7 Best Danze Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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Are you also among those people who think that only the faucets of brands like Delta, and Moen are of good quality, then you are wrong. There are many other brands in the market that are less famous but the quality of Danze kitchen faucets is equal to the faucets of Delta and Moen, Danze is one of those brands.

In the Danze kitchen faucet reviews guide after detailed research, we have selected some good modern faucets from Danze’s faucet collections that have good quality and the price is also within the budget.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Runner Up


Danze Parma Kitchen Faucet

Danze Parma Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

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Our Top Pick

Danze Kitchen Faucet

Danze Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

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Budget Pick

Danz Melrose Kitchen Faucet

Danz Melrose Kitchen Faucet

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Curious about how we handpick the top-notch faucets on our list? Dive into our detailed review process, where we reveal the key factors we consider and the detailed steps we take to assess each faucet’s performance. Check our faucet review process.

Why Should You Choose The Danze Kitchen Faucet?

In the last few years, In the USA Danze has increased its number of service centers. Customers’ trust is built in the brand only when they get good after-sales service. The customer service of Danze is available 24×7 and supportive.

This risk-taking factor proved to be a plus point for the company and Danze’s sell graph started to grow slowly. Initially, the people had some issues with the company’s faucets, but Danze took note of the review from the customers and removed all the flaws that the customers were telling.

Danze kitchen faucet is for those people who are bored with the common design of the faucet and want to install a unique design faucet in their kitchen. Danze faucet is the perfect choice for modern kitchen design.

Is Danze A Good Kitchen Faucet Brand?

Brand image is formed due to good or bad reviews from customers and the quality of the product. If you ask the people who are using the product of Danze, then most people will appreciate its quality.

One of the special things about Danze is that in its collection you will get all kinds of faucets from new to old design. Danze Opulence series has been specially designed for vintage design lovers. Nowadays people love to install vintage-style faucets to give a unique look to the kitchen.

Danze’s goal is to make a good market in the US and compete with big brands. Danze has always been famous for the unique design of its kitchen faucets.

danze kitchen faucet reviews

Danze uses high-quality brass products to ensure that the faucet body does not deteriorate quickly and there is no leakage problem in them.

Danze is among the few faucet brands that give you great products in the budget range. Before reviewing any product, it is important to know the quality of the products and when we search for feedback both online and offline, then positive reviews from customers were more.

In Danze, you will get more options for Danze single-handle kitchen faucets instead of double. Danze is known for its good-quality single-handle kitchen faucet.

Danze Kitchen Faucet Comparison Chart

NameRatingColorSpout HeightSpout Reach
Danze Foodie Kitchen Faucet5/5Stainless Steel9.25 inches7.54 inches
Danze Parma Kitchen Faucet5/5Polished Chrome8.32 inches7.36 inches
Danze Melrose Kitchen Faucet5/5Stainless Steel10.2 inches9.1 inches
Danze Opulence Kitchen Faucet4.7/5Stainless Steel5.6 inches5 inches
Danze Kitchen Faucet4.6/5Chrome12.5 inches9.4 inches
Danze Pre-rinse Kitchen Faucet4.2/5Polished Chrome13.28 inches9.65 inches
Danze Sonora Kitchen Faucet4.2/5Stainless Steel8.95 inches7.95 inches

7 Best Danze Kitchen Faucet Reviews

1. Danze DH451188SS Single Handle Pre-rinse Kitchen Faucet

Our Top Pick

danze single handle commercial kitchen faucet


  • Weight – 7.53 Pound
  • Size – 27.5 x 12.6 x 5.1 inches
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.75 GPM

This faucet is part of Danze’s foodie collections series. Danze DH451188SS is designed for those people who want a commercial faucet in the kitchen but at a decent price. Its high arc design and spring-in arc give a perfect look to the faucet. It is a perfect-looking faucet.

If there are more utensils in your kitchen for washing, then the Danze Foodie kitchen faucet is the right choice.

