Why Spray WD40 Up Your Faucet?

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WD-40 is a common household item. Due to its versatile use, in many houses, you will find it. People use it as a lubricant, stain-remover, rust-remover, and degreaser.

You would probably have a can of WD-40 in your house. Maybe you are thinking, about whether you can use WD-40 spray on the faucet or not. People use it on the squeaky faucet handles. Is it a good idea to spray WD-40 up your faucet or pot filler, let’s check it out in this guide.

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What Is WD-40 Spray?

wd40 spray

In WD-40, WD stands for water displacement properties. Its manufacturers took 40 attempts to get a perfect water displacement formula.

WD-40 is used for its great ability to fix everything in the house from squeaking doors to rustic faucets. WD-40 is a mixer of lubricants. These lubricants contain special anti-corrosion agents and ingredients.

Norman Larsen was the inventor of the WD-40. Norman Larsen was developing a formula to figure out how to remove rust and corrosion. On its 40th try, he got succeeded and the result came out in the form of WD-40 spray.

Nowadays people know WD-40 as a silencing squeak, preventing rust, and displacing moisture. There are some jobs where lube doesn’t work, but WD-40 is useful there. The company that makes WD-40 spray has never shared the formula of WD-40 spray.

When Norman developed this spray, its first target was to use it in the aerospace industry. But later it becomes famous and people started using it in the house.

Why Spray WD40 Up Your Faucet?

Why Spray WD40 Up Your Faucet

In the kitchen or bathroom, people use WD-40 on corroded or rusted parts of the faucet. Faucets always stay in contact with the water so rust- corrosion, and mineral buildups are common issues. People use WD-40 spray on the faucet to make plumbing work easy.

A simple spray of WD-40 removes the buildup from the faucet. Over time, faucet parts stuck due to rust. Its spray help to move those stuck parts.

Clean Faucet Body

Nowadays faucet finishes are spot-resistant. After using the faucet, you just need to wipe the faucet body with a dry cloth to keep the finish as new.

But we all know that it is not possible to clean faucets after every use. People clean showers and faucets once a week or a month or sometimes never. This impacts the shine of the faucet and after 1- or 2 years faucet starts looking old.

But with the help of WD-40 spray, you can restore the shine of the faucet. Spray WD-40 on the faucet. After a few minutes, use a dry cloth to clean the faucet. It will make your faucet look brand new.

Open Stuck Parts

We don’t open faucet parts until we don’t face any issues with the faucet. Due to this, if your faucet is not opened for many years, it is a high chance that some parts of the faucet are stuck due to rust and corrosion.

When you open the handle to change the faucet cartridge, you will see the handle is stuck and not coming out. The same happens with the aerator. Aerator holes are clogged due to mineral buildup so when you remove them, it doesn’t come out and is stuck in their place.

On all the stuck parts of the faucet, spray WD-40 and let it be there for a few minutes. It will clean all rust and mineral buildup from the faucet.

Tip – Smell of WD 40 spray keep ants away from the faucet.

Other Uses of WD-40 Spray

Untangling Jewellery

Untangling Jewellery by wd40

You may use WD-40 to untangle jewelry. How much time is needed to untangle jewelry depends on the jewelry’s condition.

Place jewelry on the surface. First, you should cover the surface with paper so WD-40 won’t make any impact on the surface finish.

Spray WD-40 on the jewelry and leave it for a few minutes. Now massage the jewelry so WD-40 goes into every part of it. After a few minutes, starts untangling jewelry. When you massage it, you will see that jewelry knots start untangling. Keep doing it for a few minutes until the whole piece of jewelry untangles.

Separate Stuck Glassware

Separate Stuck Glassware by wd40

Sometimes we put one glass into another and then they stuck. This happens many times in every house. You also would have experienced it. Stuck glasses are not easy to separate and sometimes they may break due to pressure.

WD-40 is useful in this situation. Spray WD-40 in the crevices. It will work as lubricating and make it easier to separate glasses.

Remove Chewing Gum

When chewing gum is stuck in your hair, it becomes a panicking situation. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. If it ever happens spray WD-40 on the chewing gum. Let it do its work and then comb your hair. No need for scissors to remove chewing gum.

Remove Tape and Sticker

WD-40 will remove residue from the sticker and tape. When we remove the sticker, its glue is stuck on the surface. After so much trying it won’t remove. But once you use WD-40 on the sticker, within a few seconds all sticker glue will be removed. So, now don’t hesitate to use stickers anywhere in the house.

Keep Insects Away

Insects don’t like the smell of the WD-40 spray. You should spray it on all those places from insects coming into the house.

Erase Permanent Marker

If you have written something wrong with a permanent marker and want to remove it, WD-40 will get it right off. Spray the WD-40 on the written area. Wait for one minute and then it can be easily wiped.

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