How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet?

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During cooking and washing, one thing which we need most is a kitchen faucet. Is your kitchen faucet leaking or not working properly? You want to remove it but don’t know how to remove Grohe kitchen faucet. Don’t worry, here we are to help you.

Installing a new kitchen faucet or repairing an old one can breathe new life into your sink area. People often don’t think about the faucet till it doesn’t show any issue.

Removing a Grohe faucet is not much complicated as you thought. With the help of the right tools and planning, it becomes easy to remove the faucet in the kitchen sink.

How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet

It doesn’t matter which brand of faucets you are using, over time, even the best quality faucets start showing problems so you need to remove them. This step-by-step guide will explain the easy way to remove a Grohe kitchen faucet.

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Which Tools Do You Need To Remove Kitchen Faucet?

How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet?

Removing the Grohe kitchen faucet becomes easy if you follow all the below steps. While doing any plumbing work, you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

To remove the Grohe kitchen faucet, you need to go under the sink to remove the faucet and water pipeline connections. Here you need a flashlight so you can properly view it under the sink. Wear safety gloves so your hands are safe from any cuts or chemicals.

How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet

Step 1 – Turn off The Water Supply

For any plumbing work, the first step is to turn off the water supply. Here we are removing the Grohe kitchen faucet so you need to turn off the water supply to the faucet.

Like other faucets, Grohe also has a hot and cold-water line. Connection for these supply lines you can be found under the sink. Close both connections to turn off the water.

Sometimes, may be possible that under the sink there is no way to turn off the water. So, in this condition, find the main water supply line of the house and turn it off. It will turn off the water supply of the whole house.

turn off grohe kitchen faucet water

Step 2 – Remove the Remaining Water From the Faucet

After turning off the water lines, some amount of water remains in the faucet. This water causes a mess when we open the faucet parts to remove it.

Turn on the handle of the faucet for a few minutes. It will make the pipeline empty and all water comes out of the sink. When you leave the handle in the open position, the pressure inside the faucet also releases.

When you remove water supply tubes from shut-off valves, you should keep the bucket under the connection. When you unscrew tubes, you may listen to water dribbling out of the tubes. There should be some residual water left in the water supply pipes. The bucket will collect all water so you won’t slip on the floor.

remove water from faucet

Step 3 – Loosen the Faucet’s Nuts

Unscrew the nuts of the hot and cold water supply. You can use a wrench to hold shut-off valves so when you unscrew the nut, the shut-off valve won’t move.

Find all nuts that are used to make the faucet secure under the sink. use a basin wrench one by one loosens all nuts. Bains wrench fits easily in the small space so if between the wall and sink basin, there is a small space, the basin wrench is a good option.

Fit basin wrench on all nuts and turn it anticlockwise. When the nut is loosened enough, take out it with your hand.


These nuts remain in contact with water. So, it is common that some nuts to be covered with rust. Rust is developed between the thread of nuts and bolts. Whatever pressure you apply on the nut to open, it won’t be enough.

You need to use penetration oil to make these nuts loosen. Spray penetration oil on these nuts and leave them for around half an hour. Now again put a basin wrench on them to open them.

Step 4 – Disconnect Sprayer

Some Grohe faucet uses a sprayer hose. Before pulling out the faucet, you need to remove the sprayer hose. In most faucets, hoses typically have a quick-connect fitting.

Quick-connect fitting just needs a little snap to remove the sprayer. To loosen the sprayer hose, simply pinch the sprayer fitting.

Step 5 – Remove Mounting Nuts

Till now, we have removed the nut of the supply lines and sprayer. Now it comes to removing the mounting nuts of the faucet.

These mounting nuts hold the faucet to the sink. These nuts are easy enough to remove by hand. You need to move the nut in a counter-clockwise direction to remove it. If they are hard to move, use a basin wrench.

Step 6 – Pull Out the Faucet

Now all nuts are removed from under the sink. Now faucet is free to pull out. Wiggle out the Grohe kitchen faucet from the spout head.

To keep the faucet tight, in its position, people use a seal or gasket. Sometimes these seal or gasket becomes harder so apply as much force as is necessary to the pull-out fixture.

pull out grohe faucet

Step 7 – Clean Sink Area

Maybe you are removing the faucet the first time after installing it. When you remove the faucet in the apartment, you may see some gunk and residue behind it. Maybe residue cleans from the water but if not then use vinegar to clean it.

If there is hard water build-up then you need to use a vinegar and water combination. Take Luke’s warm water and vinegar in the same quantity. Now leave this mixture on the stain for 15 minutes. Then clean it with water. If still, you see stains repeat this process again till all stains are gone.

clean sink area after removing faucett
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Final words

So, this was the full process of how to remove Grohe kitchen faucet. All steps are simple so without taking the help of an expert, you can do it yourself. After removing the Grohe faucet, you can install a new faucet or install the same faucet after repair. A faucet is a common thing to use in the kitchen and calling a plumber to remove it every time is expensive. So, after reading this article, you can remove the Grohe faucet easily.

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