15 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews

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Without any doubt, the kitchen sink area is one of the busiest places in the kitchen. Every day we often use kitchen faucets for washing and cleaning so, it becomes necessary to pick the best kitchen faucets that should be able to become a helping hand in the kitchen work.

A kitchen faucet should be a perfect combination of design and functionality so, it can work effortlessly in the kitchen.

Pull down kitchen faucet, pull out kitchen faucet, widespread or centerset kitchen tap, single or double handle kitchen faucet, touch or touchless kitchen faucet, these are the different options you have available for kitchen faucets.

In this kitchen faucet review guide, we have picked best selling kitchen faucet from all available options. We have added the pros and cons of every faucet with their specifications and also added a buyer guide to make the kitchen faucet selection easy for you.

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Top 3 Recommendations

Runner Up

Delta Trinsic Best Kitchen Faucet

Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet

Top Pick

Moen Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet

Moen Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet

Budget Pick

Kraus Bolden Best Kitchen Faucet

Karus Bolden Kitchen Faucet

Top 15 Best Kitchen Faucets

1. Moen Arbor Motionsense – Best Kitchen Faucet to Buy

Moen Arbor Motionsense Faucet

Moen Arbor Motionsense Faucet

    Weight – 5 Pound | Size – 7.88 x 10.25 x 15.5 inches | Finish – Spot Resist Stainless | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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    When it comes to upgrading your kitchen with a top-notch faucet, I highly recommend the Moen Arbor kitchen faucet.

    This cutting-edge faucet boasts a sleek design that instantly elevates the ambiance of your kitchen. Plus, it’s available in both single and dual sensor options to suit your needs.

    Operating the Moen Arbor faucet is a breeze, thanks to its advanced sensor technology that accurately detects hand movements. This means you can effortlessly turn the water on and off without any hassle.

    The sensors are smart enough to distinguish between hand movements and other motions, ensuring water isn’t wasted unnecessarily.

    What sets the Moen Arbor apart is its innovative Powerclean technology, which boosts water pressure by over 50%. This results in a more efficient cleaning experience, saving you time and effort.

    The faucet also features convenient 3-spray options, allowing you to switch between spray, aerated stream, and pause modes with ease. The pause mode is particularly useful for conserving water.

    In terms of style, the Moen Arbor faucet is available in four attractive finishes: chrome, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, and spot resistance stainless steel. If you’re looking for even more advanced features, consider the voice control option for added convenience.

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    Another notable feature of the Moen Arbor faucet is its extended hose, which effortlessly retracts back into place. Additionally, the faucet comes with a deck plate to cover any extra holes in your 3-hole sink.

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    2. Delta Trinsic – Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets

    Delta Trinsic Faucet

    Delta Trinsic Faucet

      Weight – 1.69 Pound | Size – 9.5 x 10.5 x 15.69 inches | Finish – Arctic Stainless | Material – Brass + Zinc | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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      The Delta Trinsic faucet is another top-notch choice for any kitchen sink, boasting premium features that make it stand out among its competitors.

      Its durability and long-lasting performance ensure it remains a reliable companion in the kitchen.

      One of the key advantages of the Delta Trinsic faucet is its versatility, offering six distinct color options – Arctic stainless, black stainless, champagne bronze, chrome, and matte black – to seamlessly blend with any kitchen interior.

      The faucet comes in three models, each catering to different feature standards: Touch20 and voiceIQ. The Touch20 model features a touchless body, while the voiceIQ model can be controlled using voice commands, promoting a hygienic kitchen environment.

      The Delta Trinsic faucet is packed with innovative features, including Magnetite docking, a patented technology exclusive to the Delta brand. The faucet’s 20-inch long hose provides effortless reach across the sink, and a powerful magnet keeps the spray hose securely in place.

      What sets the Delta Trinsic apart is its hands-free operation, allowing users to control the faucet using pre-installed voice commands or custom commands. This feature enables users to warm up water with a simple voice command.

      Additionally, the faucet’s temperature sensor ensures user safety by alerting them when the water reaches a hot temperature, indicated by a red LED light.

      The faucet’s spot resistance body maintains its shine, and the touchclean nozzle prevents buildup. Soft rubber spray holes make cleaning a breeze, requiring only a gentle finger touch.

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      3. Kraus Bolden – Best Kitchen Faucets For The Money

      Kraus Bolden Faucet

      Kraus Bolden Faucet

        Weight – 6.39 Pound | Size – 11 x 4.44 x 18 inches | Finish – Stainless Steel | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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        When it comes to kitchen faucets, Kraus stands out for its durability and versatility, making it an excellent choice for both home and commercial use.

        The Bolden faucet offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance.

        This commercial-style faucet brings a touch of professionalism to your kitchen, thanks to its retractable pull-down hose and compact design. The 20-inch extender hose is long enough to fit comfortably in any sink, while its space-saving design makes it perfect for small sinks.

        The faucet’s spray hose is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in most hands, and the switch between stream and spray modes is seamless.

        With 13 color options to choose from, you’re sure to find a match for your kitchen’s interior. The spot-free antique champagne bronze color is a standout, offering a high-end look while preventing water spots.

        Installation is a breeze with the single-handle design, and all necessary accessories come included in the box.

        Plus, the faucet’s compact design requires minimal space for installation, making cleaning behind it a hassle-free task. The handle’s forward and upward motion ensures easy access and maintenance.

        4. Kohler Simplice – Best Rated Kitchen Faucets

        Kohler Simplice Faucet

        Kohler Simplice Faucet

          Weight – 7.39 Pound | Size – 8.98 x 8 x 16.58 inches | Finish – Vibrant Stainless | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 2.2 GPM

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          If every day you have to wash a lot of utensils then you need a faucet that reduces work in the kitchen with its powerful water pressure. Kohler simplice kitchen faucet fulfills all your washing needs in the kitchen. After installing the Kohler kitchen faucet you need not think about a few years for a new faucet.

          The single handle design saves lots of space on the sink. The handle rotates 90 degrees upward so the backside of the tap doesn’t need much space for installation. The installation process is easy and a DIY process that you can do yourself. Read the manual and start the installation of the faucet.

          Its highlight feature, the extended hose is one of them. 20-inches long extended hose reaches all hard to reach the area of the sink and also it’s helpful to fill the vessels.

          The next feature we admired in Kohler is its 3 spray mode. A simple click on the button will change spray mode.

          Stream mode uses 45% less water for daily tasks and saves your water bill. It uses less water without compromising the performance of the faucet.

          Sweep spray mode generates a powerful wide spray of water to clean tuck-on food from the dishes. Boost spray mode fills the pot quickly with its fast jet spray. If you searching for pot filler for the kitchen then check our list of top-rated pot filler faucets for the kitchen.

          The faucet body is made of rust-resistance material. Spot resistance finish leaves no mark on it whether it is finger marks or watermarks. Due to spot resistance finishing the cleaning of the faucet becomes easy, you only need to wipe the faucet body with dry cotton water after use.

