10 Best Pfister Bathroom Faucet Reviews

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Pfister is a well-reputed company for bathroom and kitchen faucets. Pfister bathroom faucets are durable. Unlike Delta and Moen, the price of Pfister faucets is low. Give a unique look to the bathroom with these stylish and modern Pfister faucets. This best Pfister bathroom faucet reviews guide will give you full details about Pfister faucets for the bathroom.

pfister bathroom faucet review

There are some companies in the faucet industry that are known for their product quality, and Pfister is one of them. Pfister makes faucets for both the bathroom and kitchen. The build quality of Pfister bathroom faucets is impressive and its price range is not high.

In the USA Pfister is a well-known faucet brand among customers. Pfister faucets are stylish at the same time they are easy to use also.

From vintage to modern, Pfister has all types of bathroom faucet designs so whatever your bathroom interior, from Pfister’s vast faucet range you can choose the best faucet for your bathroom.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Runner Up

Pfister Deckard Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Pfister Deckard Widespread Bathroom Faucet

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Our Top Pick

Pfister Rhen Faucet

Pfister Rhen Bathroom Faucet Reiew

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Budget Pick

Pfister Contempra Faucet

Pfister Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet Review

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Curious about how we handpick the top-notch faucets on our list? Dive into our detailed review process, where we reveal the key factors we consider and the detailed steps we take to assess each faucet’s performance. Check our faucet review process.

Pfister Brand History

The Pfister company was established in 1910 by William Pfister and Emil price. In starting the company used to build equipment related to gardening. In course of time, Pfister entered the plumbing field and started making faucets for the kitchen and bathroom.

Initially, the company was named after its founders, so they called it Price Pfister and it remains for over 100 years. With this name, they did business for 100 years. But in 2010 the company’s members decided to change the name of the company and it becomes Pfister.

Pfister’s faucets were within budget with good quality so the company soon made a good brand image among customers. When world war 2 started like most other companies Pfister also helps the military by making products for the army.

When the war finished, they started their regular work and brought a new faucet range into the market. They called it the Pfister crown jewel collection.

The Crown jewel series of faucets were stylish and easy to install because of these features, the crown jewel collection quickly gained a good reputation among the people.

pfister bathroom faucet review

Now Pfister is a well-known brand name in the faucet industry. With its advanced technology, Pfister is making eco-friendly faucet that uses less water. Pfister uses the latest technology in faucets for easy use and also, and their installation process is easy.

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With the Pfister bathroom faucet, Pfister has set some standards for other brands. In this best Pfister bathroom faucet reviews guide, we have chosen the best faucet for the bathroom from the Pfister bathroom faucet world.

Pfister Bathroom Faucet Comparison Chart

NameRatingColorSpout HeightSpout Reach
Pfister Rhen Bathroom Faucet5/5Polished Chrome5.2 inches4.65 inches
Pfister Deckard Bathroom Faucet5/5Matte Black4.6 inches4.2 inches
Pfister Contempra Bathroom Faucet5/5Chrome5.15 inches5.08 inches
Pfister Kenzo Bathroom Faucet4.8/5Matte Black3.25 inches6.35 inches
Pfister Single Handle Bathroom Faucet4.7/5Matte Black6.27 inches4.5 inches
Pfister Jaida Bathroom Faucet4.4/5Polished chrome5.95 inches5.23 inches
Pfister Marille Bathroom Faucet4.3/5Stainless Steel6.9 inches5.4 inches
Pfister Ashfiled Bathroom Faucet4.2/5Oil Rubbed Bronze5.2 inches4.9 inches
Pfister Bathroom Sink Faucet4.1/5Matte Black4 inches6.54 inches
Pfister Bathroom Sink Faucet4.1/5Polished Chrome6.2 inches4.9 inches

List of 10 Best Pfister Bathroom Faucets

Why choose the Pfister bathroom faucet? Pfister’s years of hard work can be seen in its faucets. The company has a good reputation in the market due to its build quality. Every faucet of the Pfister comes to the market after passing thousands of tests. Pfister’s affordable price range is another good reason to buy its faucet.

