PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Review

With a PUR faucet water filter, you directly get clean water through your kitchen sink faucet. PUR has a good reputation when it comes to any type of water filter. By using a water filter for the faucet, you secure your family from harmful diseases and also save the environment by reducing the use of bottled water. This PUR advanced faucet water filter review guide is all about PUR FM-3700 advanced water filter.

Its installation doesn’t require any plumbing knowledge and also without using any tool, the PUR faucet water filter can be installed within a few seconds.

Compare to other faucet water filters, the PUR faucet filter is lightweight. Its affordable price is good for those people who have a tight budget and can’t spend hundreds of bucks on a water filter system.

pur advanced water filter review

Along with clean water taste of water should be tasty. PUR water filter for faucet uses good quality material to clean water so its filtered water smell like freshwater. Let’s see whether PUR advanced faucet water filter is good for you or not.

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Specifications

Filter Capacity100 Gallons
MaterialStainless Steel and Plastic
Item Dimensions3.2 x 7.3 x 7.7 inches
Weight1.15 Pounds
Installation ProcessDIY
Warranty2 Years
NSF CertifiedYes
Filter Change IndicatorYes

Overview of PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter

PUR FM-3700 advanced faucet water filter is available in chrome finish. It has a small LED light indicator that shows the life of the cartridge. The cartridge needs to be changed when it filtered one hundred gallons of water. Space-saving design looks beautiful in the kitchen.

PUR faucet filter is certified to reduce the quantity of lead from the water in comparison to the Brita faucet water filter. The best part is that it uses activated carbon and ion exchange to filter water.

For the refreshing taste of water, it uses a mineral clear core. It is an NSF-certified faucet water filter.

pur advanced water filter review

What is in The Box of PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter?

The amount of water cleaned by the one cartridge of the PUR FM-3700 water filter is equivalent to 750 bottled water. Filter helps to keep the earth and ocean free from plastic. The weight of this filter is 1.15 pounds. Plastic and steel materials both used to build the body of the PUR filter.

In the PUR water filter box, you get the following things

  • PUR vertical faucet mount
  • Filter casting
  • 1-filter
  • installation instruction guide
  • Adapter

How to Install PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter?

Installation of PUR advanced faucet water filter is a few minutes of work.

Your faucet may have internal threads or external threads. For which thread this filter is built let’s see.

An instruction guide comes with PUR advanced faucet water filter, to make installation easy you need to follow the instruction guide. In the instruction guide, it is clearly written that for the outside thread, you don’t need any adapter.

For the inside thread, you need an adapter with a gasket. Inside the box, you get adapters for the inside thread faucet. Now the installation of the PUR advanced faucet filter is started from here.

install pur water filter

There are totally 5 steps that you need to follow.

  • Step 1 – First, you need to take off the strain of the kitchen faucet. Now pull out the O-ring from the faucet.
  • Step 2 – In this step, you need from the adapter pack, you need to find out correct adapter for your faucet. Fit adapter into the faucet. The adapter has 2 slots so you need to fit its quarter portion into those slots. Tight it properly so no water leakage problem you face in the future.
  • Step 3 – Now fit the filter base to the faucet. If you move the filter base on the left side it becomes loose and on the right side, it becomes tight. Rotate the filter until it’s snug. Without using pliers, you can do it with your hands.
  • Step 4 – In this step, you need to insert a filter cartridge. You need to support the cartridge from underneath because it pops straight down. Move it cartridge into the filter until you hear the click sound.
  • Step 5 – In the last step, you need to flush the dirty water from the filter. Use cold water for the filter so the filter will work for years. Turn on the faucet for 5 minutes so any dust or carbon in the faucet will come out.

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PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Features


Generally, a faucet water filter is built with plastic material. Plastic is a flexible material but its life is not long. PUR water filter for the faucet is built with a combination of plastic and stainless steel.

In the plastic faucet water filter with time, you will see small cracks. This crack will reduce the life of the filter and also water comes out from the crack and splashes over the countertop.

PUR advanced water filter for faucets is durable due to its stainless body. For years, you don’t need to change the filter of the faucet. Also, stainless steel is a rust-free material.

Compatibility With Faucet

The water filter is not compatible with all types of kitchen faucets. Generally, the faucet water filter doesn’t fit well with a pull-down kitchen faucet, spray type faucet, or touch sensor faucet.