The water in the commercial faucet comes out with high pressure, due to which the dishes get easily washed. If you want to fill a big pot, it is also filled in a few seconds. The size of the Danze pull-down kitchen faucet and their spring design a big reason that they can be easily identified in the kitchen.

Danze has launched it in the market with 4 different color combinations – Chrome, chrome with the red hose, stain black, and stainless steel. While designing faucets, Danze has given special focus to keeping the design simple and minimalist.

Danze foodie kitchen faucet is a single hole faucet but for a 3-hole sink, it has a 2-inch-thick and 8-inch-wide deck plate. The water pressure rate for the faucet is 1.75 GPM.

Danze DH451188SS single handle pulldown kitchen faucet has two spray mode options steady flow spray and powerful spray. For filling the pot fast, switch to the powerful spray mode option. When we talk about a rotating spout, It rotates to 360 degrees.

One advantage of commercial faucets is they use a ceramic disc valve for no leakage. It fully abides by the rules of ADA and CEC that why we choose the Danze DH451188SS foodie kitchen faucet as the first faucet for review in the list of Danze kitchen faucet reviews.

Its pull-down function also works properly when your work is finished, the spray head reaches the original position smoothly without any problems.


  • Commercial look design
  • High water pressure
  • 4 Color options
  • ADA complaint
  • 360-degree spout rotation


  • Little bit pricy

2. Danze D454058 Parma Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Runner up

danze parma single handle kitchen faucet review


  • Weight – 4 Pound
  • Size – 27.63 x 11.88 x 3.38 inches
  • Finish – Stainless steel
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.75 GPM

This faucet is part of Danze’s parma cafe collection. To give a modern and minimalistic look Danze keeps the design of the Danze parma stainless steel kitchen faucet clean and slim. Danze gave a name to the design – cylindrical design.

In some faucets, you get bored with the design after some time but the Danze D454058 parma stainless steel kitchen faucet will make your eyes relaxed. Like the above model, it has also two function spray modes.

Due to the single handle, it becomes easy to control the flow of water and set the temperature. You can set both very precisely. Ceramic discs are used to prevent the dripping of water. You will find these types of faucets mostly in the house as everyone likes their simple design.

In the Danze parma stainless steel kitchen faucet, Danze uses a snapback retraction system for the spray head. After cleaning dishes when you released the spray head then due to its snapback retraction system spray head smoothly goes back to its original position.

For installation, you don’t need the help of any plumber. Simple DIY installation takes less than 30 minutes to install a faucet in the kitchen sink. For your help, they give a manual installation guide.

The spray head has two spray modes for washing but one thing we don’t like about it is that the spray head is made of plastic so the quality-wise it is not as good as the other.


  • Cylindrical design
  • Easy installation process
  • Snapback retraction system
  • Solid brass body


  • The deck plate is not included

3. Danze D450015 Melrose Kitchen Faucet

Danze D450015 Melrose Kitchen Faucet


  • Weight – 7.7 Pound
  • Size – 8.75 x 2.38 x 18.25 inches
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 2.2 GPM

Something different, aside from the regular design. Danze melrose kitchen faucet will enhance the decoration of your kitchen.

The size of its spray head is wider than the size of the spout body, which gives the faucet a stunning look.

When you pay attention to the handle, you will find that it is designed in a vintage style. The handle is thin with ball shape design at the end of perfect gripping.

This is a Danze single-handle kitchen faucet and is popular for its unique spray head design for this we have included it in the Dnanze kitchen faucet reviews guide.

Danze products are stylish and also user-friendly so that they can be used easily by the eldest to the youngest child.

For good washing, the height of the faucet should be tall. In this Danze kitchen faucet, you get a 10-inch long faucet. This height is not great but enough for washing but when you pull out the spray head it becomes 18 inches longer.

Danze melrose kitchen faucet is available in 2 colors chrome and stainless steel. For the finish, Danze uses a tarnish and corrosion resistance chrome finish with a durable brass body for a longer life period.