1. Pfister Rhen Bathroom Faucet Review

Our Top Pick

Pfister bathroom faucet reviews


  • Weight – 5.75 Pound
  • Size – 14.16 x 11.8 x 3.06 inches
  • Finish – Brushed nickel
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.2 GPM

Most beautiful Pfister faucet in the list of best Pfister bathroom faucet reviews. Pfister Rhen’s faucet design is inspired by an heirloom wedding gown.

At the bottom of the faucet and handle Pfister has used a flower shape design pattern to make the faucet more attractive. The handles design is symmetrical so from the front and back they look similar. Also, the waterfall shape spout creates an emerging look of the waterfall.

Another feature of Pfister Rhen widespread bathroom faucet is that it has an all-metal body. A full metal body provides a long life to the faucet and also makes the faucet stronger to take fight against corrosion and rust.

A large ceramic disc is used in the faucet so in operating the faucet you won’t face any difficulty and all the operations of the faucet will be held smoothly.

The cartridge is an important part of any faucet and Pfister has used Ultra seal ¼ turn cartridge in Pfister Rhen bathroom tap. The main benefit of an ultra-seal cartridge is that it makes the faucet leak-free.

Water comes out in the form of a ribbon due to the waterfall shape of the spout. Pfister Rhen bathroom faucet has a 1.2 GPM water flow speed. Speed is decent so no wastage of water and it is good for the environment.

Four color variants are available for faucets – Brushed gold, Brushed nickel, matte black, and polished chrome.

Installation is an important part of a faucet and it can increase the cost of any faucet if don’t have a little bit of knowledge of faucet installation.

Pfister Rhen bathroom faucet is built with push and seal drain technology. So, you don’t need a bundle of tools to install faucets or don’t need much knowledge of installation.

By reading the instruction manual anyone can easily install the Rhen faucet, not many tools are needed. Easy push and press technology helps to install the faucet in 3 minutes as Pfister claims.

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  • Most beautiful and stylish faucet on the list
  • Push and seal drain assembly
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Substantial in weight
  • Easy push and connect installation


  • No deck plate is included

2. Pfister Deckard Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Runner up

Pfister LG49-DA0B widespread bathroom faucet reviews


  • Weight – 5.53 Pound
  • Size – 12.13 x 9.84 x 3.11 inches
  • Finish – Matte Black
  • Material – Metal
  • Flow rate – 1.2 GPM

The reason for placing Pfister LG49-DA0B in the second position in the list of best Price Pfister bathroom faucet reviews guide is its performance and style. There is hardly anything to dislike about the Pfister LG49-DA0B bathroom faucet.

Pfister Deckard widespread faucet does not become a part of the crowd due to its square shape design and gives a contemporary look to the sink.

For people who want something different from the trend, the Pfister Deckard LG49-DA0B faucet is a good option. Easily adjust the gap between the handle from 8-inch to 16-inch.

Square shape design with futuristic looks gets thumbs up from every customer. Pfister LG49-DA0B bathroom faucet has an aerator pitcher that is set to forward angled. Angle into the aerator gives a better water flow to the faucet and also, you get more clearance of water into the sink.

Three color options Matte black, brushed nickel, and polished chrome go with all bathroom interiors.

Metal is used to build a body of faucets which gives longer life. Pfister always uses the latest technology for their faucet so they used a pforever seal ceramic disc cartridge for long-lasting performance without any leaking problem.

Pfister Deckard bathroom faucet is an advanced level faucet that has a water flow rate is 1.8 GPM with 60 psi pressure.

Pfister takes care of all the government standards in their faucets. There is a standard ADA/ANSI A117.1 that is for disabled persons. Any company passes this standard, its products are eligible to use for disabled persons, and Pfister LG49-DA0B has this standard.

There are some other standards also which this Pfister faucet passes compliant with the California energy commission, EPA water efficiency standards, and NSF/ANSI 372 for lead-free water.

Pfister’s designers want to create a faucet that has a combination of modern design with authentic Pfister faucet looks, so they choose a square shape design.