          5. Delta Leland – Best Quality Kitchen Faucets

          Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet

          Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet

            Weight – 7.36 Pound | Size – 11.47 x 10.44 x 14.84 inches | Finish – Arctic Stainless | Material – Brass + Zinc | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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            If you are searching for a reach and flexible faucet then the next faucet in the list of best kitchen faucets reviews is the perfect choice for you. Its retractable spray wand never gives you any problem reaching any area of the sink.

            Its 4 color options give a wide color range to decorate your kitchen in style. You can choose among arctic stainless, chrome, spotshield stainless, and Venetian bronze.

            Like other Delta taps it has also touchless and voice control options.

            For a healthy lifestyle, touchless and voice control faucets are the perfect choices for the kitchen. For the voice control feature, you need to pay some extra money but for the family’s health, the price of Delta Leland is worth it.

            Do you need to spend much time washing to remove stubborn messes from the dishes? Its shieldspray technology saves your time and will remove all the messes. It promises 90% less mess while washing dishes.

            For a faucet ceramic disc is important. In the Delta Leland kitchen faucet, diamond seal technology is used in ceramic disc cartridges that reduce the chances of leakage, and also it stays last twice in comparison to other faucets on the list.

            No need to think twice to clean the faucet. It has touchclean holes and smooth touch on the nozzles removes all the residue from the holes. The deck plate is included with the faucet box so you can easily install it in a 3-holes sink and cover extra holes.

            6. OWOFAN – Best Kitchen Sink Faucets

            Owofan Kitchen Faucet

            Owofan Kitchen Faucet

              Weight – 5.24 Pound | Size – 22.2 x 10.8 x 2.7 inches | Finish – Brushed Nickel | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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              An affordable faucet in the list of best kitchen faucets review. OWOFAN kitchen faucet’s modern look fits well in most of the kitchen. It doesn’t look luxurious but in performance, the OWOFAN kitchen faucet gives tough competition to other big brands on the list.

              The pull-down design offers you the freedom to get the water in the sink wherever you need it. Its 17.7-inch flexible spray hose can be rotated at 360 degrees. Due to its 360-degree rotation, you can easily use a tap in the single or double sink.

              Spot resistance finish means no water spots will be built on the faucet body. In nickel and black, it has 4 different color combinations Nickel, black, black, and nickel, nickel with black hose.

              Solid brass material makes the faucet body durable. The installation process is not difficult, you get all the necessary parts in the faucet box. OWOFAN kitchen faucet looks like a commercial faucet due to a spring wand in the neck of the faucet.

              You don’t have to face any type of leakage problem in the OWOFAN kitchen faucet. It has a ceramic disc valve which ensures the durable performance of the faucet and also has tested 50000 cycles without leaking.

              7. Moen Brantford – Best Faucets For Kitchen

              Moen Brantford

              Moen Brantford Faucet

                Weight – 6.64 Pound | Size – 24.75 x 12.25 x 3.5 inches | Finish – Spot Resist Stainless | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.5 GPM

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                Moen Brantford faucet gives a veteran look to the sink. Power boost performance is the key point of the faucet. Impressive design and easy installation make it a must-have faucet in the list of best kitchen faucets.

                The faucet is available in a different finish to make a bold impact on the kitchen interior. These finishes are chrome, spot resistance stainless and oil rubbed bronze. With a faucet vintage look, oil-rubbed bronze is a perfect choice. Brantford is furthering Moen’s 80-year-old trust.

                The Moen best kitchen faucets look vintage but the curve body and slight flair of the handle enhance its transitional looks. The stylish body of the tap is tailored to work with the different interiors of the kitchen.

                For double sink its high neck feature is beneficial. A high neck allows you to carry a spray hose in any direction easily. To clean the messes from the dishes, push the button on the spray head and a steady aerated stream will wash out all the mess from the dish.

                The water control feature is powerful so you save lots of water every month. Different spray mode makes washing easy and also save water. It has an in-line screen without removing it you get a powerful water spray.

                What do you need to keep the tap body new? A spot resistance finish, Moen comes with it. For cleaner usage, no water spot and fingerprints are formed on it whiles using it.

                Magnetic docking keeps the spray head in a safe position. Reflex technology adds flexible movement to the faucet. Easy pull-out movement of the spray head makes the faucet more comfortable in use. The whole sink area will be covered by the faucet.

                Handles are designed for perfect fitting and rotated with a light hand, no need to put pressure to move the handle. The handle rotates in a 90-degree direction.

                8. American Standard Colony Kitchen Faucet

                8. American Standard Colony Kitchen Faucet

                8. American Standard Colony Kitchen Faucet

                  Weight – 6.09 Pound | Size – 19 x 13.25 x 3.375 inches | Finish – Polished Chrome | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 2.2 GPM

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                  Soft lines on the body of the American standards colony pull-down kitchen faucet make it the right choice for the best luxury kitchen faucets in the contemporary kitchen. The faucet body shines as new for the years without scratching and tarnishing due to its tough finish.

                  High-quality brass material gives strength to the faucet. Brass has rust-free properties so the faucet body becomes rustproof, also brass is a good material when it comes to contact with water it makes water clean.

                  A tap that uses a low-quality valve always faces a leakage problem. American Standard faucet uses a ceramic disc valve to maintain drip-free performance for a lifetime.

                  In hard water, its ceramic disc valve works perfectly. All types of weather conditions are bearable by a valve. One million on and off tests are done on it to check the capability of the valve.

                  The high arc design and pull-down spray make it comfortable to use.

                  The Pull-down spray head has adjustable spray options with a pause option. The adjustable spray option makes sure that water will be available when you need it and where you need it.

                  When it comes to safety it follows all the NFS and ADA standards. Handle follows the ADA standard design so it becomes easy to use for disabled people. In the memory position valve, you don’t need to take care of sudden temperature changes.

                  It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For the finish, you get a limited time warranty but for the functionality, you get a lifetime warranty. So ever you face any problem with the faucet call customer care they will solve it.

                  9. Moen Adler Single Handle Best Kitchen Faucets

                  Moen Adler

                  Moen Adler Faucet

                    Weight – 5.34 Pound | Size – 7.5 x 10.25 x 14.56 inches | Finish – Spot Resist Stainless | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.5 GPM

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                    Moen is one of the top faucet brands for the best kitchen faucets in the market and when we talk about quality faucets moen’s name always comes on the list. Moen alder faucet is for those who want a moen faucet in their kitchen but in a less budget. One minus point about moen alder is that it is not a touchless tap.

                    Unarguably a high arc design faucet that is easy to install in the kitchen sink. In the list of best kitchen faucets, moen alder has the easiest installation process. If you are new to kitchen faucet shopping then this high arc faucet would be a good choice for you.

                    This is a budget-price faucet from the moen and it doesn’t need any electricity to work. No touchless options so all the functions are accessible by the handle.

                    Do you have to wash many dishes every day? Moen alder faucet with its power clean spray technology will reduce your washing workload in the kitchen. 50% more power to clean with less use of water.

                    It has varieties of finishes for the different kitchen interiors. For the best kitchen faucets in the budget price range, only a few quality faucets have a spot resistance finish option and moen alder is one of them.

                    If you want a spot resistance finish then choose a spot resistance stainless finish. Other finish options are chrome, matte black, and Mediterranean bronze.

