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Moen is a very famous faucet brand and, in many houses, you will find Moen faucets. Moen always comes with new technology and the design of the faucet. To give an elegant look to the faucet, nowadays Moen doesn’t use any screw on its handle. So, the faucet looks stylish.

After a few years of installation, some faucets face leakage issues. To fix the leak, you need to remove its handle so, you may replace its cartridge or clean the build-up inside the handle.

If the screw is visible, it becomes easy to remove the handle but how to remove Moen faucet handle without screws. To solve the low water pressure issue, and leakage issue you need to remove the handle. So, to solve your problem, here are step-by-step instructions to remove the Moen faucet handle with invisible screws.

Remove Moen Faucet Handle Without Screws

Why Do You Need To Remove Moen Faucet Handle?

Whether the faucet is in the kitchen or bathroom, it helps you a lot. Proper working faucets reduce the washing time. If the faucet is having any problem then you need to open it and for this, you need to remove its handle. Here are some common reasons to remove the Moen faucet handle.

Damaged Cartridge

Cartridge controls the flow of the water. The cartridge is placed inside the handle. So, when you move the handle, the cartridge also moves.

Over time, the cartridge is worn out and becomes useless. So, water starts leaking from the faucet. To stop leakage in the faucet, you need to replace its cartridge. To change the cartridge, removing the handle of the faucet is essential.

Stuck Handle

If you are among those people who don’t do much care of their faucet cleaning then there are high chances that after a few years you face a stuck faucet handle.

Like other kitchen appliances, the faucet also needs proper cleaning so it works for years without any issue.

Without cleaning, rust or corrosion and mineral deposit build up inside the handle and they resist the flow of the handle. So, the handle is stuck and can’t move fully.

How To Remove Moen Faucet Handle Without Screws?

If your Moen modern kitchen faucet with sprayer doesn’t have any screws and you are thinking, it is tough to remove the handle then you are wrong. We are sharing our personal experience with you to remove the screw-less Moen handle. It is a tested method and works on all Moen faucets.

remove moen faucet handle without screw

What Tools Do You Need?

Every plumbing work requires some tools. If you gather all these tools before starting the process, you can save lots of time. Most of these tools, you will find in your house, if not then buy it. Here is the tools list.

faucet removal tools
  1. Pliers
  2. Flat-head screwdriver
  3. Wrench
  4. Handle puller
  5. Cloth to cover sink
  6. White vinegar to clean cartridge

Step 1 – Cover The Sink Drain

Before starting the removal process of the Moen faucet handle, you should cover the sink drain. For this, you can use any cloth. This step is necessary to protect parts of the faucet from falling down in the sink drain.

Step 2 – Turn off Water Supply To the Faucet

Now come to under the sink and find the shut-off valve. Turn that valve so the water supply gets stopped for the faucet.

If there is no valve under the sink, turn off the main water valve of the house. This is a foremost step to avoid water messes in the kitchen.

Step 3 – Find Cap on The Handle

To make the faucet stylish, companies are covering screws on the handle with the cap. Look closely Moen faucet handle and you will find a cap. In most faucets, the cap is placed at the top of the handle.

Step 4 – Remove Cap

To remove the cap, you need to use a flat head screwdriver. Around the cap, you will see a little gap. You need to insert a screwdriver into that gap.

You need to do this work carefully because if the screwdriver slips, it will damage the finish of the Moen faucet. If you put more pressure on the cap, it may break. So, slowly insert a screwdriver into the gap and then gently put pressure to remove the cap. Once the cap is removed, you can clearly see screws.

Step 5 – Remove Screw

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws. If there is a set screw, use an Allen wrench. Make sure you are using the right size of wrench.

After removing the screw, it becomes easy to remove the Moen faucet handle. You need to pull the handle to remove it. If you haven’t opened the handle since the faucet installation, maybe it is stuck. In this situation, you can use a faucet handle puller.

So, now handle is removed, you can clean or replace the faucet cartridge inside it. If the cartridge is in the good condition then clean it with vinegar. If the cartridge is worn out then you need to replace the cartridge.

Also, if there is mineral build-up inside the handle, use vinegar to clean it. Don’t use WD 40 spray over the faucet. It will damage the faucet’s body. This process is helpful for Moen pull-out faucets, Moen pull-down faucets, touchless faucets, and all other faucets.

Thinking To Buy New Faucet, Check This

moen adler faucet

How To Remove Moen Double Handle Faucet Without Screws?

moen double handle faucet remove without screws
  • Like any other plumbing work, first, you need to turn off the water supply to the faucet.
  • Now open the faucet handle so all remaining water drains out from the faucet.
  • Hold the handle and rotate the base of the handle in the counterclockwise direction.
  • Now the hidden screws will be visible.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove those screws.
  • Once screws are removed, you can replace the cartridge or clean the handle.

Final Words

Now you know that it is not as difficult as you think. This is an easy task and by using the right tools, you can remove the handle quickly. If you haven’t done the faucet handle removing task earlier, you may find the defunct it. But now with our simple step-by-step guide, you know the whole process of removing Moen faucet handle without screws. After removing the handle, you can clean it and fix any problem with the faucet. If you like the article helpful, share it with your friends.

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