  • Square shape design with angled aerator
  • pforever seal ceramic disc cartridge
  • IAMPO certified
  • CSA B125 certified
  • EPA water sense certification


  • The price is a little bit high

3. Pfister Contempra LG49C1C Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet Review

Budget option

Pfister bathroom faucet reviews


  • Weight – 3 Pound
  • Size – 12.25 x 6 x 8.88 inches
  • Finish – Matte Black
  • Material – Metal
  • Flow rate – 1.2 GPM

Pfister contempra series is an example of excellent performance, stylish design, and superb build quality. Pfister LG49C1C brushed nickel bathroom faucet is part of its contempra series and it gives no reason to dislike this faucet.

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Pfister brushed nickel bathroom faucet is a round neck faucet with excellent performance. In design Pfister never compromises they always give their best with every faucet and the same they did with the comtempra series.

Its design will remind you of the old European era and the vintage look gets thumbs up from every vintage design lover. A high round spout assures you don’t feel uncomfortable while using the Pfister bathroom faucet.

4 color variant is available for the Pfister LG49C1C bathroom faucet – Polished chrome, matte black, brushed nickel, and brushed gold. Our favorite color for this faucet is polished chrome because in this color its beauty is more refined.

Don’t be deceived by its simple style this is a powerful faucet for the bathroom sink. It emits water from the 1.2 GPM water flow rate with CALGreen technology which saves 20% of water.

It is built with a metal body for more durability and covered with a shiny chrome polish which enhances its beauty. It looks simple but it follows all the major guidelines for the faucet so we include Pfister brushed nickel bathroom faucet in the list of Pfister bathroom faucet reviews.

Pfister LG49C1C brushed nickel bathroom tap is a highly efficient faucet that saves lots of water with its Calgreen technology. While designing it, special care has been taken that the faucet looks good and gives a good performance as well. The use of good quality metal gives pure water.

Pfister LG49C1C faucet is a 3-hole deck mount bathroom faucet that is easy to install. You can adjust the gap between the handle according to the bathroom sink size. No leaking problem due to ceramic disc valve cartridge.


  • No corrosion and rust problem
  • Easy installation
  • Water-saving technique
  • 4-color options
  • Easy to use handle design


  • The water flow rate is slow

4. Pfister LG49DF3B Kenzo Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

Pfister bathroom faucet reviews


  • Weight – 4.6 Pound
  • Size – 11.8 x 7.4 x 2.3 inches
  • Finish – Matte Black
  • Material – Metal
  • Flow rate – 1.2 GPM

If you have less space in your bathroom and the sink size is small then the Pfister LG49DF3B faucet is the best Pfister faucet for the bathroom sink. This is a wall mount faucet so the sink is fully free to use. Pfister LG49DF3B mini widespread bathroom faucet is the best alternative for deck mount bathroom faucet.

What we like is that the Pfister LG49DF3B bathroom faucet is one of the few streams that can become a central attraction in the bathroom.

Its slightly curved-shaped spout attracts everyone’s attention in the bathroom and the black matte finish adds more beauty to it.

If you don’t like the black color then 2 other color options are also available brushed nickel and polished chrome. It includes 2 handles for hot and cold water supply.

Like other faucets in the list of Pfister bathroom faucet reviews, designers make Pfister mini widespread bathroom faucet unique with its unique ribbon water delivery. The spout mouth is thin so water flows from its mouth like a ribbon band.

Pfister LG49DF3B faucet’s contemporary design is suitable for both residential and commercial design bathrooms. The design of the faucet is a reflection of the Pfister brand.

With Pfister mini widespread bathroom faucet you get a mindboggling 1.8 GPM water flow speed that makes your work easy in the bathroom sink. What makes this faucet stand apart from the crowd is its handle which is attractive in appearance and comfortable to use.

Pfister LG49DF3B bathroom faucet is an ideal choice for a bathroom. Pfister bathroom faucet is adorned with the latest technology like its water sense technology uses less water for washing.

This is a 3-hole wall mount faucet so maybe you need a plumber to install it if you are not familiar with how to install a faucet. But wall mount Pfister faucet benefit is that you get more space in your sink.


