16 Different Types of Kitchen Faucets You Should Know

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Do you know how many types of kitchen faucets are available in the market? Every faucet type has its benefit. If you buy a kitchen faucet according to your daily washing requirements in the kitchen then it becomes super easy to complete washing tasks quickly. This guide will give you a detailed overview of different types of kitchen sink faucets.

People get confused about different kitchen faucet styles. Different types of designs and styles are available for kitchen sink faucets. The faucet’s design enhances the beauty of the kitchen interior. The right kitchen faucet provides you with a better experience for cooking and washing.

People who spend much time in the kitchen know that the kitchen sink is that area that is always busy before, after, and middle of the cooking. From filling pots to cleaning dishes, everyone needs the best kitchen faucet. So, your faucet along with looking great needs to fit with every function you need.


From design to feature, every kitchen tap is unique. After reading this article, you will get to know from all available kitchen fixture types in the market which one is the right pick for you.

Types Of Kitchen Faucets According To Technology

The kitchen faucet is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. With time, faucets are becoming futuristic. Manufacturers are putting all their efforts to make kitchen taps more technology-friendly. Motion sensors are coming inside the faucet body so without touching the faucet, you can use it. For hygienic life, these faucets are a top priority for many users.

Voice Control Kitchen Faucet


The voice control option is the most advanced technology being used in the kitchen faucet. These faucets are a perfect example of the best hands-free faucets.

Through voice, you can control these kitchen fixtures. This technology keeps the faucet germ-free. The best thing about this technology is that into the kitchen from any place, you can easily operate the kitchen faucet with voice commands.

Let’s think about this situation.

If the pot is being filled from the faucet and you are cooking so without leaving your place, you can turn off the faucet water by just using your voice.

Because this is the latest technology, the price of a kitchen faucet with a voice control option is high and not on the budget of many people. If your kitchen is small and you don’t have heavy work in the kitchen then these faucets are not the right pick for you.

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Touchless Kitchen Faucet

For dream kitchens, touchless taps are the first choice of many people because they are not much expensive as voice control faucets. The touchless kitchen tap works on the motion of the hand.

Without touching any part of the faucet, you can control the water flow of the faucet. It works on the sensor that is fitted to the body of the kitchen tap. Sensor becomes activated when they detect hand or pot movement around them.

These kitchen fixtures are also hygienic like voice control kitchen fixtures. Most of us have seen these types of faucets in the public bathroom, so we don’t need to touch those dirty faucets to activate water flow.

These types of kitchen faucets are perfect solutions in those situations where your hands are dirty or you are in the middle of the kitchen work and want to use the faucet. So, without making the faucet dirty, you can easily use it by waving your hand. For a better understanding read our detailed article about the best touchless kitchen faucet to buy.

For children and elderly people, touchless kitchen taps are a perfect choice.

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Touch On Kitchen Faucet

This type of kitchen faucet also works on a motion sensor but you need to touch it to activate water.

Good thing is that you don’t need to touch the handle, any part of the faucet can be touched by any body part. Let me explain, to turn off the water from touching kitchen fixtures, you can touch your elbow to the faucet arc.

Motion sensor faucets are always helpful when your hands are messy.

Whereas in the touchless faucet, motion sensors are placed at the top or bottom of the faucet’s body, in touch on the faucet whole body works as a motion sensor. Touch on kitchen fixtures has advantages as it prevents spreading of the bacteria and is convenient in use. These types of kitchen fixtures also save water.

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Types Of Kitchen Faucets According To Handle

The handle is the most basic part of the kitchen faucet. It helps you to control the temperature and water pressure of the faucet. For kitchen taps, single and double handle designs are available.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

These types of kitchen fixtures are the most common type you see in almost all kitchens. Single-handle kitchen faucets are widely used in kitchens. As the name suggests, this kitchen tap has only one handle to control water flow and temperature.

These faucets take up less space in the kitchen. They are slim and easily get installed in the kitchen sink.

From high to low, in all price ranges, single-handle kitchen fixtures are available. Single-handle faucet has high demand in the market.

When you pull the handle in the up or down position, the water turn on or off. To change the temperature, move the handle in the right or left direction. Another name for a single-handle kitchen faucet is a gooseneck kitchen faucet.

