Why Is My Touch Faucet Dripping?

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No one wants a dripping faucet in their kitchen. Along with the irritating dripping water sound at the night, it increases your water bill. If you don’t repair a dripping touch faucet as soon as possible it will build rust and corrosion in the sink.

Dripping issues are not common in the touch faucet but once it occurs, they should be fixed. Leakage may also reduce the life of the faucet.

Why is my touch faucet dripping? If you know the reason for this question, it becomes easy to fix the leakage. Everyone should know how to fix a dripping touch faucet so they can save their money and water.

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Why Is My Touch Faucet Dripping?

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The United States Geographical Survey Department has a drip calculator that shows the amount of water from dripping faucets.

According to this calculator, if your faucet drips water 30 times in a single minute, it means it is wasting 3 gallons of water per day. For a whole year, wastage is around 1000 gallons. So, you must know why is a touch faucet dripping in your kitchen or bathroom and how to fix it. Here are some common reasons for a dripping touch faucet.

1. Worn Out Washers

worn out washers

Worn-out washers are a typical source of a dripping touch-on faucet. Over time washers don’t remain useful and worn out. Damaged washers are responsible for the dripping water.

If you have recently repaired your faucet and didn’t fix the washer properly, a new washer will also create the issue. Touch faucets come with a handle but not all people use them regularly. The washer gets worn out due to friction of the faucet handle.

2. Improper Water Pressure

Improper water pressure also causes dripping issues. Due to improper water pressure, the flow of water doesn’t remain the same. If the touch faucet drips only once in a while, it is definitely due to water pressure.

3. Improper Working Sensor

faulty sensor

As you know a touch faucet works with sensors. Sensors turn on or off the water when you touch the faucet. But with time, sensors in some touch faucets won’t work properly.

An improper working sensor won’t send signals to the faucet valve so water drips from the faucet.

4. Damaged O-Rings

damaged o-rings

O-rings are placed on the handle. They are made of plastic and round in the shape. O-rings are Connected to the stem screw of the touch faucet handle.

If your touch faucet has O-rings then with time they will be worn out like washers. Water and friction damage O-rings. They come in different sizes so you need exact matching rings for the faucet.

5. Damaged Cartridge

Some touch faucets come with a cartridge in the handle. Cartridge manages the flow of the hot and cold water. But when the cartridge condition is not good, it can’t stop the water when the handle is in the off position.

6. Low Battery

touch faucet low battery

For sensors, touch faucets have batteries. The battery’s life depends on the type of battery. It has 1-5 years of life. When the battery is about to die, it affects the performance of the sensors.

A low battery can’t send proper signals to sensors. To maintain water pressure and flow, sensors should work properly but due to insufficient battery power, they can’t. But good thing is that nowadays most touch-activated faucets, come with a LED indicator for battery status. So, you would know when you need to change batteries.

How To Fix the Dripping Issue of a Touch Faucet?

Tools You Need To Fix a Dripping Faucet

  • Allen wrench
  • Adjustable or centerset wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • New battery

Cover the drain with a rag or stopper so any tiny part of the faucet won’t go down into the sink drain.

If You Have a Cartridge Touch Faucet

cartridge touch faucet
  • To stop the dripping, first, turn off the water supply to the faucet by turning off the shut-off valve.
  • Use an Allen wrench to remove the screw on the handle.
  • Now remove the retaining nut of the faucet.
  • The cartridge is visible now. Use a plier to pull out the cartridge.
  • Get the same cartridge for the faucet from your nearest plumbing store.
  • Apply the grease on the cartridge for long life.
  • Put the cartridge in its place. Tighten the nuts and screws of the faucet.

If You Have a Washerless Touch Faucet

washerless touch faucet
  • Check under the sink, if there is a shut-off valve turn it off to stop the water supply to the faucet.
  • To repair the washerless touch faucet, you need to remove its handle.
  • Maybe there is a cap on the handle to cover the screw.
  • Use any sharp object to remove the cap.
  • Once the screw is visible, remove it using a screwdriver.
  • After removing the screw, lift the handle and pull it out.
  • Now remove the O-rings of the faucets. You can see their conditions.
  • Use needle-nose pliers to remove o-rings.
  • Only use exactly matched o-rings in the touch faucet otherwise, dripping won’t stop.
  • By changing the cartridge, the drip of the faucet will stop.
  • Now reattach all parts of the faucet.

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If You Have a Washer Touch Faucet

washer touch faucet

Here are steps to fix a washer touch faucet.

  • The same as previously, the first step is to turn off the water supply.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the nuts from the handle. If there is a nut on the handle, use an Allen wrench.
  • Maybe screws and nuts are jammed due to rust. So, spray penetration oil and leave them for a few hours. Penetration oil will do its work and the screw and nut will be loosened.
  • Remove them and lift the handle.
  • It’s time to remove the stem. Remove the nut of the stem using a wrench.
  • Now pull the stem to the outside of the faucet.
  • Check the condition of the washer. It keeps the faucet leak-free.
  • The washer is not an expensive product and is easily available at any plumbing store.
  • Apply plumber grease on the new faucet for frictionless movement.
  • Put the stem in its place and attach the handle. Turn on the water.
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Hands-free faucets are handy to use but when they drip, the situation becomes irritating. But now, you know how to fix a dripping touch faucet. Fixes are easy and well-explained in the article. You just need to follow them step by step to fix the drip.

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