  • Wall mount faucet so need less space
  • Built heavy metal for more durability
  • Water sense technology for less water use
  • High water flow rate
  • No deck plate is needed


  • Need a plumber for installation
  • A little bit pricy

5. Pfister Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

Pfister bathroom faucet reviews


  • Weight – 4.49 Pound
  • Size – 18.27 x 7.28 x 2.87 inches
  • Finish – Matte Black
  • Material – Metal
  • Flow rate – 2 GPM

If you want to install a new faucet in the bathroom with the latest technology, brilliant performance, high water pressure, and attractive design but in the budget, you are not getting the right option then it means you haven’t seen the Pfister LG42-DA0B faucet.

This Pfister single-handle bathroom faucet is one of their most loved faucets. This faucet is a member of the Deckard family so it has a square shape design like other facets of the Deckard family.

Its ultra-modern square shape design makes it a center point of the bathroom and also easy to use the product. Sometimes in a single-handle faucet, it becomes arduous to control the temperature of the water.

It is a beautiful addition if you want to replace your old sink faucet in the bathroom. Chrome shine works perfectly and stands out in the bathroom separately.

Pfister LG42-DA0B single handle bathroom faucet has 2 GPM flow rates and this is one of the highest flow rates in this Pfister bathroom faucet reviews list. A high flow rate means more amount of water per minute but with its EPA water sense technology, it saves 20% water.

The aerator of the faucet is mounted at a forward angle so less sink area gets more space while using it. A faucet is good if it works without leaking problems and for this Pfister has a solution for leaking problems they use a valve cartridge that works longer without leakage.

What you need in faucet more if it gives you lead-free water. NSF/ANSI standards are followed by Pfister LG42-DA0B single-handle bathroom faucet for healthy water. There are more United states standards to which Pfister LG42-DA0B bathroom taps live up for a better experience.


  • Easy installation due to single handle
  • Square shape design with angled aerator
  • Follow many standards
  • High water flow rate
  • Long-life body material


  • The design could be better

6. Pfister Jaida LF-049-JDGS Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

Pfister faucet review guide


  • Weight – 5.5 Pound
  • Size – 14.95 x 11.8 x 2.94 inches
  • Finish – Spot Defense Brushed Nickel
  • Material – Metal
  • Flow rate – 1.2 GPM

Pfister Jaida waterfall bathroom tap is an example of good craftsmanship that’s outcome is an excellent design. This is a 2-handle widespread faucet with a waterfall spout.

It has lots of inbuilt functions like Accudeck technology, pforever seal, volume control lever, and more.

At first impression, the Pfister waterfall bathroom faucet takes you to the old European era. This model comes in 3 different colors Polished chrome, spot defense brushed nickel, and Tuscan bronze. We like its Tuscan bronze finish because it matches both old and modern style bathrooms.

The curved design of the Pfister faucet is enough to make its presence felt in a bathroom. Waterdrop marks are not visible if you use it spot defense brushed nickel body.

The use of a Pfister waterfall bathroom faucet on a daily basis is easy enough water flow so you can do all the washing process easily. The installation process is easy and you don’t need any extra thing to install it all the needed material comes in a box.

The beauty of Jaida exists in its soft and sleek lines and traditional styling cues enhance its beauty more.

Pfister waterfall bathroom faucet has the easiest installation process in the list of Pfister bathroom faucet reviews. To install the faucet’s pop up drain assembly, you only have to push it. With beauty, Pfister Jaida is feature-loaded also.  

Pfister claims that 3 minutes are enough to install the faucet. It comes with a quick install tool for the easy setup process. Like other Pfister faucets, it has also some certifications for water-saving, lead-free water, eco-green faucet, ergonomic design, and more.

Its 1.2 GPM water flow rate creates a smooth waterfall effect. Pfister Jaida LF-049-JDGS is a deck mount or countertop faucet. Pfister Jaida’s bathroom faucet is a countertop faucet and needs 3 holes for installation without the use of any deck plate.


  • It has a good quality metal body
  • Easiest installation process
  • Create a smooth stream of waterfall
  • The durable finish lasts for years
  • Sprayer and soap pump is included


  • The flow rate is decent

7. Pfister Marielle LG49M0BC Bathroom Faucet

Pfister Marielle LG49M0BC bathroom faucet


  • Weight – 5.8 Pound
  • Size – 17.9 x 9.6 x 2.7 inches
  • Finish – Polished Chrome
  • Material – Metal
  • Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

The main advantage of the Pfister Marielle faucet is that the spout reach is high so you get a good space in the sink for washing. This widespread waterfall bathroom faucet by Pfister looks vintage in style so the bathroom atmosphere changes to old American style.

