Delta Trask Faucet Review

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One name that is most popular for kitchen faucets is delta, but there is a perception in the minds of the people that delta faucets are expensive. To some extent people are right, but not all delta faucets are expensive. If you do research about its faucets carefully, then in the budget also you will find good quality delta faucets.

To save your time, we have selected a delta trask kitchen faucet that is within your budget and contains all the new technologies of the delta. The delta trask faucet review buyer guide will tell you all the good and bad points of the Delta trask series kitchen faucet and will help you to make the right decision whether you should buy the delta trask faucet or not.

What Makes Delta Trask Kitchen Faucet Different From Other Faucets?

Delta is a well-known American company that has been making faucets for kitchens and bathrooms for the past 60 years. In Delta, you will find all types of faucets – modern, vintage, talkless, touch-sensitive, and more.

Delta has been making faucets for the past several years and has good knowledge of making all types of faucets. In the kitchen, the faucet is used for washing dishes, washing vegetables, filling the pot, filling water, and other work. What is it in the delta trask sink faucet that makes it different from other faucets?

The specialty of the Delta trask sink faucet is its product quality. Delta faucets serve for a long time in the kitchen. Delta’s after-sales service is good, if you ever encounter any problems with the faucet then you can contact Customer Care, it will listen to your problem and tell you its solution.

The specialty of the Delta faucet is its touchless technology. It uses Touch20 technology, which is the latest technology of Delta Company. In Touch20, you do not need to touch the faucet to use it. Your hand movement is enough to turn the water on or off.

The main advantage of this technique is that it protects the health of your family. You do not touch the faucet with dirty hands, which does not create any kind of germs on the faucet and the faucet remains clean so that when you use its water, the germ is free. It is safe for your family’s health. Find out which are the best touch-free faucets for the kitchen.

delta trask spotshield stainless 1 handle pull down kitchen faucet

Delta Trask Kitchen Faucet Features

1 MagnaTite Docking

There are two types of docking in the faucet. The main purpose of docking is to keep the head of the faucet in its original place. Weights are used in counter docking. This is an old technique, in which the weight is hung with the faucet under the sink. The one who maintains the head of the faucet in its initial position after finishing the work.

This technology is still used in many faucets even today, but there is a disadvantage of this technology that many consumers have complained that after a few months, their faucet head does not stay in the right position.

The faucet head starts to loosen and there is a slight gap between the head and the body of the faucet, due to which the look of the faucet completely gets destroyed, and also the faucet doesn’t work properly.

Magnets are used instead of weights in MagnaTite docking.

delta trask faucet reviews

The advantage of using magnets is that it works correctly for a long time. Because of this, the head of the faucet does not hang loosely. Delta was the first brand to start using this docking and gave its customers a great product.

The Delta trask pull-down kitchen faucet is one of the faucets in the Delta in which this technique is used. MagnaTite docking is the reason we have done the Delta trask faucet review.

2 Touch20 Technology

Another great feature of the Delta trask faucet is Touch20 technology. It is a touchless technology and is being used in all the touchless faucets of the delta.

Touch20 touchless technology is very fast compared to other touchless technology found in the market. Its response system is very fast. Feeling hand movement, water starts flowing in a few milliseconds.

It has motion sensors that feel the movement of the hand. What if someone accidentally touches it? The latest technology has been used in its sensor, with the help of which it can understand the difference in the movement of the hand that someone is grabbing a faucet or touching it.

delta trask faucet review

3 SpotShield Technology

The faucet is a part of the kitchen which is always surrounded by germs. Whenever we use the faucet, some water droplets are left on it. Many times, we clean these drops and keep them like this many times, due to which slowly the stains or marks on the faucet are formed.

Due to these marks, the brightness of the faucet fades and the faucet starts to look old.

A special type of coating is applied to the delta trask spotshield stainless 1-handle pull-down kitchen faucet to avoid staining it. Delta gives this coating the spot name. Due to this coating, no spots are formed on the faucet as the water does not stay on the faucet, it flows down.

This coating keeps the faucet fresh for a long time. Due to this coating, the chances of rusting on the faucet are also reduced.

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4 Diamond Seal Technology

A common problem that occurs in most faucets is a leakage problem. A few months after installing the faucet, its joints become loose and water starts leaking out of them.

delta trask faucet had inbuilt diamond seal technology.

Delta has also found a solution to this problem with the help of its diamond seal technology. In this, diamond shape parts are used in the faucet’s joint, which reduces the chances of leakage by 90%.

5 Temperature Control Sensor

Apart from all these features, another feature that should be in the faucet is the temperature control feature. In this, you can set the temperature at a point, so that the water does not get hotter than that temperature.

