Hot Water Pressure Drops After Few Seconds

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What to do when hot water pressure drops after a few seconds but cold-water pressure is fine?

Imagine you are going to take a hot water bath and you turn on the handle but after a few seconds, the water pressure of hot water drops suddenly. It becomes irritating and you can’t take a proper shower.

Not only in the shower, but sometimes hot water pressure in the kitchen also drops. If you solve this issue at a time, you may save your money.

People ignore it in the starting but with time the issue becomes big. Let’s see what are the reasons for dropping hot water and also its solutions.

why hot water pressure drops after few seconds

What Causes Hot Water Pressure Drops After Few Seconds?

Hot water pressure drops after a few seconds are mainly caused due to sediments in the hot water tank that clogged the water supply. So, you get low hot water pressure. There are some other reasons also. Let’s discuss them one by one in the detail.

1. Sediment In The Water Heater

Sediments in the water heater are the main reason hot water pressure drops after a few seconds when you turn on hot water. Those houses that have a hot water tank for hot water heaters face hot water pressure issues.

Sediments and scale problems occur in the hot water tank. Over time rust and corrosion build up in the hot water tank.

Eventually, rust and corrosion settle at the bottom of the hot water tank. When these sediments flow in the hot water pipeline, create a blockage and the result is a drop in hot water pressure.

2. Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits are a common issue if your area has hard water. Mineral deposits affect water pressure. Hard water contains different minerals like magnesium, calcium, etc.

To get hot water, a water heater heats water continuously. In this process, minerals are extracted from the water and collected on the wall of the heater in the form of build-up.

This build-up mixes with water and flows through the hot water pipe. Slowly, the hot water pipe clogged due to build-up, and the faucet hot water pressure dropped.

low hot water pressure

3. Shut Off Valve Not Fully Opened

Under the sink, there could be a shut-off valve to turn the water on or off for the faucet. When you repair the faucet, this valve needed to be turned off to save yourself from the water messes.

Sometimes you or any other turn off this valve to do plumbing work but don’t turn it on fully so water doesn’t flow through full pressure.

4. Bent In The Water Supply Lines

Hot water heaters have copper supply lines. Hot water passes through copper pipes. Copper is not durable against hot water. So, when hot water passes through it, it bends and blocks the way of the water.

5. Damaged Pipe

If your house plumbing is not changed since it was installed then damage to the pipe is possible. For a new house, it is rare you will find any damage in the pipe. But old house plumbing will not be in the good condition.

Sometimes cracks in the pipe are almost tiny so they don’t leak any water but air inserted through those cracks reduces the water pressure.

This air in the water creates an air bubble. When you turn on hot water, their bubbles travel with water and come out with hot water. So, sometimes you feel sudden hot water pressure drops.

Solutions for Hot Water Pressure Drops After Few Seconds

1. Solution of Sediment In The Water Heater

If your water heater is too old you should consider a new water heater for your home. Because old water heater will again cause this issue after few months. So, it will be better if you install a new one. If the water is not too old then try this solution.

  • Turn off the water heater and remove the power plug from the power supply.
  • Not remove all water from the water heater.
  • To remove all sediments from the heater, you need to use vinegar.
  • Fill the heater with vinegar and leave it for a night.
  • Vinegar will remove all sediments inside the water heater.
  • Now turn on the water heater and turn on the hot water faucet for a few minutes so all vinegar comes out.
  • Once you get clean water and there is no bad smell, it means vinegar is fully out from the water heater. It will solve the hot water pressure drops issue.
low hot water pressure

2. Solution of Mineral Deposits


If mineral deposits are formed inside the water heater tank then the above method of removing sediments will work for it. If mineral deposits are inside the hot water pipeline, follow the below steps.

  • Disconnect the hot water pipe from the water heater.
  • Now turn on the hot water faucet so all remaining water comes out.
  • Turn off the hot water handle.
  • Insert vinegar into the hot water pipeline.
  • Let the vinegar remains in the pipeline for almost 12 hours so all mineral deposits and debris mix into the vinegar.
  • Open the hot water faucet so all vinegar comes out. Clean the pipeline with clean water.
  • Now connect the water heater to the hot water pipeline and check the water pressure. If mineral deposits were the reason then hot water pressure comes to normal.

You should use bathroom faucets for hard water and kitchen faucets for hard water.

3. Solution of Shut Off Valve Not Fully Opened

This has the easiest solution. You just need to turn on the shut-off valve fully. Go under the sink and turn the shut-off valve in a close direction. If the valve is not moving and is stuck, Spray penetration oil, and after some time again try to turn it.

4. Solution of Damaged Pipe

The solution to the damaged pipe is a little bit tricky so maybe you need to take the help of a plumber. You need to change the damaged pipe.

If the pipeline is outside the wall, you can change it but if the pipeline is inside the wall, you may need a plumber. You can change the pipeline inside the wall but it increases lots of work and takes lots of time.

5. Solution of Bent In The Water Supply Lines

Bent water supply lines need to be replaced. You can order a new copper pipe online or buy it from a near plumbing store.

What Is Normal Pressure For Hot Water?

Water pressure is measured in PSI. PSI is known as pounds per square inch. On a square inch what amount of weight is put by water is known as water pressure. Generally, 45-80 PSI is normal water pressure.

If your house’s water pressure range between 45-80 PSI then there is no water pressure issue in your house.

If water pressure falls below 45 Psi it is considered low water pressure and above 80 PSI it is considered high water pressure.

What To Do When New Faucet Also Has Low Hot Water Pressure?

The cartridge controls the flow of water and when you install a new faucet sometimes debris is stuck with the cartridge so water flow is affected. Debris blocks the way of water and water can’t flow to its full potential.

Its solution is easy. When a low hot water pressure issue happens with a modern faucet for the kitchen, remove its handle and clean the cartridge and its surrounding area.

Reinsert the cartridge and tighten the handle. Now, the hot water pressure comes to its normal level.

Final Words

When you know the actual reason for hot water pressure drops after a few seconds, you can solve this problem easily. Kitchen or bathroom, anywhere low hot water pressure is not good. We have described all the possible reasons for low hot water pressure. Try every solution one by one.

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