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In some homes, you would have seen a separate area for the bar. You have to go to the kitchen to clean barware if there is no bar sink and bar faucet in the bar area. When you enjoy the party, these trips to the kitchen to clean barware become irritating and spoil your party mood.

Bar faucets and kitchen faucets are different. People think both are the same but they are wrong. Kitchen faucets are good to use in the kitchen. Bar faucets are specially built for the bar area. They are small in size and stylish.

In this bar faucet vs kitchen faucet guide, you will get to know the differences between them.

Why Use a Bar Faucet?

bar faucet vs kitchen faucet

Bar faucets can be installed in the kitchen or bar area. It depends on you where you want to install it. Nowadays to increase functionality people are installing a bar faucet as a secondary faucet in the kitchen.

Bar sinks are small in the size, so a bar faucet should be small enough to match the size of the sink. If you are installing a bar faucet in the bar area, not in the kitchen, its style should match the interior.

Enhance Productivity

bar faucet productivity

A bar faucet in the kitchen serves as a secondary kitchen and it becomes useful when more than one people work in the kitchen at the same time.

If you have a big family, a bar sink faucet reduces the washing work. When the main kitchen faucet is being used to fill pots, you can wash vegetables under the bar faucet.


In most kitchens, the main faucet is installed at the backside of the cooking area. You need to go from the cooking area to the kitchen faucet, to do all filling and washing work between cooking.

By installing a bar faucet, you can save this traveling time. Bar faucets are small in size so you can install them near the cooking area. They won’t make any splashes. You can easily fill a pot or wash vegetables from the bar faucet without leaving the cooking place.

Suitable For Bar Area

Suitable For Bar Area

Bar faucets are not big in the size. Apart from the kitchen, people install it near their bar area. Bar sink faucets are specially designed to be part of the bar center area. These faucets become very useful in the bar area.

You don’t need to go to the kitchen every time to fill the jug with water. You can directly fill water into the glass through these faucets. You can enjoy a party without going into the kitchen. People who are working in the kitchen won’t get disturbed.

Bar Faucet vs Kitchen Faucet

bar faucet vs kitchen faucet

Bar faucets look similar to main kitchen faucets but they are small in the size and use for different purposes.

The kitchen faucet has high water pressure so it is a better option to do all cleaning and cooking tasks in the kitchen. Whereas the water pressure of the bar faucet is low as compared to the main faucet. A bar sink faucet is a good choice to work as a secondary faucet in the kitchen.

There is no limitation of style for the bar faucet. Whether you have a modern or temporary or transitional interior, a bar sink faucet will complement any kitchen style.

The water filter slows down the water flow when it is connected to the faucet. In this situation, you may use a bar faucet and connect a water filter to it. So, without disturbing the main faucet water flow, you get clean filtered water.

Bar faucets are designed for bar sinks. Bar sinks are small in the size. Generally, the height of the bar faucets is around 16 inches. That is enough to do small cooking tasks. The flow rate of the bar prep faucet is around 1.5 GPM, so cleaning is not difficult with this flow rate.

Most bar faucets are available without any pulling options. But pull-out or pull-down bar faucets are also available. You can choose between single or double handle options.

When To Use a Main Kitchen Faucet?

There should be not a second that comes into your mind about that should you use the main kitchen faucet or not. A kitchen faucet is able to do all cooking and cleaning tasks. With a kitchen faucet, you get a high-water pressure, smooth water flow, different spray modes, a long warranty, and more.

When To Use a Bar Faucet?

bar faucet benefit

A bar faucet comes with some limitations. Its water pressure is not as high as the main kitchen faucet and also its height is small so big pots can’t be put under it. But the bar faucet is good if you are using it as a helper in the kitchen. People install bar faucets along with the kitchen faucet. So, they get more options for cleaning. It is not a good idea to install only a bar faucet and not the main kitchen faucet.

How To Maintain Bar Faucet and Kitchen Faucet?

How To Maintain Bar Faucet

The body of the bar faucets and main kitchen sink faucets are the same. So, maintaining and cleaning processes of both are the same.

Manufacturers give cleaning instructions with the faucet. You should follow those instructions to avoid damage to the finish. Don’t use abrasive cleaning products.

If you clean the faucet with a dry cloth after every use, its shine remains new for a longer time. But this is not possible so water stains are formed on the faucet. Once a week, you should clean the faucet with mild soap. Use warm water to clean the faucet.

If hard water buildup is formed on the faucet, spray white vinegar on it and leave it for an hour. To prevent the faucet finish, don’t use any harsh cleaner on the faucet. The harsh cleaner contains ammonia or bleach that scratches the finish.

If you have spot resistant finish, you just need to clean the faucet with a dry cloth to remove all spots. Regular cleaning of both bar and kitchen faucets increases their life and shine.

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Final Words

In this bar faucet vs kitchen faucet guide, we have reached the conclusion that the bar faucet is good but it is not a replacement for the main faucet in the kitchen. You can use it as a secondary faucet. If you want to increase functionality in the kitchen and you have extra space, you can install a bar sink faucet.

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