In faucets, different light indicators have been used to show the level of temperature. So, when you use this faucet, you can find out whether the water is hot or cold by looking at the color of the light.

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Delta Trask Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Soap Dispenser Review

delta trask kitchen faucet reviews


  • Weight – 8 Pound
  • Size – 27 x 13.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Finish – Stainless steel
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 2 GPM
  • Batteries required – No

For many people delta, trask touch2o kitchen faucet may be a new name. This will enhance the interior of the kitchen. Delta has kept its body simple, due to which this faucet matches easily with most kitchen interiors.

With the delta trask kitchen faucet, you get a side soap dispenser.

The side soap dispenser reduces the washing time. Delta has used brass to make it. As you may be aware, brass provides strength to the faucet. Because of the brass, the faucet work in the kitchen for many years. Due to brass, there is no rust and the body of the faucet does not deteriorate.

To maintain the shine of the body as new for a longer time period delta has used Spotshield technology in Delta trask 19933-SD-DST kitchen faucet. With this technique, the faucet looks new, at the same time it also protects from rust.

When there are no spots and marks on the faucet, the faucet will look beautiful and spectacular. After using the faucet, clean it with a dry cloth and then see how long the faucet looks like new.

The most existing feature of the Delta trask 19933-SD-DST faucet is its Touch20 touchless technology.

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Very quick response and keep faucet clean all the time. Touch20 is useful when your hands are filled with gunk or you are doing cooking work and your hands are covered with dirt. Then just wave your hand below the delta trask touch2o the kitchen faucet and water will come out.

Control the faucet with the movement of the hand. It is easy, right?

The Delta trask faucet is a pull-down kitchen faucet with a MagnaTite docking system. A powerful magnet always keeps the faucet head at its original position without getting loose.

For docking, the magnet is better than the counterweight.

After installing the faucet, the problem of linking will be an old thing. Diamond seal technology has been used to lock its cartridge. The diamond shape joint is used to fit the cartridge.

Due to this diamond shape joint, the parts are completely attached to each other and there is no gap in their middle.

No gap means no leakage. The faucet will continue to work in the kitchen sink for years without any problem.

Every effort has been made to make your work in the faucet easy. Its color-changing light tells the temperature of the water. Its motion sensors operate with the help of batteries. Light is also provided near the battery which indicates the condition of the battery. The battery light turns from green to red, indicating that the time has come to replace the battery.

It’s a simple and elegant look that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. You can see the traditional delta design in the Delta trask faucet. This is a single-hand faucet with a soap dispenser so you need 2 holes to install the faucet in the sink. If you have a 3-hole sink then you need to buy a deck plate to hide the extra hole in the sink.

delta trask faucet has a limited lifetime warranty and its customer care executives are always ready to help you with any faucet problem.

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Pros and Cons of Delta Trask 19933-SD-DST Faucet


  • Quick responsive touch technology
  • Magnetic docking
  • Diamond seal technology for no leakage problem
  • Side soap dispenser
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Elegant design


  • No deck plate to cover extra holes

Should You Buy Delta Trask Faucet?

It works in the kitchen like a precision instrument. The eye-catching design and spot resistance finish hides all water spots. Its durable highly sturdy body is rust and corrosion-free. for convenience, it comes with a soap dispenser. This Delta Trask faucet is a good addition to your kitchen.

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Delta Trask Pro 18933-ARSD-DST Kitchen Faucet Review

delta trask kitchen faucet


  • Weight – 8.88 Pound
  • Size – 31.9 x 14.5 x 2.9 inches
  • Finish – Stainless steel
  • Material – Brass
  • Flow rate – 1.8 GPM

The next faucet is the Delta trask 18933-ARSD-DST faucet. It also has a side soap dispenser. The look of the delta trask 18933-ARSD-DST faucet is completely different from the previous one. It has a spring shape design on the neck of the spout. It looks like a commercial faucet for the kitchen.

Its long hose is easily accessible in every corner of the sink.

It is one of the few faucets of the delta that is many times more attractive in design than other faucets. It has a curved shape spring hose that has a button at the spout head which gives you the freedom to change the flow of water from spray to stream.

Delta trask pro-18933-ARSD-DST faucet has all the technologies of delta brands like MagnaTite, SpotShield, Touch20, temperature control sensor, and more. The price of this faucet is a little high.

Fully brass body for corrosion-free life. The high-quality finish keeps all types of stains away from the faucet. If you have a wall behind the faucet then you can’t take full advantage of its spring hose.

For a pull-down faucet docking technology should be powerful and with the MagnaTite docking system, the Delta trask faucet never disappoints anybody. You will never face any type of spray head loose issue with the Delta trask kitchen faucet.