Sometimes hot water starts flowing on the reverse side of the faucet, this type of problem is mostly found in some pull-down kitchen faucets but Danze uses an integral check valve to control backflow prevention.

Danze uses 1.75 GPM water flow speed for water pressure but water-sense technology in faucets saves lots of water from waste. Aerated flow and powerful spray are 2 modes is of faucets that can be switched by you anytime.


  • 18-inch long spray head
  • Integral check valve
  • Dual spray mode
  • Easy installation process


  • Only 2 color options are available

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4. Danze D404557PNV Opulence Kitchen Faucet With Side Sprayer

danze opulence two handle kitchen faucet


  • Weight – 7.71 Pound
  • Size – 10.75 X 12.00 X 9.00 inches
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

The next faucet in the Danze kitchen faucet reviews guide is the Danze opulence kitchen faucet. First vintage style faucet on the list. The name of the Danze vintage series is Opulence.

The designer has given all his effort to make it a timeless beauty and this effort is clearly visible in its design. Its elegant traditional design will catch the attention of every person coming to the kitchen.

Danze opulence kitchen faucet is a two-handle bridge faucet. If you don’t know then in the bridge faucet handles and spout all are connected. You can’t change the gap between handles so before purchasing it you should take measurements of holes in the sink and check faucet size matches the sinkhole gap or not.

It is available in only one color option and that is polished steel. Unlike other faucets in the list of Danze kitchen faucet reviews, Danze opulence kitchen faucet is stylish.

With high water pressure, it has a 1.75 GPM flow rate which is enough for daily use in the kitchen. For a kitchen faucet, drip-free performance is important and for it, Dnaze double handle bridge faucets use a ceramic disc valve

A separate spray option has been given in it, which can be used in everyday activities. But due to extra spray, the Danze opulence kitchen faucet needs 4 holes for installation.

The spray mode is powerful, it gives a sharp edge to the water which cleans the dishes in minutes.

In vintage style faucet height of the spout is not high but Dnaze has to keep the 11-inch height of the spout in the faucet which is good for washing.

The opulence Danze kitchen faucet has two handles that make it more convenient to use the faucet.

Temperature and water flow both are controlled by a different handle. One disadvantage of two-handle faucets is that it needs more space in the sink for installation.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual spray mode
  • Durable finish
  • Budget price


  • Water pressure drops sometimes

4. Danze DH450188BS Foodie Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

danze kitchen faucet review


  • Weight – 5 Pound
  • Size – 27.5 x 12.5 x 5.13 inches
  • Finish – Satin Black
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

Danze foodie kitchen faucet is one of the most loved faucets of Danze. Danze has been making good quality faucets for its customers for the last 20 years and continuously improving the quality of faucets and its result can be seen in the Danze foodie faucet. With this faucet, you can instantly increase the beauty of your kitchen sink.

People are attracted to any faucet when it has a clean and minimalist design and it is unique in the design of the Danze foodie pre-rinse single-handle kitchen faucet. Its matte black finish easily attracts anyone to it.

The Danze pre-rinse kitchen faucet is mostly used in a commercial kitchens so they are tall in height but when you look at Danze foodie pre-rinse faucet then you notice that the height of the faucet is not that tall because Danze has designed a faucet for the home, not for commercial kitchen. With its small size, it becomes easy to install in the kitchen at home, and also easy to use.

A faucet valve plays an important role in drip-free performance. Like big brands’ faucets, Danze uses a ceramic valve in its faucet so for years without any leakage problem faucet works perfectly.

In some areas due to hard water, build-up is formed on the faucet nozzle. To solve this problem Danze uses a soft-touch nozzle that doesn’t allow any type of build-up on the faucet and cleaning the faucet becomes easy. You can use a faucet water filter to clean water in an easy way.

If you don’t like a matte black finish then there are 3 more finish options for you Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Chrome with Red Hose. With a single push of the button on the spray head, you can change the spray of water from a single steady flow to a powerful spray.