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Double Handle Kitchen Faucet

If you are getting a problem with maintaining temperature in a single-handle faucet then a double handle kitchen faucet is the solution for your problem.

For hot and cold water, it has separate handles. Due to separate control of hot and cold water, it works perfectly in the kitchen sink. For these faucets, you need 2 holes for installation.

The double-handle kitchen fixture looks like a traditional faucet. The spout is placed at the center and handles are placed on both sides of the spout. It is available in different finishes.

Due to separate handles, it becomes easy to control the temperature of the water. Most double-handle kitchen taps come with red (shows hot water) and blue marks (shows cold water) on the handle.

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Types Of Kitchen Faucets According To Installation

Installation of kitchen faucets is important. Many faucets come with a DIY installation process but some faucets need special care at the time of installation. DIY installation saves money.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

A wall mount kitchen faucet is a good option if you have a small kitchen. These types of faucets are installed on the wall. Wall mount faucets give optimal space in the kitchen sink.

The best thing about a wall mount kitchen tap is that taps never get in your way while washing dishes. You get enough room under the tap. When you install a faucet on the wall, it keeps the kitchen sink clean and clutter-free.

There is a disadvantage with wall mount kitchen fixtures is their installation. You need to do extra care while installing. The pipe needs to fit inside the wall so it would be better if you take the help of an expert plumber.

If you don’t measure the proper distance of the wall from the kitchen sink then there are chances of splashes on the countertop. Match the center of the sink with the faucet to avoid any splashes and get a perfect washing experience.

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Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet

Most kitchen faucets are installed on the deck. Deck mount installation is also known as countertop installation. These types of kitchen taps are easy to install. If you don’t know about faucet installation still by reading the installation guide, you can install these faucets.

In this kitchen faucet, if the handle moves forward and backward direction then at the time of installation leave a gap behind the faucet so the handle can move smoothly without any hindrance.

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Types Of Kitchen Faucets According To Holes

Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

Most commonly used faucets in the kitchen. Its name suggests that it needs a single hole for installation so you need only one hole in the countertop for installation. In a single-hole kitchen fixture, you get a spout with a single handle.

Choose a single-hole kitchen tap with a high curved neck design so you get better water flow. In a single-hole faucet, you get various design options like pull-down, pull-out, touchless, touch-on, and voice control faucet.

To set water pressure in these faucets, you can use a faucet aerator. Most single-hole kitchen faucet comes with a pre-installed faucet aerator.

If your sink has 3 holes still you can install single-hole kitchen fixtures in the sink. Use a deck plate to cover extra holes in the sink. Choose a high arc for a single-hole kitchen tap, so you get more room in the kitchen sink.

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Double Hole Kitchen Faucet

These types of kitchen fixtures are not widely used in the kitchen. They are small in size and need more space for installation.

All these faucets come with a double handle. They don’t have a high arc so you get less space in the kitchen sink for washing. In these faucets, a plate connects both the handle and spout.

Before buying a double-hole faucet, you should measure the gap between holes in your kitchen sink. The mismatch gap will need more time for installation. Double hole kitchen taps are known as traditional taps.

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Types of Kitchen Faucets According To Pull Option

These types of faucets for kitchen sinks are the latest trend in the faucet industry. They are convenient to use and reach the whole area of the sink. Their flexible neck easily rotates 360 degrees.

Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

At the current time, the pull-down kitchen faucet is one of the most popular faucets. Its elegant gooseneck spout is quite impressive and helps to spray water into every corner of the sink. It becomes helpful when you need to fill hard-to-maneuver pots.

Their water pressure is always high so it easily cleans a big pile of dishes and pots. The spray head stays in its actual position due to magnetic docking.

Its spray wand directly moves down to the sink. It cleans up the messy sink. Pull down kitchen tap has a typically high-arc spout. Different spray patterns give an aesthetically pleasing experience while washing. Want to buy a pull-down kitchen faucet, check this list of the best pull-down kitchen faucet to buy.

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Pull-out/Pre-rinse Kitchen Faucet

Don’t be confused with pull-down faucets and pull-out faucets. In a pull-out faucet, the spray head comes toward you instead of going down, and also, they are smaller in size, in comparison to a pull-down faucet.