TouchClean nozzle makes it easy to clean the faucet body with a dry cotton cloth. After every use, clean the faucet body with cloth and you never get any type of stain on it. If you have hard water in your area then this hard water stains removal guide will help you to clean the faucet easily.

A high-quality cartridge never gives any type of leakage problem and also Diamond seal technology makes sure that all joints of the faucet are tightened properly.

Pros and Cons of Delta Trask Pro 18933-ARSD-DST Faucet


  • Flexible spray head
  • High arc
  • Side soap dispenser
  • Commercial look


  • High price
  • Some user complains about water pressure issue

Should You Buy Delta Trask Pro Faucet?

Functionality-wise Delta trask pro is good but when you pull its nozzle from the spout, you can feel how hard it is. The pull-out feature of it is not smooth. The price of this Delta trask pro faucet is high so it is out of budget for many people. If you are leaving is low water pressure area then this Delta trask faucet is not for you. Overall Delta trask Pro is not a good choice for the kitchen.

Why Choose a Delta Trask Pull-down Kitchen Faucet?

Delta is the first choice for a faucet for many people. When someone buys a faucet, he definitely thinks about taking the delta faucet. What’s so special about Delta faucets that you should buy a Delta trask faucet or any other Delta faucets?

Delta faucet has a very good build quality. Once it is installed in the kitchen, there is no need to change the faucet for years. Due to its high-quality brass body, it does not get rusty.

Various types of technology are used in the Delta trask faucet to make your work easy in the kitchen. With the help of these technologies, you only need to take care of your recipes. Delta is the leader in the faucet industry and all the other brands follow its technologies.

Touch20 technology makes washing work easy and also it saves water and gives it contributes to saving the environment. Delta uses lead-free material in the Trask series faucet.

No lead means a safer family.

Delta always tries to make new innovations and try to reduce your washing work. Its new innovation in this direction is the Delta App. With this, you can operate the faucet from anywhere and if someone has mistakenly left the faucet open, you can close it with the help of the app and save water.

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Video credit – Delta

Delta Trask vs Trinsic Faucet

Delta has introduced many series of faucets. While we are doing research for the Delta Trask faucet review then we find many people are asking about the difference between Trask and Trinsic faucets. All the series have different uses and are designed for different users. Delta Trask and Delta Trinsic faucets are one of its famous series. What is the difference between Delta Trask vs Delta Trinsic faucet? Let’s see.

Delta Trask vs Trinsic Faucet Comparison Chart

Delta Trask FaucetDelta Trinsic Faucet
Soap DispenserYesNo
FinishStainless steelArctic Stainless
MagnaTite TechnologyYesYes
Spotshield TechnologyYesNo
Touch clean technologyNoYes
Batteries requiredNoYes
Deck plate includedNoYes
PriceView PriceView Price

Design Difference

As you can see that there is not much difference in both faucets. The design of the faucets is the same except that in the Delta trask faucet, you get a side soap dispenser. Some people like a soap dispenser with a faucet and the Delta trask is designed for those.

Price Difference

Another difference between Delta Trinsic and Delta Trask faucets is that price of the Delta trask faucet is cheaper than the Delta Trask faucet. The delta trask faucet has a soap dispenser even its price is low.

Technology Difference

When we talk about technology both faucets have MagnaTite and Diamond seal technology. Both faucets use different technology like Delta trask faucet uses a spotshiled finish to keep the faucet clean while the Delta Trinsic faucet uses Touch-clean to keep all stains away from the faucet.

Battery Difference

The delta trask faucet doesn’t require any battery but the delta Trinsic faucet needs a 6AA v batter.

delta trask sink faucet

FAQ About Delta Trask Faucet

Is Delta Faucet a Good Brand?

Delta is definitely a great brand. You can take any of its faucets, the quality of all faucets is good and Delta’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is available on all faucets.

Is Delta Better Than Moen Faucets?

Performance-wise both faucet brands are good but in terms of technology, Moen is behind Delta. Moen faucets are a little bit pricy in comparison to the Delta faucet.

Is Delta Faucet Made in The USA?

Most Delta faucets are USA-made but Delta has also built plants for manufacturing faucets outside the USA.

Video credit- Delta

Final Words

After using the Delta trask faucet in our kitchen, we did not find any such reason, due to which we do not recommend Delta trask kitchen faucet to people. All the latest technology has been used in it and its finish keeps the brightness of the faucet for a long time due to the spot shield finish. Once you install a Delta faucet in the kitchen, you will not have to change the faucet for many years. We have tried to give an unbiased Delta trask faucet review in this article. We always try to review the best product for our readers.

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  1. I just purchased the delta trask model #19933. I have just read bad reviews on the thinness of the water lines. They are not braided. should I send this back? Installation will be 11/23/2021. I am afraid of the durability. And what brand has braided water lines?

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