  • Beautiful and Minimalistic design
  • 4 color options
  • Soft-touch nozzle
  • Drip-free performance


  • Little bit pricy

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6. Danze D455058SS Parma Pre-Rinse Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

danze kitchen faucet review


  • Weight – 7.25 Pound
  • Size – 10 x 2.31 x 22.75 inches
  • Finish – Stainless Steel
  • Material – Steel
  • Flow rate – 2.2 GPM

Whether you want to wash dishes or vegetables or fill a big pot, the Danze parma kitchen faucet will complete all the tasks easily. Its ruggedly designed body will support you for a long time. It has a 22-inch long spout and is able to rotate 360 degrees with ease. like the previous faucet, the Danze parma kitchen faucet also changes its spray with the help of a single click.

Installation of Danze parma stainless steel kitchen faucet is not tough It needs only one hole for installation. Danze takes care of your family’s health and for this, it follows all the standards of NSF/ ANSI 372 and uses less lead in the faucet body.

For the ceramic disc valve, Danze uses the highest quality hardened material for drip-free performance. It has a lower and upper disc that is used to control temperature and water flow and for it, both discs slide over each other.

Doesn’t matter how dirty your dishes with its powerful 2.2 GPM water flow pressure all the stains on utensils will be removed in a few seconds. Danze parma kitchen faucet has a spring arc and it is 22 inches tall in height. It is 10 inches long means easily able to reach any corner of the sink.


  • High water flow
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Simple installation
  • Durable finish


  • Quality is not much impressive

7. Danze D454754 Sonora Kitchen Faucet

danze kitchen faucet review


  • Weight – 6.5 Pound
  • Size – 17.63 x 4.31 x 8.50 inches
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.75 GPM

The design of the Danze D454754 Sonora kitchen faucet is different from the regular pull-down kitchen faucet’s contemporary design. Danze Sonora’s kitchen faucet is a clear example of simplicity.

The height of the faucet is 14 inches and the spout is 9-inch-long. Due to its 360-degree rotation, it becomes easy to reach all the corners of the sink.

The water flow rate is also good due to which large size jars are filled in a few seconds. But high water pressure becomes a reason for water wastage, so the handle of the faucet should be opened slightly instead of fully.

Brass material reduces the chances of corrosion on the faucet and also increases the lifespan of the faucet body.

There are two spray modes in the Danze Sonora kitchen faucet so that you can wash the dishes and clean the vegetables. Two modes make it easy to do multiple things at the same time.

Talking about installation, it is easy to install and installation will be completed by following some simple steps given in the installation guide. If you want, you can take the help of a plumber. Danze Sonora’s kitchen faucet meets all the requirements of the American government.


  • Easy to use design
  • High-quality brass material
  • High water pressure
  • Single-hole installation


  • Some users complain about a loose connection

Types of Danze kitchen faucets

Not all people have the same needs, different faucets are required in the kitchen according to the number of members. Danze understands all your needs. There are many types of faucets available in Danze. Due to its wide range of faucets, you have no problem choosing the faucets. The list of faucets available in Danze is as follows,

Danze Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Danze single-handle pulldown kitchen faucet is the most liked model. It has a handle that controls both temperature and water flow. Due to all the work with a single handle, it is comfortable for everyone to use it. The best part about the faucet is that it fits into both single-hole and 3 hole sinks easily.

Danze single handle kitchen faucet

Danze Double Handle Kitchen Faucet

For some people, a double handle kitchen faucet is easy to use If they only want hot water then set the temperature to handle to hot, and every time when they move the water flow handle they will get hot water. For the Danze double handle kitchen faucet, you need 3 hole sink only, if you have a single-hole sink then you need to do 2 extra holes for installation.

Danze double handle kitchen faucet

Danze Pull down Kitchen Faucet

Pull-down is the latest design for the kitchen faucet. In both single and double handle kitchen faucets you get a pull-down option.

