How To Replace Kitchen Faucet?

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Want to replace the old faucet of your kitchen with the new one, but do not know how to do it from start, what tools are needed, and what is the process of replacing the kitchen faucet? No problem, in how to replace kitchen faucet article we are answering all your questions about replacing a kitchen faucet in detail so that you can easily replace a faucet in your kitchen without the help of any plumber.

After reading the article you can replace a kitchen sink faucet in less than one hour and save the money that you spend on a plumber. This is a DIY faucet replacement process that you can do without taking the help of any other person.

How to replace single handle kitchen faucet, how to replace double handle kitchen faucet, and how to replace a kitchen faucet with a sprayer all questions are covered in this guide.

How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet?

There can be many reasons for changing the faucet such as any part of the faucet being broken, there is a leakage problem in the faucet that is not correct even after correcting several times, and the water pressure in the faucet being reduced, or some other reason.

To complete the kitchen faucet replacement process, you will need some common tools. With the help of these tools, one can easily replace a kitchen faucet. Let’s start kitchen faucet replacement.

To explain the process of kitchen faucet replacement we have divided the process of “how to replace kitchen faucet” into two parts.

  • The first part is – Remove the old kitchen faucet (Steps 1 – 7)
  • Second part – Install the new kitchen faucet (Steps 8 – 16)

Follow all the steps mentioned below with the serial and replace a kitchen faucet easily. We have tried our best to make all the steps simple so you don’t get much difficulty in thinking about how to replace a kitchen faucet.

how to replace kitchen faucet

Part 1 – How To Remove Old Kitchen Faucet

Step 1 – Tools Needed To Replace Kitchen Faucet

If you have not yet purchased a new kitchen faucet, then we have a good collection of kitchen faucets you should see our touchless kitchen faucet review guide for better suggestions.

Here is the list of common tools that you need to replace a kitchen faucet. Maybe you need a special tool, if it is something like this, it will be mentioned on the faucet box. So read the instruction guide carefully that came with the faucet so that you do not have to face any problems while replacing the kitchen faucet.

faucet replacement tools
  1. Screwdriver
  2. Adjustable Wrench
  3. Grip Pliers
  4. Towles
  5. Shallow pan
  6. Flashlight
  7. Hammer
  8. Handsaw
  9. Slip Joint Pliers

The use of towels will be used to absorb and clean the water coming out of the faucet. Pan will be used to fill the remaining water so the surface remains clean.

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Step 2 – Start the Process of Removing the Old Kitchen Faucet

Before starting the process of kitchen faucet replacement, you should clean everything around and below the faucet and sink. It is possible that the dirt has stuck to the faucet, due to which there will be problems in cleaning the faucet, for this we also have a solution read this how-to clean sink and faucet.

remove old kitchen faucet

Step 3 – Turn Off the Electric Supply to The Faucet

If your old faucet is connected to a power supply then turn off the power supply to the faucet before starting the kitchen sink faucet replacement process.

Restart the power when the faucet starts working completely and there is no leakage in it. It would be good if you wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any type of falling debris.

faucet power supply

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Step 4 – Turn off valves

The sink faucet will have a supply line of hot and cold water. You must find on and off valves of these supply lines and close them.

Rotate them in clockwise directions to close the valves. It may be closed once it is rotated or it can be closed after several rounds, depending on the type of valve.

In some households there is no option to stop the supply of water in the kitchen, if you have this in your kitchen too, then you will have to stop supplying the main pipeline of the house.

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Many times, the valves get jammed due to not touching for a long time, for this you can use the pillar so that the grip becomes good and you can apply more force.

turn off faucet valve

Step 5 – Disconnect Hot and Cold Water Supply

Now disconnect the hot and cold water supply from the faucet. The threaded nut is used to connect the supply line, you can take the help of an adjustable wrench to remove the nut. Move the nut counterclockwise to open.

At this point, you need a pan. Keep the pan below the pipeline connection so that when you remove the nut so the remaining water gets collected in the pan.

Open the faucet handle so that the remaining water and pressure will be released by the pipeline. Keep a towel in your hand and clean the water spreading from the side.

hot and cold water line for kitchen faucet replacement

Step 6 – Remove Side Spray

If you have a side sprayer attached to the faucet, then you will also have to open it if the side sprayer and faucet pipe are connected.