                    Now come down to spray options, moen alder kitchen tap has 2 different spray options. When you will try its power clean spray mode then you will be amazed that how easily it transferred from one mode to another.

                    10. Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet

                    Delta essa faucet

                    Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet

                      Weight – 7.6 Pound | Size – 1.25 x 10.75 x 15.75 inches | Finish – Arctic Stainless | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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                      Its elegant design enhances the beauty of the kitchen. It is a single handle, motion sensor activated, pull-down kitchen faucet that is built with high-quality brass material.

                      Its diamond seal cartridge works as a guard of the body and makes it leak-free for a lifetime. Other best kitchen faucets perform 500000 cycles test on the cartridge, delta essa has easily passed the one million cycle test on it.

                      To make it match all interiors, it comes with 4 finishes options matte black, chrome, arctic stainless, and Venetian bronze. Its arctic stainless finish is loved by most people. The Arctic stainless finish is the brightest among all the finishes of the Delta essa kitchen faucet.

                      Shieldspray mode is an additional mode with the normal spray and aerated stream mode. Shieldspray mode creates a kind of powerful boost water spray and cleans all the sticky messes from the dishes.

                      For water-saving it has a pause button that pauses water when while cleaning dishes you don’t need water.

                      To save you from any accident due to hot water it has an LED indicator. LED light is placed at the base of the faucet. It changes color according to watercolor. For cold water it shows blue, for hot it shows red and for little warm, it shows magenta.

                      Apart from showing water temperature LED light also shows the battery status. When the battery is about to die light starts blinking, but it happens once in two years. You can also use ac power instead of battery but for this, you need to buy an ac adapter separately.

                      Delta Essa kitchen faucet is a touchless faucet. It works on the sensor. Also, it has a voice-activated feature but the price of a voice-activated faucet is high in comparison to a touchless faucet. These features are useful when you are holding something in your hand or washing dishes and don’t want to touch the handle with dirty hands.

                      11. WEWE Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

                      Wewe faucet

                      Wewe Kitchen Faucet

                        Weight – 5.1 Pound | Size – 12.7 x 5.3 x 12.7 inches | Finish – Brushed Nickel | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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                        Most loved faucet by the people in the budget segment. WEWE kitchen faucet with pull-out sprayer is not a big brand but at a low price, they are giving a quality product. WEWE faucet is built with solid brass material that is lead-free.

                        The good thing about the faucet is that it can be installed in a single- or 3-hole sink easily because it has a deck plate included in the faucet box. Installation takes less than an hour. Its flexible spray head moves all over the sink and wash dishes with its gentle spray.

                        The main selling point of the WEWE kitchen tap is its flexibility and easy-to-use design. The tap has 3 different spray options such as stream, spray, and pause.

                        For regular cleaning, spray mode is a good choice. Want to finish washing work in a short period of time then use its stream mode is made of powerful water splash.

                        WEWE kitchen faucet is a budget faucet but its ergonomic design enhances the interior of the modern kitchen. Low price with great features is the main selling point of the WEWE faucet.

                        Like big brands WEWE faucet has also 5 different finish options brushed nickel, chrome black, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome. The tap you are seeing in the above photo has a brushed nickel finish. Its sleek body easily matches most of the sink.

                        12. Kohler Bellera Kitchen Faucet Review

                        Kohler bellera faucet

                        Kohler Bellera Kitchen Faucet

                          Weight – 3.9 Pound | Size – 12.7 x 5.3 x 12.7 inches | Finish – Brushed Nickel | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.5 GPM

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                          If you want to upgrade faucets in your kitchen and search for the best kitchen faucets then pick the Kohler bellera faucet. Its modern gooseneck design will change the atmosphere of the kitchen. First and foremost, Kohler bellera has a beautifully curved shape body that is colored with a chrome finish.

                          The easy installation process of Kohler’s best kitchen faucets saves the money that you spend on the plumber to replace a faucet. If you have no idea how to replace a kitchen faucet then read our step-by-step guide to replacing a kitchen faucet.

                          Coming to the color option it has 3 colors polished chrome, vibrant stainless, and oil-rubbed bronze. It has a retractable spray head.

                          Magnetic docking plays an important role to keep the spray head in its safe place. Docknetik, this name is given by the Kohler to its magnetic docking system.

                          You don’t feel any difficulty to pull-out the spray head due to its swiveling ball joint. Switch among the three-spray mode for better and easy cleaning. 1.8 GPM water flow rate makes all the spray modes powerful and if you want to get powerful water spray then use its boost spray mode.

                          Moreover, it has ceramic disc valves. As we earlier said ceramic disc valves protect the faucet from any type of leakage. No need to buy an extra deck plate it comes with the faucet box and covers the extra hole of the 3-hole sink.

                          13. Appaso Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

                          appaso faucet

                          Appaso Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

                            Weight – 7.43 Pound | Size – 23.8 x 11.9 x 4.4 inches | Finish – Brushed Nickel | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

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                            Are you using an old faucet in the kitchen and disappointed by its slow washing speed? Want to get rid of it from the kitchen. Appsao’s best kitchen faucets would be another good choice in the budget. Give some new life to the kitchen with the Appaso faucet.

                            Appaso is the leading brand in the budget section. It is known for its unique spray head. Its spray head contains the brush at the front. The brush gives more flexibility to the tap while cleaning. The spray head can be used for washing and flushing simultaneously.

                            Another promising feature of the faucet is that a soap dispenser comes with it. No big brand in the list of best kitchen faucets gives a soap dispenser with a faucet. It saves money and also looks beautiful.

                            One more thing we like about the appaso pull-down kitchen faucet is its money-back guarantee.

                            If you don’t like the faucet then the company gives 90 day money-back guarantee. What more do you need in a budget faucet.

                            The Appaso kitchen tap is lightweight so you can easily install it without taking the help of any other person. Supports both single- and 3-holes installation. Deck plate makes installation easy in 3 holes sink.

                            Moreover, the faucet body is built with brass material. Brass gives durability to the faucet and same time it also protects the faucet body from rust and corrosion.

                            The external finish is covered by the protective spot resistance finish and for this price, all of these features are worthy and useful. The single handle controls all the functions of the faucet like water turn on and off, and temperature control. It rotates 360 degrees and covers the whole sink area.

                            14. Kingston Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

                            Kingston Faucet

                            Kingston Oil Rubbed Faucet

                              Weight – 8.33 Pound | Size – 13.8 x 8.5 x 13.1 inches | Finish – Oil-Rubbed Bronze | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.2 GPM

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                              Some people like old vintage-style faucets. These faucets are trustworthy and give a unique look to the kitchen due to their vintage body. Kingston brass’s best kitchen faucets are following the tradition of the vintage faucet and making happy vintage design lovers.

                              Kingston brass faucet is made with a high-quality brass body. It has a widespread tap design and all parts of the faucet are connected which makes installation easy. You need 4 holes for installation, 3 for the faucet, and one for side spray.

                              This tap doesn’t have any pull-down spray head but for convenience, Kingston has given a side spray with a faucet. Side spray is not part of the faucet but it is connected beside the faucet so you can easily use it to reach the all-hard area of the sink. Side spray also can be used to fill the pots or wash the vegetables.

