Ceramic vs Porcelain Sink – Which is Better?

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When renovating a bathroom, you may be confused with the decision of choosing between ceramic vs porcelain sinks because ceramic and porcelain sinks are the most used sinks in the bathroom. They are beautiful that add elegance to any bathroom.

These sink materials are excellent for use in the bathroom. Both are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes.

Both sinks are built with natural stones. These stones are stain-resistant on the surface and have porous structures, but they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before you make any decision, you should read their key differences. It is important to understand the pros and cons of both sink materials so, you can choose a durable and stylish sink for your bathroom.


What is Ceramic Sink?

ceramic vs porcelain sink

A ceramic sink is made with a mixture of clay, water, and powder. All these materials are mixed at extremely high temperatures. After going through high temperatures, ceramic material becomes less porous than porcelain, so it becomes easy to clean ceramic sink.

A ceramic sink has a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you would get a perfectly matched sink for your bathroom.


In a ceramic sink, you get 2 options – glazed ceramic and unglazed ceramic. Glazed ceramic is glossy, while unglazed ceramic has a matte finish. If you need a sink that is easy to clean, choose a Glazed ceramic sink. Unglazed ceramic sink requires more effort of cleaning.

Ceramic sinks are durable and withstand hard water easily. Ceramic is a dense material so it gives an elegant style to the sink. The ceramic sink gives a fresh vibe to the bathroom. Ceramics are more scratch-resistant. You get under-mount and top-mount styles for the ceramic sink.

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What is Porcelain Sink?

porcelain vs ceramic sink

A porcelain sink is built with clay that is fired at a lower temperature than ceramic. 1200-1400 Fahrenheit temperature is required to build porcelain. Porcelain sinks are more durable than ceramic sinks. Porcelain material gives a shiny and soft look to the sink.

Porcelain sinks are elegant in look. The best thing about a porcelain sink is that you can create any type of shape through it due to its soft dense material. Whether you use hot or cold water, it can withstand any type of water.

The good thing about a porcelain sink is that it doesn’t need any type of glazing to make it waterproof because it is a non-porous material. Porcelain has a beautiful matte finish that adds elegance to the bathroom interior. Most porcelain sinks are available in white color. But some brands make colorful porcelain sinks. Porcelain is a durable material so it won’t be cracked easily. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider a porcelain sink because it is more affordable than a ceramic sink.

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Key Differences Between Porcelain vs Ceramic Sink

Ceramic and porcelain sink both look similar so if you are not a plumbing expert then how would you differentiate between ceramic and porcelain sink? The same material is used to construct both sinks.


The porcelain sink is more durable and scratch resistant than the ceramic sink. So, porcelain sink stays longer in the bathroom with fewer or no scratches.

Porcelain is made up of fine clay and to give it a proper shape it is pressed and dried in the shape box. This shape box is placed under incredibly high pressure before it’s glazed.

After the glazing process, porcelain is kept under a high temperature of around 2500 Fahrenheit. This high temperature is needed to burn out all the moisture from the porcelain sink. After this sink becomes more durable and water-resistant.


The ceramic sink is less porous so no water stains are built on it and its cleaning becomes easy. This sink is built with highly dense clay so it can withstand all types of water. Its surface is so smooth so you don’t need to do hard cleaning of it.

With less cleaning, you can keep the ceramic sink as new for longer. On the other side, the porcelain sink needs more cleaning. Scratches are easily made on it. So, you need to take extra care of it. Avoid hard cleaning products on both sinks otherwise, they will damage the sink finish.


Both sinks look beautiful but when it comes to color options ceramic sink has a wide range of colors. Porcelain sink mostly comes in white color. In the ceramic sink, you have various choices to pick the right color to sink for your bathroom.

A ceramic sink is a little bit more stylish than a porcelain sink. The dense material of the ceramic sink gives it a unique look. Its look attracts the attention of people in your bathroom.


The cost of the sink becomes important when you decide between a ceramic vs porcelain sink. Porcelain sinks are cheaper than ceramic sinks. you don’t need to spend huge money to get get the best quality porcelain sink for the bathroom.

Ceramic vs Porcelain Sink – Which Is Better?

Now you know the differences between porcelain vs ceramic sink. So, when you decide which one to pick, keep their key points in mind.

Ceramic is less durable as compared to porcelain sinks so it won’t last as long. On the other side, porcelain sinks are more likely to stain than ceramic, so they require more frequent cleaning.

Ceramic sinks have an edge over porcelain sinks in style and finish. However, porcelain sinks are much cheaper than ceramic. So, you can get a beautiful sink at a more affordable price.

So, when you renovate your bathroom interior, you should consider which style is good for your bathroom and fits your budget. If your budget is low, you should go with a porcelain sink and if budget is not an issue, then choose a ceramic sink, it requires less cleaning and comes in beautiful designs.

How to Maintain Shine of Porcelain Sink?

To maintain the shine of the porcelain sink, you can use a soft cleaning agent. You should not use abrasive cleaning products to clean the porcelain sink. It would be better if you clean it every day and after cleaning use a soft cloth to wipe out all water from it.

For everyday cleaning, you can use soap or detergent because they are not hard on the surface of the porcelain sink. If you clean it every day so any type of water stain or other build-ups will not be formed on it.

How to Maintain Shine of Ceramic Sink?

Cleaning ceramic sinks is easy in comparison to porcelain sinks. Ceramic sinks are waterproof and their glaze body is smooth. Like a porcelain sink, use only a mild cleaning agent for it to maintain its shine for a longer period. Ceramic sinks are colorful so don’t use any hard cleaning agents on them.

FAQ About Porcelain vs Ceramic Sink

Are Ceramic Sinks Durable?

Yes, ceramic sinks are durable. They are built with fine clay at high temperatures. Due to its glaze finish, it withstands any type of water. Its strong body is water-resistant so no cracks are built on it.

Is Porcelain Sink Expensive?

No porcelain sinks are not expensive. In the price range of $100-$300, you will get a good-quality porcelain sink.

How to Keep Ceramic Sink Scratch Free?

Ceramic sinks have a smooth water-resistant finish. To keep it scratch-free, clean it every day and use soap and detergent on it.

Is Porcelain Sink Available Only in White Color?

No, porcelain sinks are not available only in white color. This is true that white color is the most used color for porcelain sinks but other color options are also available for porcelain sinks. Porcelain sinks look good in white color.

Final Words

Now you know the difference between ceramic vs porcelain sinks. Both are made of clay but porcelain sinks are more durable. High temperature removes all moisture from the porcelain sink. Sink selection depends on your requirements. For long-term use, you should select a porcelain sink.

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