Tub Faucet Leaking Hot Water – How To Fix It?

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If your tub faucet leaking hot water, you are in right place.

Leaking water always shows up on your monthly water bill. But if hot water leaks, the water bill, and electricity bill go up because a water heater is needed to produce hot water.

A hot water leak is not good. Anyone in the house, by mistake, may burn their hand in the hot water.

So, when you find out leaking hot water issue in the bathtub faucet, you should immediately fix it. We have explained 7 simple steps with images to fix the leak.

Why is Tub Faucet Leaking Hot Water?

Why Tub Faucet Leaking Hot Water?

A damaged washer or corroded valve seat are the main reasons for the tub faucet leaking hot water.

Washers are small rings, made of plastic. Though they are thicker, with time they get damaged by friction. Water easily passes through the damaged washer and starts leaking.

The next thing is the valve seat. The seat is made of metal but with time, the metal gets corroded due to the continuous touch of the water.

When the seat gets corroded, it damages the washer. When you turn the handle, both the washer and seat move to flow the water. A small amount of water starts dripping from the tub handle due to a damaged washer and corroded seat.

How To Fix Leaking Hot Water in Tub Faucet?

Leaking water from the tub faucet is not a good thing. First thing, you should check whether hot water is leaking or cold or both.

To find it, feel the water. By touching leak water, you can find which handle is leaking. If the tub faucet is leaking hot water, you need to fix the leakage of the hot water handle. For cold water, you can use the same steps.

Generally, in a tub faucet, a hot water leak is common.

Because hot water is more intensive on the faucet and its parts. So, leak in the hot side of the plumbing is more frequent.

Let’s see the steps to fix hot water leakage in the tub faucet.

Step 1 – Precautions

tub faucet leak 1

Before you start the repair, first, you have to make sure the water supply to the faucet is completely turned off.

In the bathroom or apartment, there would be a valve to shut it off. If not, find the main water line of the house and shut its valve. Near the water meter, you will find the main valve. Set its lever into the off position.

Now it’s time to release the water pressure and extra water from the faucet. Turn on the handle of the tub faucet. Turn them in the left direction so all remaining water comes out.

Step 2 – Remove the Cap of The Handle

Here the main process starts.

You can see a cap on the handle. The cap covers the screw of the handle.

tub faucet leak 2

Take a slot-headed screwdriver to just pop the cap off. Do it gently. If the screwdriver slips on the handle, it will damage the finish.

Step 3 – Remove Tub Faucet Handle

tub faucet leak 3

Now, you will see a hidden screw on the handle. To take off the screw, use a Philips head screwdriver. Turn it counterclockwise to remove the screw.

Step 4 – Remove the Spindle

tub faucet leak 4

It’s time to remove the spindle. Here, you will need an adjustable wrench.

Adjust the wrench on the spindle and move the wrench to remove it.

Step 5 – Replace the Washer

After removing the spindle, you can see the washer.

tub faucet leak 5

A damaged washer is the main reason for the hot water leaking issue in the tub faucet.

The washer is secured with a screw. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove this screw. You can buy a washer from the nearest plumbing store.

tub faucet leak  5

Take an old washer with you and get an exact matching new one.

Change the old one with the new one. Insert the new washer and press it properly so its edges fit correctly. Tighten the screw to fix the washer.

Step 6 – Replace Seat (If Needed)

Look at the seat of the tub faucet handle. If its condition is damaged, you need to replace it. Its replacement is not tough.

If you don’t know what a seat looks like, check the below image.

tub faucet seat

The seat is made of metal. If you don’t change it, it will damage the new washer and the leak will come back in a few days.

Both the seat and washer are attached to each other. When you turn the handle, the washer, and seat both move.  If the seat is damaged, its sharp parts will cut the washer.

To replace the seat, you need a seat bench. You can order a seat bench online or buy it from a nearby store. The seat bench removes the seat quickly.

Remove the seat and replace it with a new seat.

Step 7 – Reattach Handle Parts

After changing the washer and seat, install the spindle. Turn the spindle clockwise gently. Tighten it properly with the adjustable wrench. After fixing the screw of the handle, put the cap back on.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Leaky Bathtub Faucet?

The cost to repair a leaky bathtub faucet depends on 2 things – Parts and plumber cost.

Generally, the cost of repairing a leakage in the bathtub faucet range between $30-$350. The actual price depends on the parts, job size, and plumber.

If you have little knowledge of plumbing, you can repair a leak in the faucet by yourself. A huge part of the repair amount goes to the plumber. So, when you do it yourself, you save more than 70% money on repairing.

Most of the time, damaged washers are the main reason for the leak. A washer comes to around $10-$15. If you change the washer yourself, you can repair the leak in the tub faucet for less than $15.

Why Leaking Tub Faucet Should Be Repaired Immediately?

A leaky tub faucet is not bad for your home but also for the environment.

For your home, a leaky tub faucet increases the water bill. People don’t give much attention to small leaks but every drop increases water consumption. If hot water drips then the use of the water heater increases and the electricity bill also increases.

On the other side, wastage of water is not good for the environment. Water is a valuable thing and leaky faucet wastage gallons of water every year. So, whenever you see any faucet leaking in the house, you should immediately repair it.


Now you can repair a tub faucet if it is leaking hot water. A leaking tub faucet is not a big deal and with regular tools, you can repair it. We have explained the method in the simplest way so a beginner can also repair the leak.

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