                              Cleaning this tap is easy due to its spot resistance finish. Also, a combination of brass and zinc alloy makes the faucet body shiny. The shine doesn’t get faded in a few months.

                              The faucet is built with lead-free material to give clean water for washing vegetables. Thinking that your kitchen interior will be matched with the faucet color or not then don’t worry it has 7 color options so you will definitely get a matching color faucet for your kitchen sink.

                              These colors are brushed nickel, antique brass, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, polished chrome, and polished nickel.

                              15. Peppermint Matte Black Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

                              Peppermint Matte Black faucet

                              Peppermint Matte Black Faucet

                                Weight – 5.68 Pound | Size – 17.44 x 12.09 x 3.23 inches | Finish – Matte Black | Material – Brass | Flow rate – 1.5 GPM

                                Check on Amazon ➯

                                If you are a black color lover then a peppermint faucet is surely a great choice for you. Its pure black body enhances the elegant look of your kitchen, peppermint is a growing company in the faucet industry that makes user and environment-friendly faucets for the kitchen.

                                One of the finest black color faucets we have come across in the list of best kitchen faucets.

                                This is not a pull-down faucet. It is a pull-out sprayer so few people it may be inconvenient to use it in the beginning. But when becomes habitual of using it then it becomes easy to manage the pull-out spray head.

                                It has 10 years of warranty. The company will change the faucet in the warranty period. Its matte black color easily stands out in the kitchen sink. Its eye-catching design will surely impress you.

                                The outside part of this kitchen faucet is covered by a nano-brushed finish. The benefit of this finish is that any type of spot is not stuck for a longer time on the faucet and you can easily clean it with a dry cloth.

                                1 hole or 3 holes whatever sink you have you can install it in any sink easily. By reading the installation manual you can install a faucet without taking the help of an expert.

                                Best Kitchen Faucet Comparison Chart

                                NameRatingColorSpout HeightSpout Reach
                                Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet5/5Stainless steel15.5 Inches7.87 Inches
                                Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet5/5Stainless steel15.69 Inches9.5 Inches
                                Kraus Bolden Kitchen Faucet5/5Brushed Nickel18 inches9 inches
                                Kohler Simplice Kitchen Faucet4.9/5Chrome14.32 inches8.9 inches
                                Delta Lealand Kitchen Faucet4.8/5Arctic Stainless7.5 Inches9.2 Inches
                                Owafan Kitchen Faucet4.7/5Brushed Nickel3.9 inches8.3 inches
                                Moen Brantford Kitchen Faucet4.7/5Stainless Steel15.5 Inches7.88 Inches
                                American Standard Faucet4.7/5Polished Chrome14.5 inches8.94 inches
                                Moen Adler Kitchen Faucet4.6/5Spot Resistance14.6 Inches7.55 Inches
                                Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet4.6/5Arctic Stainless15.75 Inches9.25 Inches
                                WEWE Kitchen Faucet4.5/5Brushed Nickel8.5 Inches8.5 Inches
                                Kohler Bellera Kitchen Faucet4.5/5Vibrant Stainless10.19 Inches7.88 Inches
                                Appaso Kitchen Faucet4.5/5Brushed Nickel8.6 Inches8.6 Inches
                                Kingston Kitchen Faucet4.5/5Oil Rubbed Bronze12.88 Inches5.6 inches
                                Peppermint Kitchen Faucet4.4/5Mate Black8.66 Inches8.27 Inches

                                Best Kitchen Faucets Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet

                                1. Size

                                Most people ignore size while picking the best kitchen faucets. How the kitchen sink area will look totally depends on the size of the faucet. The size of the kitchen faucet also depends on what task you need to do under it.

                                There are 3 different measurements to calculate the height of the faucet Spout reach, spout height, and overall height. From the below picture you will get a little idea but let me explain in detail.

                                kitchen faucet detail diagram

                                Overall height is measured from the base of the faucet to the top of the faucet. You need to take care of the overall height at that time when you have a cabinet above the sink. So, you need to take care that the faucet easily fits below the cabinet without touching the cabinet.

                                Spout height is measured vertically from the base to the spray head. Spout height is important because a high spout height faucet will have good space under it to fill big size pots or wash big dishes easily.

                                Generally, in high arc faucet spout height is 8 inches. A high spout height is ideal for those people who want more space in the sink to do all the washing work easily.

                                Spout reach is measured horizontal from the base to the spray head. More spout reach means the spray head will reach more area of the sink.

                                2. Faucet Material

                                Apart from the features, the material is most important for the best kitchen faucets. A correct material prolongs the age of the faucet. Let’s see brass or stainless steel which one good for your faucet?


                                Plastic, stainless steel, zinc, and brass are the most used material to make kitchen faucet bodies.

                                Plastic is not widely used in the faucet body because it is not a durable material. Plastic reduces the cost of the tap but it also reduces the life of the faucet. Plastic faucets are not serviceable, they will break if you put more pressure on their handle. Nowadays plastic faucets are rare in the market, most companies are making metal faucets.


                                brass best kitchen faucets review

                                After plastic, brass is a widely used material for the faucet body. Brass is a mixer of copper and zinc. Brass is rustproof material and also a durable metal.

                                The brass faucet works for years in the kitchen without giving any problems to the faucet body.

                                Stainless Steel

                                Nowadays most faucet body is built with stainless steel. Stainless steel is a lead-free material. Lead is not good for health. Stainless steel is more rust-proof material than brass.

                                A faucet that is made of stainless steel shines more than any other faucet material. For the best kitchen faucets, stainless steel is a good choice. You can go with brass also but the shine of the brass body maybe fade fast compare to stainless steel.

                                3. Flexible Hoses

                                Flexible hoses are a must-have faucet part nowadays for the best kitchen faucets. These hoses can be fit easily in any space due to their flexibility. If there is tight space under the sink, flexible hoses are capable to adjust themselves in any cluttered space.

                                The best part about flexible hoses is that they don’t crack in extreme conditions also. Connect these hoses to the valves without any thinking.

                                Flexible hoses are built with the rubber tube so they can be a band in any shape and the outside part of the hose is covered with braided and mashed stainless steel to give strength to the hose.

                                best kitchen faucet hose

                                4. Cooper Tubes

                                Most people know that cooper is rust-free material. For faucets, body copper has been used for years. When you buy the best kitchen faucets then check which material is used for the faucet body?

                                Cooper gives durability to the faucet body and also makes it rust-free. Another benefit of the cooper is that it cleans water. When the water in the faucet touches the copper some impurities of water are cleaned by the cooper.

                                Copper tubes are pre-attached to the tap body. Cooper tubes are not flexible so at the time of fitting the faucet, you should take care otherwise there is a chance of breaking it.

                                5. Kitchen Faucet Finishes

                                Faucet finish can enhance the beauty of the kitchen and also can destroy it by mismatching. The finish should be matched with the other appliances and the hardware in the kitchen. Let’s see which finishes are available for the best kitchen faucets.

                                Stainless Finish

                                The most common finish for the kitchen faucet. Stainless finish usually matches all types of interior. This is a rust-free finish and also the shiniest finish among all the faucet finishes.