Like pull-down, this tap spout head can be detached from the faucet and so it can be used to twist and bend in any direction. They are small in size, so you can install them below the cabinet also.

The pull-out spout head is very useful and comfortably reaches any angle you want. It easily gets closer to dishes so you can clean them with good water pressure. Pull-out kitchen taps have a single handle and single hole design and take less time to installation.

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Wide Types Of Kitchen Faucets

Widespread Kitchen Faucet

The widespread kitchen faucet is similar to a double-hole faucet. In widespread faucets, all parts are individual that need separate installation. The gap between parts may vary and it would be like 6-16 inches. So, you can adjust the gap according to your sink size.

Widespread faucets have a small arc size so you can use a side sprayer with it for convenient washing. Separate handle for hot and cold water. All parts are individual so you can use a deck plate so that after the installation faucet looks better.

The best thing about a widespread faucet is that you can fully customize its installation. You can set distance among all parts to give a better look to the faucet.

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Centerset Kitchen Faucet

Centerset kitchen faucets are a slight variant of widespread kitchen faucets. In the centerset faucet, all parts are connected so you can adjust the gap between them. The Centerset faucet is also known as a dual handle faucet.

Like widespread kitchen taps, centerset kitchen tap also needs multiple holes for installation. A separate handle for hot and cold water makes kids safe from accidental burning from hot water.

In earlier days, centerset faucets were in demand. As the size of the kitchen got smaller, these taps went out of fashion but still, people are using these types of faucets to give a unique look to the kitchen.

People get confused between centerset and widespread faucets because both look similar.

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Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Bridge kitchen faucet is a mixer of widespread and centerset kitchen faucets. Bridge faucets need 2 or 3 holes for installation according to design. This type of kitchen faucet gives an old vintage look to the kitchen.

In the centerset kitchen fixture, all parts are connected at the base but in the bridge kitchen fixture, all parts are connected at some height from the base so it looks like parts are connected through a bridge.

It comes with a double handle to control hot and cold-water flow. Also, some bridge faucet comes with a separate sprayer. Installation of the bridge faucet is not hard.

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Other Types of Kitchen Faucet

Apart from the above-listed kitchen faucet types, there are various other types of kitchen faucets are available in the market which we are going to cover in this part of the article.

Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Pot filler faucets are specially used in the commercial kitchen. Pot filler faucets are installed on the wall and used to fill pots and other big-size utensils. They are also known as pasta faucets.

It has a long and thin spout that is designed to move in any direction. You can fill pots on the stove through its long spout. Pot filler kitchen taps are designed to deliver high-volume water within minutes.

They are designed for commercial use but for washing these kitchen faucet types are not good. Also, to install a pot filler tap, you need to take the help of a plumber. Mostly pot filler faucets pour only cold water. You don’t need to carry large pans and pots to the sink, pot fillers directly fill them on the stove.

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Side Spray Kitchen Faucet

A side spray kitchen faucet is ideal in those conditions where the main kitchen faucet doesn’t have a movable spout so you can’t cover the whole area. This is more flexible and easily fits into the hand.

The side spray tap works as a pull-out tap. When you pull out the sprayer, normal water from the spout will be stopped, it saves water. It uses the same water line which goes to the main faucet. It requires a separate hole for installation.

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What are The Two Main Types of Faucets?

Pull down and pull out are 2 main types of kitchen faucets. Most kitchen faucets come under these 2 categories. They are convenient and give high water pressure. These types of kitchen faucets are available in the market in many configurations.

What Is The Best Type of Kitchen Tap?

A touchless faucet is the best type of kitchen tap. It is germ-free and easy to use. Its motion sensors turn on or off the water. These taps are examples of leading-edge technology. If you are being stuck with a dirty hand then just a wave of the hand activates water flow and after a certain time, period water will be stopped.

Final Words

So, these all are different types of kitchen faucets. Now you know kitchen faucet types and their use so you can decide which faucet is right for you. Every faucet is built for different purposes pot filler is used to fill pots not to clean dishes. First, know your requirements and then pick the right kitchen faucet for you.

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