Its sleek and shiny design with a high rounded arc spout creates a timeless pure presence. If you don’t like its silver polish then other options are also available in Tuscan bronze and brushed nickel.

Its perfect curves and sleek lines on the body are perfect combinations of versatility. After installing this waterfall bathroom faucet by Pfister in the bathroom, you feel a new look in the bathroom. Design is the main reason we have included this faucet in the list of Pfister bathroom faucet reviews.

Stainless steel finish fits in all the interior because this color is versatile and goes with any type of sink and bathroom color.

If you have a little knowledge about designing, then you will not have trouble understanding how much the designer has taken care of every detail while designing the Pfister LG49M0BC bathroom tap.

In the modern world eco-friendly products are the customer’s first priority, keep this thing in mind Pfister makes this faucet an eco-friendly product.

CALgreen is standard which ensures that the product is a water saver and the Pfister Marielle bathroom faucet saves more than 20% water in comparison to other faucet brands.

Pfister has divided the faucet into three different parts. One high arc spout and two cylindrical shape handles make it a modern look faucet.

This waterfall bathroom faucet by Pfister is compatible with the ADA standard so it can be accessible by disabling people. This feature is helpful for those families who have any disabled people in their family.

Pfister Marielle bathroom faucet comes with all the necessary parts for installation. The whole body is constructed with high-grade brass material. Why would you worry about leakage if the ceramic disc is used in the Pfister faucet?


  • More space in the sink due to high arc spout
  • Old vintage style design
  • Pass all ADA standards
  • Corrosion and rust-free body
  • Installation is not difficult


  • Some users complain about the problem with drain pipes

8. Pfister Ashfield Bathroom Faucet Review

Pfister faucet in budget


  • Weight – 3 Pound
  • Size – 12 x 7 x 6.3 inches
  • Finish – Rustic Bronze
  • Material – Bronze
  • Flow rate – 1.2 GPM

Its spectacular design becomes the main attraction point of the bathroom and the Pfister faucet will be the first thing that anyone will notice in the bathroom. Pfister LF042YP0U faucet is designed to become a central attraction of the bathroom.

In this list of best Pfister bathroom faucet reviews, Pfister Ashfield faucet has only the ability to give a top-notch performance with implacable pristine beauty.

Rustic bronze finish and waterfall design with the lucrative spout attracts people. With practical functioning and a single handle, the Pfister Ashfield bathroom tap has some stylish aesthetic at the same time.

Its Tuscan bronze color scheme and countryside design are enough to pull it out from the crowd of normal design faucets. Its single handle makes it easy to flow water in a waterfall shape. But the waterfall shape has one minus point that its water flow speed is low.

Pfister teams didn’t compromise on anything to make faucets. Pfister uses Pforever Seal for leak-free performance. No need to do any extra investment in the faucet because its DIY installation process needs no plumber. High water pressure is a good thing about this Pfister bathroom faucet.

For a busy routine life, a Pfister Ashfield bathroom faucet is a great option. Single handles design is suitable for small size sinks in the bathroom. It follows all the American standards for faucets like CEC, WaterSense, CALgrenn, ADA, and NSF compliant.


  • Slim and elegant design
  • Waterfall design with a vintage look
  • Value for money
  • Good water flow rate
  • Easy to use for elderly people


  • Sometimes water flow changes automatically

9. Price Pfister Bathroom Sink Faucet

pfister bathroom faucet reviews


  • Weight – 2.73 Pound
  • Size – 9.24 x 8.26 x 2.59 inches
  • Finish – Matte Black
  • Material – brass
  • Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

Wall mount faucets are a great choice for those people who have a small size bathroom. For the wall mount bathroom faucet, you don’t need a regular size sink, you can install it in a small size sink and can adjust the space in the bathroom.