                                The stainless finish gives a modern look to the faucet. Most commercial faucets have a stainless finish because this is spot resistant so in cleaning faucets, you don’t need to waste much time.

                                Chrome Finish

                                After stainless finish chrome is the most durable finish. This finish is mostly used in commercial places like restaurants, public washrooms, etc. because cleaning of chrome finish is not hard and also marks of water or fingerprint spots are not easily visible on it.

                                Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

                                Want to give a vintage look to the kitchen then an oil-rubbed bronze finish is a right choice. Oil rubbed bronze finish doesn’t need much care.

                                Gold Finish

                                Want to give a glamorous look to the kitchen then the gold finish is the right choice. For fully wood furniture crafted kitchen gold finish looks perfect.

                                It gives a bright look to the kitchen sink. The disadvantage of a gold finish is that you need to take extra care of the kitchen tap. You need to clean the faucet after every use so the shine will not fade otherwise in a few months it looks like an old faucet.

                                Brushed Nickel Finish

                                It looks the same as a stainless finish but there is a tiny difference between both finishes in that the brushed nickel finish is less shiny. The brushed nickel finish doesn’t fade easily with time.

                                Black Finish

                                With a light shade kitchen, the interior black finish looks cool. In black, matte black, and stainless black these two finishes are famous. The black color gives a minimalistic look to the kitchen sink.

                                6. Controls

                                Nowadays there are 3 main control options are available for the best kitchen faucets – standard(handles), touchless, and at last voice control. Which control option you should pick totally depends on your use and budget.

                                In a standard faucet, there is no sensor, you need to use a handle to control the flow of water and temperature. The price of a standard faucet is within the budget of most people.

                                Apart from standard motion sensor faucet is widely used in the kitchen. For instance, if your hands are dirty and busy washing dishes at that time touch sensor faucets are useful.

                                Without touching the faucet, you can control the water flow of the faucet by activating the sensor.

                                In motion sensors, there are two variants touchless and touch-activated faucets. In a touchless faucet, no touch is required but in a touch-activated faucet, you need to touch any part of the faucet to turn on water flow.

                                The latest control feature in the kitchen faucet is voice control. The price of voice-activated faucets is high and out of budget for many people.

                                If you are hands are holding anything in the hand and you need water from the kitchen tap then without touching the tap by just giving them voice instructions you can activate the faucet.

                                The best part of a voice-activated faucet is that they are germ-free. Touchless and standard faucets are enough for kitchen use, if you have a heavy budget for faucets then you should definitely buy the voice-activated faucet for ease of convenience and healthy life.

                                7. Mounting Holes

                                There are 2 types of kitchen sink single hole sink and a 3-hole sink. When you buy the best kitchen faucets you need to take care that the faucet and sinkholes both should be matched.

                                Some kitchen faucet requires a single hole for the sink. In a single-hole sink, these kitchen faucets fit easily without any issue. For a 3-hole sink, this faucet can be installed but you need a deck plate to cover the extra holes of the sink. If you don’t cover the holes then the sink looks ugly.

                                Few kitchen faucets come with a deck plate and a few do not so if you are installing a single handle faucet in a 3-hole sink so it would be better than before purchasing the best kitchen faucets check that they have a deck plate or not with the faucet.

                                Some kitchen taps need 3-hole for the installation. In these faucets, hot and cold-water pipelines need separate holes and spouts need a different holes.

                                If you have single-hole sink and you are going to buy these kitchen faucets then you will need to do 2 extra holes in the sink. Doing holes is not a big task but it increases your installation time and also maybe you need to hire a plumber to do holes and install faucets.

                                Some kitchen faucets need 4 holes for installation. 3 holes for the kitchen faucet and one extra hole for the soap dispenser or the side spray. For 3 holes sink this combination is good you need to do only one extra hole but for a single-hole sink, you need 3 extra holes.

                                The most kitchen faucet has pull-out spray head so they don’t need side spray and a soap dispenser depending on your choice. If you have a big size sink then go with a 4-hole configuration faucet otherwise one side of the sink area will be fully covered with the faucet and you won’t get any extra space for other things.

                                faucet mounting hole

                                8. Side Sprayers

                                A side sprayer is a part of the kitchen faucet that is installed adjacent to the main faucet. A side sprayer is an additional part of the kitchen faucet so all faucet doesn’t come with a side sprayer.

                                A side sprayer is a good option for those faucets who don’t have to pull down or pull out the spray head in that situation side sprayer becomes more useful.

                                A side sprayer is an old concept but still few people like to install it beside the kitchen tap. You can also use a side sprayer as a pot filler. It is a movable object, pull it from its place when you need it, and after work put it in the same place.

                                best kitchen faucet side sprayer

                                9. Reach

                                Reach is another factor to consider while buying the best kitchen faucets. Reach means the gap between the faucet base and the spigot. For comfortable use reach of the faucet should be half of the sink. When you turn on the water then water should be dropped where the sink outlet is placed (means center).

                                Large reach means the kitchen faucet will cover a large area of the sink. For small size sink large rich is not a good option. So, it would be good if you take a measurement of the sink before purchasing the faucet and then decide which faucet reach is perfect for your kitchen sink.

                                For the double sink, the kitchen faucet reach should be large. Because in a double sink kitchen faucet is installed at the center of both sinks and the faucet has to cover both the sink.

                                best kitchen faucet hose reach

                                10. Water Saving Option

                                Nowadays kitchen faucet manufacturers are taking care of water wastage. They are giving more features in the faucet to control water wastage. Touchless faucets and voice control faucets are perfect examples of water-saving faucets.

                                The water-saving option in a kitchen faucet saves water and gives a little contribution to the environment.

                                Also, it saves your house water bill. The sensor in the kitchen tap becomes deactivated when no one is around and saves water. Sometimes in the kitchen child forgot to turn off the faucet handle, in this situation sensor faucet is the best choice.

                                11. ADA Compliance

                                There are some rules in every company for disabled people. All the best kitchen faucet manufacturers should have followed these rules.

                                When a kitchen faucet passed the ADA test then it can be used by people with disabilities. If in your house any person has some type of disability in their body then before purchasing a faucet you should check that faucet is following the ADA rule or not.

                                12. Flexibility

                                In the kitchen faucet, there is only one flexible part and it is a spray head. When we talk about flexibility then it means the spray head should be flexible to do all the washing tasks easily.

                                A flexible spray head moves in all areas of the sink. Also, you can use it to fill the pot on the countertop. In the kitchen faucet due to the magnetic docking spray head goes to its initial position after use.

                                best kitchen faucet flexibility

                                13. Price

                                One thing that will stop you from picking your favorite kitchen faucet is the price of the faucet. Not all kitchen faucets are heavily priced but a few brands have a high price range of faucets like Delta or Moen.

                                There are some brands that are trying to give amazing features under $100. If you don’t have heavy use of faucets then these kitchen faucets are good. But with less price, you have to compromise on some features. For under $100 faucet you can choose an appaso faucet.

                                $100 to $250 is a perfect range for the best kitchen faucet. In this range, you get a good quality faucet for your kitchen. In this price range, you get faucets from all the companies whether it is a big brands or small. Touchless faucets are available for under $250.

