How To Take a Moen Kitchen Faucet Apart?

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To remove a Moen kitchen faucet, you don’t need to learn any extra thing. Its process is similar to other faucet-removing processes. Moen has different designs of kitchen faucets but its removal process is the same.

When you repair a Moen kitchen faucet, you may understand its design’s quirks.

You should use a basin wrench to remove the Moen kitchen faucet. A basin wrench easily removes the nuts of the faucet. Whether you have a single or double-handle faucet, this guide shows how to take a Moen kitchen faucet apart.

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How To Take a Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Apart?

How To Take a Moen Kitchen Faucet Apart?

Moen’s single-handle kitchen faucet is most liked by its customers because its installation is easy and takes less space on the sink. In most kitchen, you will find a single-handle faucet.

If you have the owner’s manual for Moen kitchen faucets, you will find how to take a Moen kitchen faucet apart in its faucet repair diagram. But removing a Moen kitchen single-handle faucet is an easy job so without a diagram, you can do it.

Safety Tip

If there is any electric outlet beneath your sink, first, you need to turn off its power to start the faucet apart to work safely. Restore power to the outlet only after you have installed a new faucet and tested it. Also, wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any falling debris.

Step 1 – Shut off the Supply of Water To the Kitchen Faucet

Shut off Supply of Water To Kitchen Faucet

This is an essential step you have to take before starting the process. In Moen’s kitchen faucet, there would be 2 valves under the sink for the hot and cold water supply.

If you can’t find them under the sink, shut off the main water supply of the house. This will close the water of the whole house, so check if someone is in the bathroom or not.

Now run the Moen kitchen faucet until it runs dry. It will clear hot and cold water from the lines. It will make sure that there is no mess when you will remove supply lines from the faucet. Keep a towel under the sink to catch small parts that fall while removing the Moen kitchen faucet. Towels also soak up water that spills from pipes.

Step 2 – Remove Supply Lines

Remove Supply Lines

Use a torch to see under the sink. There are 2 lines to supply water to the faucet. These supply lines are for hot and cold water. These lines are connected to the base of the Moen faucet.

Here you need to use a basin wrench to unscrew those lines. These lines are connected through nuts. Use a wrench and loosen the nut of the line. If there is more than one nut, hold one nut and unscrew the second nut.

Step 3 – Remove the Retaining Plate or Nut

Remove Retaining Nut

Moen kitchen faucet is held at its position with the help of a retaining plate or nut. To remove the plate, you only need a screwdriver.

But most Moen faucets are held tightly on the sink by retaining nuts. Retaining nuts more securely hold the faucet in its place in comparison to the retaining plate. Retaining nuts are small in size so sometimes it becomes difficult to remove them.

Sometimes, due to rust, retaining nuts get jammed. You put pressure on the basin wench but can’t move nut a single inch.

Spray Wd-40 on the faucet’s nut to loosen it. Wait for a few minutes after spraying it. Now use a basin wrench to remove the nut. The Basin wrench is helpful to use in cramped conditions.

Step 4 – Pull Out The Moen Faucet


After removing retaining nuts, you can easily pull out the Moen faucet from the sink. Lift the base of the faucet and pull it outside.

Now, you can install a new faucet on the old one or install an old faucet after repairing it.

How To Take a Moen Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Apart?

How To Take a Moen Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Apart?
  • In the double-handle faucet, two water supply lines are connected directly to the hold and cold supply of the faucet.
  • To remove supply lines, you need to unscrew their connections.
  • In the double-handle Moen faucet, mounts will usually be found on the cold and hot supply lines. To remove the faucet, it is required to remove all of the mounting nuts.
  • To remove any rusted nuts, apply a penetration oil on the nuts to loosen them.
  • After removing the mounting hardware, the faucet should lift out easily. If there is any seal between the sink and the faucet, apply pressure to break that seal.
  • Apply the same process to remove both handles of the faucet.
  • After removing the faucet, clean the sink area with a cleaner before installing a new faucet.
  • If your double-handle faucet has a side sprayer, you also need to remove its nut. Moen faucets have quick-connect fittings so removing the side sprayer is easy. The quick-connect system allows you to remove the sprayer without tools.

How To Remove Moen Faucet Handle If It Won’t Come Off?

In old faucets, the handle is stuck and won’t come off. You need to use force to remove it. Drilling into the Allen keyhole is the best way to come off the stuck handle.

Allen keyhole allows you to access the holding component of the handle. Allen keyhole is accessible through the side of the faucet. Maybe a cap is covered on the keyhole, remove the cover by using a screwdriver.

Now we are going to hit the handle with a hammer to remove Allen’s nut. But before it, place a woodblock on the other side of the handle. Woodblock will give protection to handle surfaces from hammer strokes.

Hit the hammer with low pressure. So, it won’t cause any fractures to handle. Hit it lightly until the handle comes off.

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When Should You Call a Plumber Instead?

call a plumber

It is obvious that not everyone knows how to take a Moen kitchen faucet apart. For plumbing experts, it is a normal task but for non-plumbing experts, it is challenging.

Sometimes, you need proper guidance to remove the faucet. With the right guidance and proper tools, you can do it easily. At the faucet shower guide, we always try to give the right advice to our readers to solve their problems.

This DIY guide shows the process of removing a Moen kitchen faucet. With your common sense and our guide, you can remove it. But if you are not sure, don’t scratch the beautiful finish of the faucet and sink by using the wrong tools.

If you don’t have the confidence to do this task, call a plumber to solve your issue.

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