If the supply line is different and you want to use the side sprayer with the new faucet, do not open its connection and if you do not want to use the side sprayer with the new faucet then open its connection. Use a basin wrench to remove the nut of the diverter.

There may be less space under the sink, and due to this there may be a problem in working there, but if you use the right tools, the work will become easier. Use a wrench to open the nut under the sink. The wrench that has the teeth shape grip makes a better grip on the nut under the sink.

Step 7 – Remove Old Kitchen Faucet

Now the last step of the first part of how to replace the kitchen faucet. Remove the spray hose for this you need to loosen it from underneath and disconnect it from the center sink pipe.

To open the old faucet, you need to remove all the connected mounting hardware of the faucet. For single-handle faucets, cold and hot water pipelines are connected at the same place whereas, in double-handle faucets, hot and cold water pipelines have separate connections.

If you are feeling any difficulty opening any nut then use penetrating oil to loosen the nut. When all nuts are opened then pull off the faucet from the sink.

remove old kitchen faucet

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Part 2 – How To Install a New Kitchen Faucet

Step 8 – Clean The Area

Clean the sink and countertop thoroughly with a cleaning agent before installing the new faucet. If there is any kind of rust or building upon the mouth of the pipe, clean it also.

clean sink area

Step 9 – Make a Hole If Needed

This step is for people who have differences in new and old faucet holes. If you have 3 holes in your sink then you can easily install any type of kitchen faucet with single and double handles.

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But if there is only one hole in the sink and you need more than one hole for the new faucet, then you have to do extra holes. If you want to install a soap dispenser, then you will also have to do a hole, if not already.

Step 10 – Read Instruction Guide

To install a new faucet, you should read the instruction manual that comes with the faucet box. Read the instructions manual carefully in detail. Before starting the installation of the new faucet collects all the tools that are mentioned in the manual.

Step 11 – Deck Plate

A deck plate is needed if you have a three-hole sink and you are installing a single-hole faucet. The single handle faucet only needs a hole and the remaining two holes are wasted. The deck plate is useful at that time.

The deck plate covers the extra hole in the sink. Uncover holes look ugly.

For a three-hole faucet, you don’t need a deck plate. Almost all faucet comes with a deck plate but a few manufacturers to save money don’t give a deck plate with a faucet. So before buying a faucet check whether it needed a deck plate or not and whether the faucet has a deck plate or not.

kitchen faucet deck plate

Step 12 – Tighten The Faucet

Now place the deck plate on top of the hole and place the faucet on it. Now tighten the screw at the bottom of the sink so that the faucet will not move in the process after installation and you will not have any problem.

Before tightening the kitchen faucet completely, make sure that the faucet is placed at the right angle.

kitchen sink faucet replace

Step 13 – Connect Pipes to Faucet

In some faucets, hot and cold water lines are part of the faucet assembly but in some faucets, these lines are an inbuilt feature of the faucet.

Few faucets come with the PECS tubing that works for the hot and cold water lines of the faucet. PECS tubing makes installation easy.

Few companies to save money don’t give any type of pipe with the faucet instead of pipe they give threaded nuts. You need to buy supply lines for cold and hot water and need to connect these lines to the threaded nut. For leak-free performance use Teflon tape on the threaded nut.

kitchen faucet replace

Step 14 – Connect The Hot and Cold Water Lines

Connect hot and cold water pipelines to the hot and cold water valves. Use Teflon tape for no leakage problem. You can use old pipes for connections but maybe their lengths are not suitable for the new faucet so it would be great if you use new pipes that come with faucets.

how to replace a kitchen faucet

Step 15 – Check Leakage

Now turn on the valve of hot and cold water and check if any part of the faucet is leaking or not. If you found that any part is leaking then turn off the water supply and open the nut and add more layer of Teflon tape on it and again tighten it.

Again check and when the faucet works without any leakage then you are ready to use the new faucet. It would be a good idea if you turn on the faucet handle for a few minutes so all the debris inside the faucet will come out and you get clean water.

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Step 16 – Connect Electrical Box For Touchless Faucet

This additional step is for those who are installing touchless faucets. The touchless faucet works on the sensor and the sensor operates through the electric box. So you need to place an electric box under the sink.

In the instructions manual, you get detailed information that how to connect the faucet to the electric box.

touchless kitchen faucet replace

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Kitchen Faucet?

The cost of replacing a kitchen faucet depends on 2 things the New faucet price and plumber fees.

