How To Clean Moen Rain Shower Head?

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If your Moen rain shower head is not providing enough water pressure, it’s time to clean the showerhead. But do you know how to clean Moen rain shower head?

Over time mineral deposits are plugged into the tiny holes of the rain shower head so the spray of the Moen rain shower head becomes uneven. Due to this showerhead fails to provide constant and high-water pressure.

Everyone in the house use shower, so everyone should know how to clean it. There are some quick and easy fixes to clean the showerhead so water pressure increases.


Once a month, if you clean the showerhead, no mineral deposits will be formed on it. Fortunately, using common kitchen items, you can clean them. In this article, we are giving our tested methods to clean the Moen rain showerhead.

How To Clean Moen Rain Shower Head?

How To Clean Moen Rain Shower Head

Do you need to remove the high-pressure rain shower head to clean it? First, you need to figure out how bad the blockage is. If most holes are blocked and water is dripping from the showerhead, means the showerhead needs deep cleaning and you need to remove it.


If a few holes are blocked and water pressure is not dead then you can clean it without removing it. Here we are showing both processes in the detail.

How To Clean Moen Rain Shower Head Without Removing?

If you don’t want to remove the Moen showerhead and still want to clean it, you can do it. A few things are needed to do this white vinegar, rubber bands, and a plastic bag.

  • You have to soak the shower head in white vinegar. So, fill the plastic bag with vinegar.
  • According to Moen, showerhead size fills the bag. First, fill it in half and check whether it is overflowing when you try to submerge the showerhead.
  • Now place the plastic bag that is filled with white vinegar over the shower head. The whole Moen rain showerhead should be soaked in white vinegar.
  • Use rubber bands to tighten the bag on the shower head. Maybe you need more than one rubber to tighten it.
  • Now let the showerhead keep in the white vinegar for a few hours. If holes are highly clogged then keep the bag over the showerhead for the whole night.
  • For gold finish keep it only for 30 minutes, otherwise, the faucet finish will be damaged.
  • Remove the bag from the Moen rain showerhead. Now run hot water so vinegar and mineral deposits come out from the shower head.
  • Turn off the water and check whether the whole buildup is cleaned or not. If still, the buildup is present, scrub the toothbrush on the shower head.
  • Clean the showerhead with water and dry cloth.

How To Deep Clean Moen Rain Shower Head After Removing?

How To Deep Clean Moen Rain Shower Head

Step 1 – Remove The Moen Rain Shower Head

To deep clean the Moen rain shower head, you need to remove it. Use a wrench for this process.

Remove the screw of the showerhead. It would be better if you cover the showerhead with any cloth so that if the wrench slips away, the showerhead will remain safe from scratches.

Step 2- Use a Toothbrush

After removing the rain shower head, first, run the shower head under a sharp blast of water. It will clear out some debris from the holes.

Now take a toothbrush and scrub the shower head holes. Soak the toothbrush in the white vinegar and rub it on the holes. This step will remove most debris or maybe the whole debris.

Step 3 – Soak Shower Head In the Vinegar

After step 2 if there is debris present in the showerhead, now it’s time to soak Moen rain shower head in vinegar.

Pour white vinegar into the bowl. The Moen shower head should be submerged in the vinegar easily. Keep Moen showerhead in vinegar overnight. For better results, mix a few spoons of baking soda into the vinegar.

Step 4 – Reattach Moen Shower Head

The next morning take out Moen’s shower head from the vinegar and rinse out its water completely so all vinegar will be washed out from it.

Now wrap Teflon tape on the pipe threads to prevent any leakage in the shower. Reattach the Moen shower head and tighten the but with a wrench.

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How To Clean the Filter Screen of Moen Showerhead?

moen rain showerhead

Sometimes filter screen of the Moen showerhead becomes clogged. In the shower head instruction manual, you will find the process of cleaning the filter screen.

If you have lost the instruction manual, go to the Moen website and find the shower by model number. The model number is located on the showerhead. Also, you can contact Moen’s customer support to get the right instructions about the cleaning of the filter screen.

In most showers, the filter screen is located at the joint of the showerhead and the pipe. To remove the filter screen, remove the showerhead from the pipe. Sometimes, you will need to use a needle to get the filter screen out.

When the filter screen is out, run the filter screen under the water for a few minutes so all buildup comes out. Use a toothbrush or needle to clean the remaining buildup. Reattach the filter screen to the showerhead.

How To Remove Limescale From a Showerhead?

Remove Limescale From a Showerhead

Removing limescale build-up is not hard. Limescale build-up damages the finish of the showerhead so remove it as quickly as you see it.

To remove stubborn limescale from the showerhead, first, mix baking soda into vinegar. Both ingredients are safe to use. Either you can soak the showerhead into the mixture or spray the mixture on the showerhead. It will open clogged holes in the showerhead and remove the limescale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should You Soak Moen Showerhead Into Vinegar?

There is no particular time limit to soaking the showerhead in vinegar. It depends on how much amount of buildup is on the showerhead.
For an excessive amount of buildup, you need to soak it in vinegar overnight. If buildup is less than 3-4 hours are sufficient.

How To Clean Moen Shower Head With Cola?

Yes, you heard right. You can clean the showerhead with cola. Cola is an effective cleaning solution to remove buildup from the showerhead.
Cola works like vinegar. Take cola into a bowl and soak the showerhead into it. This step is the same as what you do with vinegar. After a few hours take out the showerhead and clean it with water.

Final Words

Regular cleaning of the shower head increases its life of it. After reading the article, you can clean the Moen rain showerhead easily. Only a few common kitchen items are needed to clean it. If you have any doubts about the cleaning shower head, you can ask in the comment section.

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