In Danze’s pull-down kitchen faucet head of the spout can be pulled down toward the sink making it easy to wash dishes. In Dazne single handle pull-down kitchen faucet on spout head, you get different options for spray like stream, spray. In a pull-down kitchen faucet, the spray head can be reached to dishes so no high water pressure is needed to clean dishes.

Danze pull down kitchen faucet

Danze Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

If you look to pull out the kitchen faucet and pull down the kitchen faucet then you can’t say what is the difference between both faucets, Look of both faucets is similar. When you pull out the spray head then you understand the difference.

In the Dazne pull-out kitchen faucet, when the spray head is pulled then the spray head, comes towards you, not in the sink which is opposite the pull-down kitchen faucet. pull down faucet is more convenient than pull out faucet.

Danze pull out kitchen faucet

Danze Touchless Kitchen Faucet

As the name suggests no need to touch the faucet to start or stop it. Sensors are used in touchless faucets that work when you move your hand around them.

The best part about Danze’s touchless faucet is that it keeps your family healthy. Dirty hands do not come in contact with the faucet, so the faucet remains germ-free.

Danze touchless kitchen faucet

Danze Pot Fillers

These types of faucets are mostly used in restaurants or any commercial kitchen. water flow speeds of pot fillers are high. They have high arc shaped spouts. This height helps to create a high water flow. On the arc of the faucet, there is a spring shape design that gives strength to the faucet to work in any condition.

Danze pot filters

Buying Guide For Danze Kitchen Faucet

When you see a Danze faucet online or offline then there may be a question in mind why should you choose a Danze faucet for the kitchen? Here are some features of the Danze faucet which show why the Danze faucet is the right choice for the kitchen.

1. Durability

You do not want to change the faucet or repair the kitchen in a few months. A faucet only meets the expectations of the customer when he continues to do his work properly without any problem for a long time.

High-quality brass material is used in the Danze kitchen faucet. Brass makes the faucet durable. Due to using brass, Danze products are the first choice of the user.

The price of the brass faucet may be slightly higher, but once installed the brass faucet, you will not have to change it again and again.

2. Finish and Colors

In the Danze kitchen faucet, you will see different types of finishes and colors. In Danze, you will find all kinds of colors. Due to the different color options, Danze kitchen faucets match all types of kitchen interiors. It has a chrome and stainless steel finish option for modern kitchens faucet and a brass color option for vintage-style kitchens.

Finish options in Danze kitchen faucets

  • Chrome finish
  • Stain black
  • Stainless steel
  • Tumbled bronze
  • Matte black
  • Brushed gold
  • Starlight chrome
  • Antique brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Antique Copper

3. Size

Before buying any Danze kitchen faucet measure the size of the sink because faucets have different sizes a pull-out faucet has a high arc so if you have less space around the sink then it would be not a good choice.

The faucet size should be matched with the sink so you get the perfect space for cleaning.

4. Faucet Type

As we have already discussed in the upper section Danze has a different type of faucet. It totally depends on you which type of faucet you want in your kitchen like a single or double handle kitchen faucet, pull out, or pull-down kitchen faucet.

If you want a comfortable faucet that saves water then you should choose a Danze touchless faucet for your kitchen. These faucets work with sensors and when children forget to turn off the faucet then its sensor automatically turns off the faucet and saves water.

5. Mount Style

Deck mount, wall mount, and sink mount are mounting options for the Danze kitchen faucet. Most people use sink mount faucets because in the sink you don’t need to do any holes, they have pre-installed holes.

A wall mount faucet is the right option for those people who have less space in the sink, so they can install a faucet on the wall and get more space in the sink but one problem is with a wall mount faucet is that you need help of a plumber to install wall mount faucet.

6. Water Pressure

One important thing that people forget to check while buying the Danze kitchen faucet is the water pressure of the faucet. Generally, the water flow rate is considered good if it is between 1.8 to 2.2 GPM.