It depends on you how much you want to spend on a new faucet. The price of a good quality faucet starts from $100 and goes to around $500. so you can choose faucets according to your budget. For inexpensive kitchen faucets, check these cheap kitchen faucets.

Next plumber fees. In most cities, plumber fees are around $100 to $150. This is the minimal cost so according to your city plumber fees maybe increase. You can save the plumber fees if you have a little bit of knowledge of installing a faucet. Every faucet comes with an installation guide to help you with the installation.

So if you pick a faucet for $100 then the overall cost of faucet replacement is equal to around $200-$250.

How To Replace Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Moen faucets are easy to install. Moen faucets make cleaning dishes a whole lot easier. Here is the process of replacing the Moen kitchen faucet.

Before starting, you should make sure that you have the right tools to replace a kitchen faucet. You may need a Phillips head screwdriver, adjustable wrenches, pipe, tape, a flashlight, safety glasses, and a plumber’s putty.

Now relieve any pressure from the old faucet. Next, disconnect the supply lines of the faucet from the shut-off valves. For the old faucet, you can disconnect the mounting from the deck.

After removing the old faucet clean the kitchen sink and countertop and make sure that the sink area is dry and free from any debris.

Now to replace a kitchen faucet with a new Moen kitchen faucet first, you need to assemble the mounting washer to the new Moen faucet. Put supply lines from the sinkhole.

Now connect supply lines to the faucet and put the faucet on the deck. Connect the hose washer to the mounting of the faucet. Now insert the hose through the spout of the faucet. Attach the other end of the faucet and turn off the water supply to the faucet. Now you are ready to use the kitchen faucet.

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Tips For Replacing a Kitchen Faucet

Here are some tips which you should follow while replacing an old kitchen faucet.

  • First, take a measurement of the old kitchen faucet. If you have a single hole in the sink then you should go with a single-hole faucet. If you choose a double-hole faucet then you need to do extra holes in the sink, which increases replacement work.
  • Replace the kitchen faucet with the same brand of faucet so you don’t need to do much work for installation. Old pipelines of Delta faucets can be used for new Delta faucets.
  • If you are using a centerset or widespread faucet then at the time of replacement of this faucet, you need to take a measurement of the gap between holes and buy a new faucet according to the gap between holes. The wrong measurement will lead you to the wrong selection of the faucet.
  • If you have 3 holes in the sink and you are installing a single-hole faucet then use a deck plate to cover extra holes.

How To Replace a Kitchen Sink Faucet Videos?

FAQ About Kitchen Faucet Replacement

Is It Hard To Replace a Kitchen Faucet?

Replacing the faucet is not a difficult task, but some people do not know how to replicate the faucet. They start changing the faucet without any guide, due to which they have to face many problems.
If you change the faucet by going to a guide, then you will be able to change any faucet easily. Our guide explains in detail the process of replacing the faucet. With the faucet box, you get an instruction manual guide which also helps to replace the old kitchen faucet with a new one.
Removing old faucets may be a difficult task for some people, but using the right tools and techniques can make this task easier.

Can You Replace The Kitchen Faucet Yourself?

Yes, you can. Replacing a kitchen faucet is not a difficult task. Nowadays faucets are coming with easy-to-connect technology. Now, fewer tools are needed to install a faucet.

When Should I Replace My Kitchen Faucet?

It completely depends on when you want to replace a kitchen faucet. If the faucet is working properly then you do not need to change it, provided you are renovating the kitchen.
If there is any problem with the faucet, then try to correct it by yourself or with the help of the plumber, this will save you money that you would have spent on buying the new faucet.

How Much Does a Plumber Charge To Change a Faucet?

Most plumber charges $100-$150 to remove the old faucet and install a new faucet. This installation charge can be varied according to your city.

Do You Need a Plumber To Install a Kitchen Faucet?

It totally depends on you. Nowadays faucets have a DIY installation process so it becomes easy to install faucets in the kitchen sink. Some people don’t want to do any work, so they hire a plumber to install a kitchen faucet. The plumber does all the work smoothly and with the finish.

Final words

In the How to replace kitchen faucet guide we have covered all the steps that are needed to replace an old kitchen faucet with a new one. We first tried all the steps mentioned in this guide, so that we can be sure that all the steps are working properly and that the readers have no problem following them. If you face any difficulty replacing the faucet then ask in the comment section our team definitely will try to solve your problem.

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