                                Voice control is the latest technology in the faucet and to get this technology you need to pay more. Voice control faucets are above $250. Even if you look in Delta and Moen for a voice control option then you have to pay nearly $500 for it and this is a huge amount for the kitchen faucet.

                                best kitchen faucet review

                                14. Kitchen Faucet Warranty

                                Limited lifetime warranties this line you see on most of the faucet boxes. Only a few best kitchen faucets are available in the market that gives a lifetime warranty. The most limited lifetime warranty covers a 5-year time period.

                                Kitchen faucet warranty also varies on its uses for home use you get the usual warranty period but for commercial use warranty reduces to 1 or 2 years.

                                In warranty, the internal part of the kitchen faucet is covered not all manufacturers covered the exterior part of the faucet. Finish faded with time so if the manufacturer gives a warranty about the finish then it is a better option to buy. The warranty covers the leakage and drip of the faucet.

                                How Far Back Should Faucet Be From Sink?

                                While installing the faucet how far back you should install the faucet be from the sink.

                                If your sink doesn’t have any holes for faucet installation then you need to install it on the countertop. Little difference in the measurement can result in the wrong installation of the faucet.

                                The gap between the sink and faucet depends on the depth of the sink and the height of the faucet.

                                In most cases sinks depth is 10-12 inches. For undermount sink. sink edge is not actually resting on the top of the counter.

                                In general, there should be 3 inches gap between the sink and the faucet. This gap can be changed according to faucet size and sink length.

                                Before making a hole in the countertop to install the faucet, you should test whether water from the faucet is falling into the center of the sink or not. A faucet should be 3 inches far back from the sink for perfect installation.

                                How Far Back Should Faucet Be From Sink?

                                How Far Should Soap Dispenser Be From Kitchen Faucet?

                                The soap dispenser adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decoration. A soap dispenser reduces clutter on the countertop. After installing it, you don’t need to buy disposable soap containers.

                                For washing dishes, we need soap. The soap dispenser makes washing work easy. Disposable soap containers are not hygienic. People touch soap with dirty scrub which makes soap also dirty,

                                Soap dispensers are easy to use. You just need to push its handle to dispense soap. Nowadays touchless soap dispensers are also coming.

                                Now it comes that at which side of the faucet you should install the soap dispenser and how far it should be from the faucet.

                                Side selection depends on your hand use. If you are a right-hand person then install it on the right side or otherwise on the left side.

                                The distance between the soap dispenser and the faucet should be 8 inches. From the center of the faucet, a soap dispenser should be installed 8 inches far. You can change this distance as your need.

                                How Far Should Soap Dispenser Be From Kitchen Faucet?

                                How To Fix a Squeaky Faucet Handle?

                                The squeaky faucet handle makes anyone annoyed when they use the faucet. when you turn on the water squeaky faucet handle makes an annoying irritating crack sound every time.

                                If you have never done any plumbing work earlier still with our simple steps, you can fix the squeaky faucet handle easily. This is not a complex task. Follow the below steps to get it done easily and quickly.

                                • First, you need to be familiar with your faucet model. You need to find out the faucet model. On the faucet, there would be the model number. You can get information about faucets using that model number. You can check what parts are holding the faucet handle.
                                • Check where is the problem. If only squeaking noise is coming when you turn on the handle then by applying lubricant, you can solve this issue. With squeaking, other noises are also coming then check the next step.
                                • Now, you need to remove the faucet handle. For this, you need the right tools for this work. A screwdriver and adjustable wrench are needed for this.
                                • It’s time to remove the cap of the faucet handle. After removing the cap, you can see what is hiding under the cap. To pry off the cap, put gentle pressure on it.
                                • Now use a screwdriver to remove the screw of the handle. Move screwdriver into the clockwise direction to remove screws.
                                • After removing the screw, remove the knob of the handle.
                                • Use lubricant to lubricate the handle stem. Lubricant will make resistance low so when you move the handle it won’t make any noise. After lubricating, the handle stem, attach nuts and knob at their position.

                                How To Remove a Stuck Kitchen Faucet Nut?

                                You are removing the old faucet to replace or repair it. But its nut is not moving from its place. Don’t worry, you won’t need to call a plumber to open it.

                                • First, turn off the valve of the faucet. The valve is placed below the sink. Turn it off.
                                • Use penetration oil and spray it on the stuck nut and leave it for half an hour.
                                • Penetration oil will make nuts loose.
                                • Now use an adjustable wrench and fit it on the nut and move it counterclockwise. If still nut is stuck then strike the nut with a hammer.
                                • A Hammer strike will loosen the nut’s grip. So, now you can easily remove the kitchen faucet nut.
                                remove stuck faucet nut

                                How To Measure Faucet Thread Size?

                                By taking the size of the aerator, you can measure the faucet thread size. First, remove the aerator of the kitchen faucet. Now use a measurement tap and check the diameter of the aerator. The aerator diameter is the size of your kitchen faucet thread.

                                How To Lubricate Faucet Cartridge?

                                If the faucet handle is not turning easily. It is stuck and you need to apply more pressure on it to move it. By lubricating the cartridge and other parts of the handle, you can move it easily.

                                Remove the faucet handle by unscrewing the nut of it. Now remove the cartridge from the handle. Usually, it will come out when you pull it from your hands but if it is stuck, use a plier to remove it.

                                Use a silicon-based faucet to lubricate the faucet cartridge. You should avoid all those lubricants that contain petroleum chemicals. Petroleum-based grease is not a good lubricant and it will damage cartridges.

                                Types of Valves For Kitchen Faucets

                                The valve is the main part of the kitchen faucet that controls water flow and temperature. Valves are placed in the handle so when anyone rotates the handle the valve starts its work and turns the water on or off according to the position of the handle.

                                There are various different types of valves available in the market. We will talk about 4 types of valves that are used in the best kitchen faucets. The design and the functionality of all valves are different according to their uses.

                                best kitchen faucet

                                Cartridge Valve

                                Mostly used valve in the best kitchen faucets. Handles that have cartridge valves move 90 degrees to turn the water on or off. Blade handles are installed in this valve. When we do handles up and down then the cartridge valve blocks the waterline.

                                Cartridge works differently in the single and double handle kitchen faucet.

                                In a single-handle kitchen faucet temperature and water flow both are controlled by one handle. For single handle cartridge has to do extra work. When handling moves upside or downside the water flow turns on or off.

                                To change the temperature of the water cartridge needs to move right or left. Like other kitchen faucet parts cartridge also needs maintenance. When the valve stops working then you need to replace only the cartridge not any other part of the faucet.

                                kitchen faucet cartridge valve

                                Ball Valve

                                Nowadays fewer kitchen faucets use ball valves. There is ball shape valve in it. By moving the ball, you can change the temperature of the water and also control water flow.

                                kitchen faucet ball valve

                                Compression Valve

                                In earlier times, a compression valve has been used in the kitchen faucet. In earlier times there were separate handles for water flow and temperature control.

                                A compression valve had to be installed in both handles. It rotates 360 degrees. The compression valve can’t control temperature change accurately because in earlier times for hot and cold water people used to use different faucets.