Its eye-catching look is specially designed to enhance the beauty of the bathroom. Pfister LG49-RH2B faucet beauty is undoubtedly the second most beautiful faucet in the list of best Pfister bathroom faucet reviews. Price Pfister bathroom sink faucet makes the bathroom sink center attraction of the bathroom.

Pfister LG49-RH2B bathroom faucet is made of brass body. Easy to use the faucet in the bathroom. Pfister faucet is an example of a good working faucet with a stylish look at the same time.

If you don’t like the matte black finish of the faucet then here are 3 more color options available – Brushed gold, brushed nickel, and polished chrome. Sleek lines and shiny finish are the reason the Pfister LG49-RH2B faucet is not a part of the crowd.

Pfister waterfall wall mount faucet has a curved shape spout design and it also saves water with the slow speed of water flow. Price Pfister bathroom sink faucet has various features to make your washing work easy in the bathroom.

Pfister LG49-RH2B bathroom faucet follows ADA and ANSI A117 standards and makes sure that the faucet can be used by all disabled persons.


  • The best option for small size sink
  • Spot resistance finish
  • Water-saving feature
  • Leak-free performance


  • May we need a plumber for installation

10. Pfister Bathroom Sink Faucet Reviews

price pfister bathroom faucet reviews


  • Weight – 3.9 Pound
  • Size – 20.87 x 8.86 x 2.76 inches
  • Finish – Brushed Nickel
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.5 GPM

Its round shape spout helps it to make another unique design faucet in the list of best Pfister bathroom faucet reviews. Less space is needed for the Pfister LG42WR0K bath faucet due to its single-hole installation.

The single handle becomes easy to operate the temperature and water flow of the faucet. Smooth and clean lines on the faucet body enhance its beauty. Whether you have a vintage-style interior or a modern interior its versatile look will fit in any type of interior.

Like Pfister Rhen tap, Pfister bathroom sink faucet also has pushed and sealed drain assembly to install faucet easily.

1.2 GPM rate is ideal for bathroom faucets and also it saves 200$ on the water bill by saving water.

Pfister LG42WR0K bath faucet is a single-handle faucet and if you have a 3-hole sink then you need to purchase a deck plate because no deck plate is included with the faucet.

Its well-built quality ensures that the faucet works for a longer time in the bathroom without facing any issues. Clean the faucet regularly after use so no stains will be formed on it.

The model is fully ADA compliant so if you have any disabled person in the house then they will not face any difficulty to use Pfister LG42WR0K faucet.


  • Sleek look suits all bathroom
  • Easy installation process
  • Pfister limited lifetime warranty
  • Ultra seal cartridge


  • No deck plate is included

A Perfect Buying Guide for Pfister Bathroom Faucet

Pfister is a top leading name in the faucet industry for the last 100 years. The quality of the Pfister bathroom sink faucet is excellent but even in terms of design, it is second to none. With their experience, they are making some outstanding faucets in terms and design and features.


pfister bathroom faucet review guide

Pfister has every type of faucet design for the bathroom and kitchen faucet. When you search online for a faucet you may get confused with lots of options. Pfister bathroom sink faucet wide faucet range has enough choice that it can be matched with any bathroom design.

A right faucet design can enhance bathroom beauty. Pfister has widespread, centerset, pull-down, pull out, single handle, and double handles of all types of design. Our Pfister bathroom faucet reviews guide has some good design Pfister faucet collections.


When a brand becomes popular, they raise the price of their products, but with Pfister, you don’t find this trend. Pfister is an old company still their faucet’s price is the budget of a common man.

Most of their faucet’s price is around $100 to $150. There may be some faucets whose prices may be high. Price is one of the main reasons people loving Pfister for so many years.

Water Pressure

pfister bathroom faucet buyer guide

Water pressure is measured in terms of flow rate. For the flow rate, GPM is a measurement unit. GPM stands for a gallon per minute and it shows how much water is coming out from the faucet per minute.

Most faucet GPM starts at 1.2 and goes to 2.5 GPM. In this list of price Pfister bathroom faucet reviews, Pfister LG42-DA0B faucet has the highest 2 GPM.

For Pfister bronze bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet, GPM rates are different. In Kitchen, we need more pressure to clean dishes so the kitchen faucet has a high GPM.

