water supply line is affected. Maybe you haven’t paid the water bill so the water supply company has cut your water connection. Very less chance of occurring this situation. If you are not leaving in the house for months then maybe this reason is valid.

Talk to your neighbors and ask them whether they are having the same no-water issue or not. If water is not coming out from their faucets it means there is a mistake with the water supply line of the city.

In this situation, you can do only one thing, call the water supply office and ask them when the water will come. Maybe any repairing work is going into your area so the water supply company has temporarily shut down the water supply or if the supply line is damaged, they will repair it.

Check Shutoff Valve

Check Shut off Valve

Nowadays in the house, most faucets are connected to the water supply through a shut-off valve. So, when you repair any faucet, you don’t need to turn off the water supply of the whole house. Maybe you have only a single shut-off valve for the whole house.

If water is not coming out from all faucets in the house, check the main shut-off valve. It is possible that someone has mistakenly closed this valve so the water supply of the house is stopped. To open the main valve rotate it counterclockwise. If it is stuck and not opening use a wrench.

If you have a separate shut-off valve for the faucet, you also need to check it. Maybe anyone else in the house has turned it off to do any plumbing work. If it is closed, open it so water comes out from the faucet.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

You only face this issue, if you leave in a cold area. Due to extremely cold weather, the temperature goes below 0-degree water inside pipes become frozen.

Due to frozen water, no space is left for unfrozen water to move toward the outside. In the cold region, this situation is common. If you ever face a frozen pipe issue best solution is to use any tool to melt the ice inside the pipe. You can use a hairdryer or heat gun for this process. People keep their faucets dripping to prevent freezing.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes prevent water flow from the faucet. The main reasons for clogged pipes are dirt, hard water buildups, rust, and debris. The pipe doesn’t clog suddenly. This process starts slowly.

Slowly sediments started collecting inside the pipe. Over time, it becomes hard and blocks the way of the water. In the starting, you will see a drop in the water pressure. People ignore this and end result is the pipe becomes clogged.

Clogged pipes are common in those areas where water is hard in nature. Hard water contains different minerals in excessive amounts. These minerals get stuck on the pipe surface.

If you are not sure whether pipes are clogged or not. Take the help of the plumber and they will inspect the pipe through a drain camera. It will confirm whether there is any clog or not. Use drain cleaner to clean all debris to remove clogs.

Leaky or Damaged Pipes

Leaky or Damaged Pipes

Leakage in the pipe is another reason for no water coming out of the faucet. Leakage slows down the water pressure and if leakage is big in the size, water stops coming out. Leakage not only affects water flow but also damages walls or floors in the house.

As soon as you find a leakage, you should repair it. Question is, how will you find leakage in the pipe? In most houses, pipes are hidden below the floor or in the wall. So, directly, you can’t detect leaks.

But when you see the kitchen and bathroom area where water is not coming out from the faucet, you will see seelan in the wall or floor. This is an easy way to detect leakage anywhere in the house. For a temporary fix, you may use Teflon tape to stop leakage but for a permanent solution change the pipeline.

Dislodged Washer

A faucet washer is used inside the handle to give proper sealing. It prevents leaking from the faucet. But over time, due to the use of the handle, the washer gets dislodged.

A dislodged washer doesn’t work properly and starts preventing the flow of the water. Also, sometimes it becomes the reason for a leaking faucet. If the washer is dislodged in a faucet, other faucets will work properly.

Change the washer of the faucet. For first, remove the handle of the faucet. If any screw is not visible on the handle, it is covered with a decorative cap. Remove the cap and then remove the screw and after it handles will come out. Remove the old dislodged washer and install a new one. Now check water will come out from the faucet and flow perfectly.

Check Water Filter

water filter

People use a water filter to remove impurities from the water. Most people connect the water filter under the sink to their kitchen sink faucet. In the water filter, there is a safety feature, when water pressure goes high, it shuts down automatically.

Go under the sink and check water filter is working or not. If there is a problem with the water purifier or filter, disconnect its pipe connection and connect the water line to the faucet directly. So, water starts in the faucet. Later, you can call a plumber to repair the water filter.

Clogged Aerator

clogged aerators

An aerator slows down the water flow through its holes so less water is used for everyday tasks. When debris is stuck into holes in the aerator water flow impacts. When whole holes are clogged, no water will come out when you turn on the faucet.

It has a simple solution. Remove the aerator by hand or using a screwdriver. Take a needle and clean all its holes. Also, you can submerge it in vinegar for hours. Clean it with water and reattach it.

Kink Supply Line

The faucet connects to the main water lines through thin supply lines. These supply lines are flexible so you can easily fit them under the sink. If these supply lines are bent or kinked, it will stop the water flow.

If you are using an older supply line, the chances of kink are high. Check the supply line properly and if you see any kink, try to remove it, or if can’t change the supply lines.

No Water Coming Out of the Hot Water Side of the Faucet

No Water Coming Out of Hot Water Side of Faucet

When you turn on the hot water valve to take bath but there is no water coming out from the hot side what will you do?

First, you need to check water heater is working properly or not. For hot water, we use a water heater in the bathroom. Check the power supply of the water heater, it should be on.

The water heater comes with a reset button. Push it to reset the original setting of the heater. Maybe anyone has changed its setting so the heater is not working. Still, the heater is not working maybe any other issue causing the problem in the heater. Take it to the expert for repair.

Final Words

These all are the main reason for no water coming out of faucet. If you try the given solution one by one, you can solve this issue. As you can see most solutions are not hard and a beginner can do them. For a few solutions, it would be better if you take the help of a plumber. When you see no water coming out of the kitchen or bathroom tap, don’t worry. Try our given solutions, water will be started flowing again.

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  1. Thank you.
    My outside water faucet no water coming out.
    I check the kitchen, wash basin, bathrooms, back yard faucets are all working.
    What can be the problem.

    1. Check the faucet pipe line maybe it is clogged due to dirt, rust, or buildup so water is not coming out.

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