On the description page of the faucet filter, there is clearly written which faucets are not suitable for this PUR faucet water filter. So before spending money on a PUR water filter, it would be good if you check whether the filter will work with your faucet or not.


This PUR advanced faucet water filter has a chrome finish. It comes with a spot-resistance finish. The finish quality is good so a year’s water filter looks new. Due to spot resistance finish, if you clean it regularly then any types of spots are not built on it and it shines like a new filter for a long time.

Light Sensor

PUR advanced faucet filter has 3 different light colors to show the life of the cartridge. This light works as a replacement indicator for the filter cartridge.

When you install the filter, at first you see the green light. This solid green light indicates that the filter is in good condition. A filter cleans 100 gallons of water and when only 20 gallons of filtration are left the light turns red. Red light indicates that it’s time to change the cartridge of the filter so the filter works perfectly.

pur davanced water filter sensor

Maintenance Cost

In PUR advanced faucet water filter maintenance cost depends on the life of the cartridge. If cartridge life is long then you don’t need to change it often and it saves money.

The cartridge of the PUR faucet water filter works for 4 months or cleans 100 gallons of water. For a big size family, 4 months are not enough for the cartridge, you need to change the cartridge in 2-3 months.

You can reduce the maintenance cost of the filter by increasing the life of the cartridge. Sometimes people forget to turn off the filter so clean water is wasted and it affects the life of the cartridge.

pur faucet mount water filter maintenance cost


PUR advanced faucet water filter has 2 years warranty. A long warranty is always good for any product. Customer support from PUR is good and if you face any issue with the PUR water filter they will guide you and help you to solve the issue.

warranty of pur water filter

Pros and cons of PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter


  • Able to remove 99% of lead from dirty water
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • NSF certified for better water cleaning
  • Filter’s cartridge works for 4 months
  • Filtered water’s taste and smell are good
  • Installation is not hard
  • Light indicator for filter life


  • Single color option

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Review

Many people don’t drink tap water they drink bottled water. Bottled water is good for health but for the environment, it is not good, and also bottled water impacts your monthly budget. Bottled water polluted the environment.

Bottled water plants take water from the earth so by using a faucet water filter or water filter system for your home, you can make contributions to saving the environment.

PUR advanced water filter for faucets looks stylish and its minimalistic design gives an attractive look to the filter.

Like other filters, the PUR water filter doesn’t protrude down lower so you get more space in the kitchen sink. When you mount this water filter with the kitchen faucet you will see that it takes up limited space in the sink. This PUR water filter is 40% more space-efficient than the Brita faucet filter.

FAQ About PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter

How Does PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Work?

PUR faucet water filter is attached to the kitchen faucet so when you turn on the faucet then water flows from the faucet into the water filter.
In the filter, the cartridge is the main part that cleans the water.
PUR advanced water filter contains activated carbon and ion exchange. Both materials in the cartridge remove all the impurities from the filter. Activated carbon is present in the granular form in the PUR water filter. It removes chlorine and lead from the bad water.

Does PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter is Really Good?

PUR FM-3700 works well and removes all types of impurities from the water. If you ask any person who uses this PUR water filter, they will definitely give positive feedback about the PUR filter. The best thing about PUR’s advanced faucet filter is that it removes contaminants from the water and its small size easily fits any faucet.

How Long Does PUR Water Filter Really Last?

The life of any PUR water filter depends on the cartridge life. For 4-5 family members a PUR water filter lasts 4 months in the kitchen. In one lifecycle it filters 100 gallons of water. If you use a water filter with proper care then it will increase the life of the cartridge.

What Happens If You Run Hot Water Through a PUR Water Filter?

PUR water filter is able to filter both hot and cold water. One disadvantage of hot water is that it reduces the life of the filter. If you regularly filter hot water through a PUR water filter then in a month you need to change the cartridge of it.
Every month changing the cartridge is not good and it increases the maintenance cost of the water filter. So, whenever it is necessary only then use hot water.

Final Words

PUR faucet water filter is a value for money product. The price of this water filter is in the budget of all people and also its filtered water quality is good. The taste and smell of the filtered water are good. While doing this PUR advanced faucet water filter review we found that this filter doesn’t have any disadvantages except one that it has only a chrome finish option so if you have a black stainless-steel kitchen faucet then this filer doesn’t look good with a black faucet.

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