                                The compression valve works on the inner washer. The inner washer works accordingly to handle movement and change the flow of water. Due to its design if it stops working then you need to replace the whole faucet, this is the opposite of cartridge replacement.

                                best kitchen faucet compression valve

                                Disk Valve

                                It consists of two disks that are placed together. When the handle is moved, space is created in the middle of the disc, causing water to flow.

                                The working mechanism of the disk valve is the same as a cartridge, which moves up or down for water flow, and left or right for temperature control. If the disc valve stops working then there is no need to replace the kitchen faucet or handle, just put a new disc valve in the place of the old ones.

                                Best Faucet Brands For The Kitchen


                                Delta is a reliable faucet brand that is loved by Americans. Delta is a trusted kitchen faucet brand in the United States of America. With its unique features and state-of-the-art design, Delta faucets are always ahead of their competitors.

                                Whether we talk about technology, functions, or the life of the faucet, Delta never disappoints us. Touchless, touch-activated, voice-activated, all the latest technologies are found in the Delta faucets.

                                Delta kitchen faucets are elegant so they look stylish in the kitchen. The high performance of the Delta kitchen faucet helps you to do washing work quickly.

                                delta kitchen faucet


                                Moen faucet brand doesn’t need an introduction. Meon faucet brand is known for its quality and perfection. Moen faucet company is founded in North America.

                                The Trust of people in Moen makes it the most reliable kitchen faucet brand. Moen never compromises on the quality of the faucet. Once you install the Moen faucet, for many years you don’t need to think about changing the faucet.

                                The design of Moen faucets is impressive. The premium look of the faucet gives an elegant look to the kitchen area.

                                After-sales service of moen brand is excellent. They are fully corporate with their customers. Like Delta, Moen also uses all the latest features in their faucets.

                                moen kitchen faucet brand


                                Grohe is not a USA-based faucet brand but due to its quality, Grohe has a good image in the USA. Grohe brand is known for its technology, stylish design, quality, and sustainability.

                                Grohe offers quality faucets for the kitchen. Grohe uses the latest touchless technologies in their kitchen faucets. You can see the German craftmanship in the Grohe faucet. Grohe faucets are not only reliable but also they are durable.

                                Grohe water sense technology saves water and reduces your water bill. Grohe has done lots of experiments with faucet design. They come with lots of innovative designs that are convenient in the use.

                                grohe faucet logo


                                Another trustable name for kitchen faucets is Pfister. For more than a decade Pfister is making faucets for the kitchen and bathroom. Pfizer offers a well-designed faucet for the kitchen sink.

                                By providing quality faucets and good after-sales service Pfister has gained the trust of its users. The reputation of Pfister is increasing day by day.

                                Pfister always comes with a unique faucet design that is followed by other brands. Pfister uses innovative design ideas that keep it ahead of its competition.

                                installation of the Pfister tap is not hard. With little plumbing knowledge, you can install a Pfister faucet easily. If you find any difficulty in the installation, check the installation guide that comes with the faucet or check their youtube channel for installation videos.

                                pfister faucet logo


                                When people talk about kitchen faucets, Kohler’s name always comes to their mind. Kohler was founded in 1893. Since its beginning, Kohler is offering amazing products to their customers.

                                Kohler offers luxurious as well as economical faucets. Customers love Kohler products because of their high performance and durability.

                                Kohler faucet is available all over America. The sustainability and stewardship of the Kohler brand are their top priority. With Kohler faucet, you get full control of the faucet. its faucets are rust-free and their spot-resistant finish needs less cleaning.

                                Kohler is known for its powerful docking systems. In their wide range of faucets, you get all types of kitchen faucets. Kohler faucets are considered top-quality kitchen faucets in the market.

                                kohler faucet logo


                                Kraus is a well-known kitchen faucet brand in the USA. Kraus is not an old faucet company but due to their top-quality faucets, Kraus is leaving behind top faucet brands.

                                Kraus faucets are good combinations of quality, features, and design. Their faucets price is not high so they are within the budget of many people. Kraus customer service is good and they have impeccable after-sales service provision.

                                Kraus has made a good impression among its customers by making quality faucets. Kraus faucets are built with the latest technologies. Kraus never compromises with the design of the faucet. YOu will find some best stylish faucets under the Kraus brand.

                                kraus faucet brand


                                Brizo is not a known name like other kitchen faucet brands but slowly with their durable and quality faucets, Brizo is aging trust of the people.

                                Brizo faucets are a perfectly balanced combination of style and durability. its faucets handle always moves to the front side so you don’t need any space at the backside of the faucet for the installation.

                                Brizo upgrades its faucet’s quality and design time-to-time to fulfill the needs of customers.

                                brizo faucet brand

                                High Arc vs Low Arc Kitchen Faucet

                                High arc kitchen faucets are also called gooseneck faucets. The height of the high arch faucets is generally more than 8 inches. These kitchen faucets are suitable for those who want more space in the sink to do all the washing and cleaning work.

                                Whether you want to fill big size pots or want to wash big size utensils, under high arc you get more space in the sink to do these all work easily. While using a high arc kitchen tap you need to take care of splashing. When you wash dishes near the spout in a high arc kitchen faucet then water splashes are natural and they will spread all over the counter.

                                8 inches is the maximum size of the low arc kitchen faucets. These types of kitchen faucets are useful for those kitchens that have small size sinks and they wash big size utensils a few times in the year. It needs less area to install. The disadvantage of the low arc kitchen faucet is that you can’t put big size pot under it.

                                best kitchen faucets

                                Why You Need a Kitchen Faucet Escutcheon?

                                Faucet escutcheon is also called deck plate. This is part of the faucet for the 3-hole sink. The main use of faucet escutcheon is to cover the extra holes of the faucet. It is not necessary to use it but imagine you are buying the best kitchen faucets and when you install it without faucet escutcheon and two extra holes around the faucet are visible then think how ugly this setup will look.

                                You can say that the kitchen faucet escutcheon works as a decorative plate for the sink. Most kitchen faucets in our list of best kitchen faucets review only need a single hole for installation. Usually, most companies give a deck plate with the faucet but sometimes to save the production cost they don’t give any deck plate.

                                Kitchen faucet escutcheon is not an expensive thing so if your favorite kitchen faucet in the list doesn’t have a deck plate then spending a few more bucks for a deck is not a big deal.

                                best kitchen faucet deck plate
                                Video Credit – Hansgrohe

                                How To Replace a Kitchen Faucet Valve?

                                latest kitchen faucet

                                Is your faucet handle leaking this section of best kitchen faucets addresses the following issue?

                                Water leaks around the control handle of a single handle faucet. It should take less than 15 minutes to kitchen faucet valve.

                                You’ll need several tools to complete this process.

                                • Lockjaw
                                • Pliers
                                • Flat blade
                                • Screwdriver
                                • Needle
                                • Nose
                                • Pliers
                                • Hex
                                • Wrench
                                • New valve

                                To begin turn off both the hot and cold-water supplies under the sink. Use the small flat blade, and screwdriver to remove the plug button located on the back of the kitchen faucet handle.