It has also been proved in much research that those faucets that have a water flow rate of around 2.2 GPM are capable to wash dishes easily. In Danze normally all the faucets have a flow rate is around 2.2 GPM.

Maybe possible the flow rate is low in some faucets but the price of those faucets will also be very low and those faucets are not right for all people. Choose a Danze kitchen faucet that has a high water flow rate. Here are some cool saving tips for kitchen appliances, use these tips next time you buy any appliance for the kitchen.

What is The Warranty on Danze Faucets?

Danze takes care of every small need of his customer. It gives a warranty on every product whether you are a resident of America or not. If you are not a USA resident, then this warranty is only for one year and 5 years for the American people.

During the warranty period, in case of any problem with the faucet, the company first changes the faulty part and replaces it with the new one. If the problem is not solved even after changing the part, then Danze will replace the old faulty faucet with a new one.

When you order the product online, the company takes full care of the delivery and while delivering the faucet due for any reason if it gets damaged, then you will get a new faucet in the replacement.

danze kitchen faucet reviews

There is a 5-year warranty from the company for the home-use product but only 1 year for the commercial product. If you want to extend the warranty for commercial products, then you can extend it for 5 years by giving some extra charges, which is a good thing.

There are some rules of the company if they are not followed, the warranty can also be over, like

  • Follow all the installation rule that is given in the installation guide by Danze. If you don’t follow rules and the faucet gets damaged then Danze will not replace the faucet and the warranty will be voided.
  • Don’t use any type of abrasive cleaner on the faucet.
  • Avoid using steel wool.
  • Keep a warranty card in a safe palace.

How to Change Cartridge in The Danze Kitchen Faucet?

You need a couple of tools to change the cartridge in the Danze faucet.

  • An open-ended wrench (Allen wrench)
  • Screwdriver
  • Plastic bowl
  • A bucket of clean water
  • A towel

The first thing you need to do is turn off the water supply to the faucet by turning off the water supply valve.

Turn the valves clockwise to close them then turn on both your hot and cold-water faucets to drain any excess water from the faucet.

Once that’s done turn the handle back to the off position. Now cover the drain with any cloth so any small part of the faucet won’t fall into it. Put a towel on the backside of the faucet to absorb water. In Danze, faucet handles are attached by a screw, by loosening it you can remove the kitchen tap handle.

If there’s a decorative cap or button on the handle you’ll want to take that off first to get to the script.

If there’s a discussion or other trim remove that as well now loosen the cartridge assembly with your wrench and remove it.

Under the sink turn on the hot water supply. Let the water run for about three or four seconds this will flush out any debris trapped in the water line or in the faucet. The same process you have to repeat for the cold-water line.

Now to remove the cartridge twist the stem a few times.

You may have to place the handle on temporarily to move them. Now insert the new cartridge then reassemble the handles.

At the time of tightening the cartridge when you feel resistance, you should stop otherwise faucet could be damaged.

FAQ About Danze Kitchen Faucet

Where is The Danze Faucet Manufactured?

Danze is a USA-based company. Danze’s most faucets are manufactured in UAS but outside the USA also Danze has manufacturing units in some countries.

How Do You Clean a Danze Faucet?

To clean the Danze faucet you need hot water and a dry cotton cloth. First, spray hot water on the faucet, let it dry, and after a few minutes rub it with a dry cotton cloth. don’t use any cleaning agent otherwise finish of the faucet will be faded.

Why is my Kitchen Faucet Running slowly?

There are 2 main reasons for kitchen faucets running slow – the choked body of the faucet due to rust or corrosion or clogged cartridge.

Final Words

In Danze kitchen faucet reviews, we have selected the best Danze kitchen faucet for home use. These are among the most famous faucet of Danze and people are giving positive reviews about these faucets.

In the Danze faucet collection, you get all types of faucets from modern to vintage look, home to commercial use. The price of faucets is not high as other big brands and performance is equal to those big brands. You will be happy after using Danze’s product.

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