Faucet Life

For the faucet, most faucet brands like Pfister, Delta, Moen, Kohler use brass, steel, bronze, nickel for the faucet body because these materials give a longer life to the faucet. Pfister uses different materials according to faucet design. Pfister always takes care that their faucet gets longer life and works for many years without any leakage problem.


The cartridge plays an important role in the leak-proof faucet. Pfister uses different types of cartridges pforever cartridges, disc ceramic cartridges, drip-free cartridges, and more. A good cartridge means longer leakage-free life and Pfister makes their user happy with the use of good quality cartridges.

pfister faucet buying guide


For any Pfister bathroom faucet, size is an important feature at the time of choosing a faucet. The kitchen faucet size is generally high in comparison to the bathroom faucet. If you have a small size sink and you choose a big size faucet then you get less room for washing.

If you are choosing a pull-down faucet or pull-out faucet then keep in mind that your sink size should be big. Also, for the Pfister waterfall faucet, if you have a big sink then the waterfall faucet will create an amazing effect.

Easy Installation Process

Installation is a process, where you have to, maybe invest money after buying a faucet. If you don’t know how to install a faucet then you need a plumber for this work.

Most of the price Pfister single-hole bathroom faucet comes with a pre-installation guide so you can install faucets without a plumber’s help. The wall mount faucet may be needing a plumber for installation. But all other faucets from Pfister are easy to install. By reading their installation guide you can easily install the faucet.

How to install Pfister faucet


Warranty means after service of any company that how they reply to their customer if they find any problem with the product. If you ever used Pfister faucet then you Definity know how their customer service is. Most users on Amazon gave a 5-star rating to their customer service.

Pfister bathroom faucets usually, give a 10-year warranty but with a model, this warranty changes. In warranty, if you get any problem with the faucet then Pfister will replace the faulty part or they will replace a full faucet.

How Do You Clean a Pfister Bathroom Faucet?

After every time anyone uses a faucet then clean it with a dry cotton cloth, this is the best way to keep a faucet clean. If you do this regularly then your faucet finish keeps new for a long time.

FAQ About Pfister Bathroom Faucet

Which Faucet is Better Moen or Pfister?

Moen and Pfister both are well-established brands in the faucet industry. If you see the faucet range then Pfister has a wide range of faucets for the bathroom and kitchen. Also. Pfister offers different color options for the same faucet.
After-sale services for both Moen and Pfister are the same but when you read some reviews on Amazon and other sites you see that moen gains more points when compared to Pfister in after-sale service.

How Do You Tighten a Pfister Bathroom Faucet?

If your faucet is leaking or the handle is loose then you can use this method to tighten the handle. Check nuts of the handle is properly tight or not. Most of the time when you clean the drainpipe then there is a chance that the nut may become loose. In the next step Turn off the faucet and find the nut which is loose and tight with a wrench or pliers.

How Do I Remove a Pfister Bathroom Faucet?

First, turn off the water supply of hot and cold water from the faucet. If you don’t find a supply then you can turn off the main water supply of the house. Now turn the pipes of the faucet clockwise with a wrench until they are movable by hand. Now turn the nut of the spout and handle with pliers so they become loose and removable by hand. All parts are now loose so you can put out the faucet from its place.

Are Pfister Bathroom Faucets Good?

Yes. There are some faucet brands in the market that is famous due to the quality of its product and the Pfister faucet brand is one of them. It uses good quality material in its product, due to which its faucets work well without any supplement for many years. Good colors are used in the finish of the Pfister faucet so that the finish of the faucet does not fade with time. Its faucets are of good quality, due to which you can use them in your bathroom and kitchen.

Are Moen and Pfister Interchangeable?

Yes. Pfister faucet can be installed at the place of Moen or any other faucet. Moen and Pfister are totally interchangeable faucets, you can replace the moen faucet with Pfister without doing any extra holes.

price Pfister bathroom faucet cartridge replacement video

Final Words

Pfister bathroom faucets are within the budget for many people and also they are stylish. Pfister’s wide color range has lots of options for every bathroom design. All faucet in this Pfister bathroom faucet reviews with pros and cons has good customer reviews. People are happy with the Pfister faucet and its after-service.

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