                                This will expose the set screw. Use the hex wrench to loosen the lock screw until you can lift off the handle.

                                With the handle off you will be able to unscrew and remove the bonnet without tools. This will expose the valve mounting nut.

                                Now use your lockjaw pliers to remove the mounting nut.

                                Next lift out the existing valve on the bottom of the new valve. There are two pegs that you will align with two depressions in the valve body.

                                This makes it easy to properly align the new valve with the new valve in place.

                                Reinstall the mounting nut until it is hand tight then give it another quarter to half turn with the lockjaw pliers.

                                Next, replace the bonnet fit on the handle tighten the setscrew then replace the plug button.

                                Finally, turn on the water supplies then test the operation of the new valve to be sure there are no leaks.

                                Water Leaking From Kitchen Faucet in The Middle When Water is Turned on – Solution

                                Sometimes water leaks from the kitchen faucet in the middle, when water is turned on it, happed due to worn out o rings. You need to replace o rings to solve the leakage problem. It is an easy process and can be done by yourself.

                                • To start this process, you need some tools like a crescent wrench or strap wrench, a small cloth, rag, optional flat-head screwdriver or needle-nose pliers, and silicone grease.
                                • Now turn off the water supply to both the hot and cold sides of the faucet underneath the sink.
                                • Use a center wrench or strap wrench to loosen the coupling nuts from the base of the spout.
                                • Use a rag to cover the wrench so it prevents the faucet finish from scratching.
                                • Now turn the wrench counterclockwise to open the nut.
                                • In some faucets, you need to remove the faucet handle before removing nuts.
                                • To remove the faucet spout, twist it back and forth and then pull the spout up and off. At the base, o rings are clearly visible now.
                                • rings number may be different according to faucet type. Use screwdriver or nose pliers to remove o rings.
                                • Before putting new o rings apply silicon grease at that place in the spout and on the o rings.
                                • Now put o rings onto the faucet body within their group slots. Make sure that o rings shouldn’t be twisted.
                                • After installing o rings, install the faucet handle and tighten all the nuts of the faucet and turn on the water supply.
                                best kitchen faucet leakage issue

                                How to Clean a Kitchen Faucet Aerator?

                                Are you facing a slow water issue in the kitchen faucet the aerator is the reason? A clogged aerator slows down the water pressure of the faucet. Unclogging an aerator is not a difficult task.

                                Tiny holes in the aerator create soft water flow and minimize water splashing. Sometimes due to small particles in the water, these holes get blocked so water pressure drops. Follow the below steps to clean a kitchen faucet aerator.

                                Step 1

                                First, place a towel or rag over the faucet cap or cover it with a little masking tape. This keeps the surface from being marred when you strong-arm the cap off.

                                Step 2

                                Second, use a wrench or pliers and turn the cap counterclockwise until it separates from the faucet.

                                Step 3

                                Third, take the cap off. You’ll want to pay attention to the way the inserts are arranged because you have to replace these parts in the same sequence and position.

                                Step 4

                                The fourth step is to clean the screens and water restrictors by flushing them with water. You may need to use a brush or push through the tiny holes with a needle or pin to unclog them. You can soak the aerator in the vinegar for half an hour.

                                Step 5

                                The final step is to reassemble the aerator in reverse order. Turn on the water and you should see a marked improvement in your water flow.

                                FAQ About Best Kitchen Faucets

                                What is The Best Material For Kitchen Faucet?

                                When it comes to choosing the best material for kitchen faucets then stainless steel is definitely a great pick. Stainless steel is a durable material. If your old faucet finishes faded in a few months or years then choose stainless steel faucet because steel keeps faucet rust and corrosion-free so the finish will look new for a longer time period. Another good thing about stainless steel material is that it is lightweight in comparison to brass.

                                Which Brand of Kitchen Faucet Is Best?

                                Delta and Moen are two famous brands for kitchen faucets. Both brands are making quality faucets with a stylish look. These brands always do new technology innovations in their faucet. The latest feature they are offering in their faucet is the voice control feature.

                                Is Moen or Delta Better Than Other Brands?

                                This is a non-ending debate that Moen or Delta which faucet is better. In terms of features, both faucets are head to head. Both have touchless and voice control faucet options. Both brands’ faucets are durable. Then how do decide which faucet is better?
                                After doing research we have found that in terms of style Moen faucet is slightly better than the Delta faucet. Also, when it comes to price Moen faucet has a slightly lower price in comparison to Delta (Not much difference in the price). So, a Moen faucet would be a better choice.

                                Why Are Kitchen Faucets So Expensive?

                                The main reason for the expensiveness of a kitchen faucet is technology. When a company gives more feature to the faucet then its prices increases. In touchless or voice control faucet sensors are required to work done by the faucet. Sensor increases the price of the faucet.
                                The second thing is which material is used for the faucet body also decides the price of the faucet. Big brands’ faucets are always expensive because they spend lots of money on marketing so to recover it, they have to increase the price of faucets.

                                How Much Should I Spend On a Kitchen Faucet?

                                The first thing it depends on your budget that how much it allows you to spend on the faucet. If you have a high budget then a faucet between the $250 to $350 range would be a good choice for you. In this price range, you get all the features on the faucet apart from the voice control option. For voice control, you need to spend more money. Touchless features are enough for daily use.

                                How Much Does a Plumber Charge to Put in a Kitchen Faucet?

                                The plumbing charge depends on the area wise. On average $150 is a common price for the plumbing. Price may be varied around it. Price may be increased if they have to remove the old faucet and put it in the new kitchen faucet.

                                How to Unscrew Traditional Kitchen Faucet?

                                To unscrew the traditional kitchen faucet, you need a basin wrench, and screwdriver. By using a basin wrench and screwdriver, unscrew all the nuts of the traditional kitchen faucet and remove it from its place.

                                How Do I Make My Kitchen Faucet Swivel Easier?

                                Due to rust and corrosion kitchen faucet doesn’t properly swivel. To make it swivel easier, you should regularly apply grease on its parts. Grease is a good source of lubricant so the faucet swivels smoothly without any hindrance.

                                How To Find Single Handle Faucet Which Way Is Hot?

                                hot and cold, both types of water come out from the faucet. If your faucet has a single handle then how would you know in which direction you have to move the handle to turn on hot water.
                                On the single-handle faucet, you would see the red and blue marks. These marks indicate the temperature of the water. If you move the handle towards the red mark, hot water will come out and for cold water move the handle towards the blue mark.

                                Final Words

                                Now all doubts about the best kitchen faucets would have been cleared. We have tried to clear all queries about the kitchen faucet in this guide. Everyone wants a comfortable and easy-to-use kitchen faucet with a long-life feature. After reading this guide, you would know which kitchen faucet is best for you. In the end, we can say that the Moen arbor faucet is a perfect choice for the kitchen, and for a low-budget pick, you can go with Karus bolden kitchen faucet.

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                                1. I have just purchased a new Brecklyn 87557SRS Spot Resist faucet-
                                  the only kick is the water is slow and quite cool- Any suggestionsÉ

                                  1. To increase water flow, remove the aerator. If it doesn’t work and the faucet is under replacement period, change it with any other faucets from the list.

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