How To Take Off Brita Filter From Faucet?

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A Brita faucet water filter gives clean water without any impurities direct from the sink faucet. People use faucet filters for a healthy life.

The Brita filter is really convenient to use and compared to other water iterations it is cheap. It is small in the size and easily fits on the faucet. When you open the tap, water passes through the filter and filtered water comes out.

But the faucet filter doesn’t have a long life. So, after a few months, you need to change its filter. This guide shows how to take off Brita filter from faucet to change the filter or replace it.

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Does Brita Filter Fit all Faucets?

Brita faucet filter

Brita faucet filter is NSF 53 certified to reduce lead and other bad containments from the water. With Brita filter, you get an instruction manual that helps you to install it on the faucet.

Brita faucet filter is not compatible with pull-down and pull-out faucets. Brita filter fits only on those faucets whose spray heads don’t come out.

With the Brita filter, you get a set of adapters. On the Brita filter, there is a turnstile knob on the side of the filter. When this knob is in the up position, water will pass through the filter.

Sometimes, you don’t want filtered water, so turn the knob in the left direction. This step will bypass the filter and water comes out without going into the filter.

When you install the Brita filter, make sure you run the cold water from the filter for around 5 minutes. It will completely flush out the filter. In the starting, the taste of filtered water is not good. So, it is advised to flush out water.

Don’t run hot water through the filter. Hot water will damage the parts of the Brita filter. Sometimes, it is ok to run hot water. But if you run hot water the whole day from the filter, its filter screen gets damaged.

How To Take Off Brita Filter From Faucet?

How To Take Off Brita Filter From Faucet

If you are using a Brita filter, to clean or change the filter, you need to take off the filter from the faucet. With the filter, you get clear instructions on how to take off the filter.

But people don’t keep that instruction in a safe place and after a few days of the installation, instruction paper is lost in the house.

Don’t worry, taking off a Brita filter is not a big task.

To take off the Brita faucet filter, first, you remove its screw. Use a screwdriver and loosen its screw. Now twist the filter to remove it. Simply twist or click the Brita filter from the filter housing and dispose of as appropriate. Pull the filter outside and it will be taken off easily.

How Do You Clean a Brita Faucet?

With time, Brita’s filter body starts to pick up dust or sediment. So, the water flow of the filter decreases.

To clean the Brita filter, use warm and soapy water. When the filter stops working, you need to replace them.

After cleaning, to install a Brita filter, take off the lower portion of the faucet. In most popular faucets, they can easily remove by hand. If it is stuck, use the Channellock plier.

Before using a plier, wrap that part with a tap to avoid damage to the finish. The wrap will give grip to the plier.

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Brita filter fits with a screw on the faucet. You can use the adapter for the screw. When you install the Brita filter on the faucet, use a rubber washer to avoid any leak in the feature.

Once tightened go a quarter turn past to ensure proper fitting of the filter. Not to overtighten it with a plier otherwise filter may be damaged.

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What Is The Light Indicator on Brita Filter?

On the Brita filter, there is a light indicator. This indicator shows the condition of the filter. In the starting, the light will be solid green.

When the filter completes its third quarter of life, its light color changes.

When its light color changes to red, it means the Brita filter can filter only 20 gallons of water. It is a clear indication that you should change the tap filter as soon as possible.

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brita faucet filter

Brita Faucet Water Filter System

Attaches to your standard faucet, great-tasting water, space-efficient design, 3 convenient spray options for everyday needs

Why Is Brita Faucet’s Water Flow Slow?

brita filter

For a slow water flow from the Brita filter, there might be a couple of reasons. Maybe the water pressure in the house is low or water quality is significantly poor in your area.

Due to bad water quality, filter cartridges will fill with impurities at a much faster rate. Water doesn’t get much space to flow through the filter and its flow goes slow. If you are getting slow water, means it’s time to change the filter.

If you have recently changed the filter or installed a new filter and still getting low water flow, means there is an issue with water pressure in your region. If the water flow is less than 30PSI then your water filter will struggle to give the right water flow.

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